Star Fleet Command

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United Federation of Planets

Star Fleet Command

No other single government or space faring race has nearly as large a fleet as the United Federation of Planets. With over 150 members and nearly 8000 affiliates, the Federation encompasses hundreds of light-years of space. With hundreds of colonies and tens of thousands of unexplored and uninhabited systems within it’s boarders, Starfleet is tasked with exploring and defending a massive swath of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The fleet itself is comprised of more classes of ships that nearly all of the Federations neighbors combined. Even as the fleet expands, new enemies abound, new phenomenon are discovered and new colonies are established every year. The diversity of designs and shear number of ships fielded will continue to grow as the Federation explores and makes first contact throughout the galaxy.

Federation Ship Recognition Manuals

Federation ship recognition manuals (FSRM), including reprints of the original manual, printable covers and Master Control Panel (MCP) books.
FASA IDManualEditionFile TypeLast Update
2303-CFederation Master Control Book 1 - Classic FASA Ships1st EditionPDF8/18/2019
2308Federation Starship Recognition Manual II2nd EditionPDF9/15/2012
2309Federation Starship Recognition Manual III2nd EditionPDF8/16/2021
2310Federation Starship Recognition Manual IV1st EditionPDF8/20/2015
2312 - SupFederation TNG Officer Manual Ships1st EditionPDF


Ardennes Class XI Assault Ship
Continent Class IX Assault Ship
Kobani Class X Landing Platform Dock
Kolm-An Class VIII/XIII/XIV Assault Ship
London Class IX Troop Transport
Makin Class VIII Assault Ship
Trojan Class XIII Troop Transport


Adamant Class XIII Dreadnought
Andromeda II Class XVII Battleship
Ascension Class XIII Dreadnought
Coeur de Lion Class XIV Heavy Battleship
Conquest Class XIII Dreadnought
Federation Class XIV Dreadnought
Federation II Class XIV Dreadnought
Indestructible Class XIII Battleship
Indomitable Class XII Battleship
Kodiak Class XVI Battleship
Lancelot II Class XIV Light Dreadnought
Niagara Class XIV Light Dreadnought
Nichter Class XV Dreadnought
Peacemaker Class XVI Dreadnought
Star League Class XIV Dreadnought
Yamato II Class XV Battleship


Achernar I Class X Cruiser
Achernar II Class XI Cruiser
Ajax II Class VIII Cruiser
Akira Class XV Missile Cruiser
Aldebaran II Class XI Research Cruiser
Alexia Class XII Light Cruiser
Ambassador Class XVI Heavy Cruiser
Ambassador Hardin Class XV Heavy Cruiser
Andor Class IX Missile Cruiser
Andor II Class XIII Missile Cruiser
Anton Class X Research Cruiser
Aparri Class IX Scout Cruiser
Apollo II Class XI Cruiser
Apollo III Class XI Light Cruiser
Aravaipa Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Arc De Triumph Class XI Fire Support Cruiser
Archer II Class XI Cruiser
Archer III Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Arion Class XI Stellar Cartography Cruiser
Ashanti Class XIII Heavy Cruiser
Athabaska Class XII Heavy Exploratory Cruiser
Balson Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Battle of Bunker Hill Class VIII Light Assault Cruiser
Baton Rouge Class VII/X Cruiser
Belfast Class VIII Cruiser
Belknap Class X Strike Cruiser
Bismark Sea Class XII Cruiser
Bonhomme Richard Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Boston Class XI Strike Cruiser
Brenton Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Bristol Class X Light Cruiser
Bulldog Class IX Auxillary Cruiser
Caen Class VIII Light Cruiser
Caiman Class XII Fire Support Cruiser
Canopus Class VIII Exploration Cruiser
Caracal Class X Cruiser
Challenger II Class XIII Cruiser
Charmside Class IX Science Cruiser
Cheetah Class X Fast Cruiser
Cheyenne Class X Fast Cruiser
Chimera Class XIV Cruiser
Chuck Yeager Class XIV Heavy Cruiser
Columbus Class X Cruiser
Comanchero Class XII Long Range Cruiser
Commencement Bay Class IX Light Cruiser
Concorde II Class XV Heavy Cruiser
Constant Class X Battlecruiser
Constellation Class XIV Star Cruiser
Constitution Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Constitution II Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Constitution III Class XIII Heavy Cruiser
Coronado Class XI Through Deck Cruiser
Crosby Class X Research Cruiser
Curie Class X Research Cruiser
Curry Class XIII Cruiser
Curnow Class XV Tactical Cruiser
Cutlass Class XII Fast Attack Cruiser
Dahlgren Class XII Exploritory Cruiser
Defender Class X Light Cruiser
Diplomacy Class XIV Diplomatic Cruiser
Diplomat Class XIV Diplomatic Cruiser
Durrett Class VIII Light Cruiser
Edwards Class XI Exploratory Cruiser
Eclipse Class VIII Cruiser
Einstein Class XII Time-Slip Cruiser
Endeavor Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Enterprise Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Enterprise II Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior Class XIII-XIV Heavy Cruiser
Firestone Class XIII Battlecruiser
Flammarion Class VIII-IX Research Cruiser
Franke Class IX Fast Response Cruiser
Galaxy Class XVIII Heavy Cruiser
Ganymede Class X Cruiser
Gregory Class IX Exploration Cruiser
Grenede Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Guarani Class X Heavy Escort Cruiser
Hamorobi Class XII Scout Cruiser
Hartford Class IX Exploratory Cruiser
Hatfield Class XIV Command Cruiser
Heston Class XI Command Cruiser
Hollingsworth Class XI Penetration Cruiser
Holzer Class XI Strike Cruiser
Hyperion III Class VI Light Cruiser
Illustrious Class XII Fast Cruiser
Intrepid Class XI Cruiser
Ireland Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Iverson Class IX Cruiser
Janus Class VII Light Cruiser
Katana Class XIII Heavy Cruiser
Kennedy Class VIII Diplomatic Cruiser
Kirov Class XI Medium Cruiser
Kitsune Class VIII Light Cruiser
Komatsu Class XII Exploration Cruiser
Lafayette I Class VIII Research Cruiser
Lancelot I Class IX Light Cruiser
Lim Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Longbow Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Maguellanes Class XI Escort Cruiser
Maine Class IX Cruiser
Mann Class V Cruiser
Marco Polo Class XI Tactical Cruiser
Maxwell Class XI Strike Cruiser
McKay Class VII Light Cruiser
Mediterranean Class X Transport Cruiser
Menahga Class X Battlecruiser
Metcalf Class XII Battlecruiser
Miranda Class XI Cruiser
Mogami Class XI Cruiser
Nebula Class XV Heavy Cruiser
Niven Class X Light Cruiser
Normandy Beach Class X Light Cruiser
Norway Class XI Cruiser
Oberaudorf Class XII Fast Cruiser
Overlord Class XIII Heavy Battlecruiser
Pegasui Class X Through Deck Cruiser
Pegasus Class X Cruiser
Philadelphia Class IX Survey Cruiser
Pleaides Class X Light Cruiser
Podesti Class X Light Cruiser
Ranger II Class X Cruiser
Raven Class VIII Light Cruiser
Remington Class XIII Cruiser
Richthofen Class VIII Patrol Cruiser
Rosevelt Class XI Cruiser
Roosevelt Class X Fast Cruiser
Rosenweig Class X Attack Cruiser
Rothwell Class XI Light Cruiser
Royal Soverign Class XVII Battlecruiser
S’Harien Class X Battlecruiser
Saipan Class VIII Cruiser
San Juan Class XIII Cruiser
Sentinel Class IX-X Cruiser
Shangri-La I Class XII Attack Cruiser
Shanks Class IX Cruiser
Solaris Class XIII Cruiser
Sovereign Class XVII Heavy Cruiser
Sovreixy Class XVI Cruiser
Starstalker Class XII Patrol Cruiser
Star Ranger Class XI Fast Research Cruiser
Stromberg Class X Cruiser
Sune Ku Class XII Light Cruiser
Suriname Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Tepool Class XI Surveillance Cruiser
Thruxton Class X Tactical Cruiser
Ticonderoga Class X Cruiser
Tikopai I Class XI Cruiser
Tikopai II Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Triton Class XIII Torpedo Cruiser
Triumph Class IX/XI Tactical Cruiser
Truver Class XI Strike Cruiser
Tyrannis Class IX Cruiser
Ushakov Kirov Class XI Medium Cruiser
Valley Forge Class X Heavy Cruiser
Vagabond Class XI Cruiser
Valor Class XII Strike Cruiser
Vaugondy Class XII Fire Support Cruiser
Wellington Class XI Light Cruiser
Zephyr II Class XI Light Cruiser


Abbe Class XI Destroyer
Akyazi Class VI Perimeter Action Ship
Akula I Class VIII Destroyer
Akula II Class VIII Destroyer
Akula III Class VI Perimeter Action Ship
Agilis Class V Perimeter Action Ship
Apache II Class X Heavy Destroyer
Arbiter Class VI Perimeter Action Ship
Argent Class VII Destroyer
Atsugi Class IX Perimeter Action Ship
Baker Class IX Destroyer
Behemoth Class IX Destroyer
Cassard Class VI Missile Destroyer
Catchon Class IX Interceptor
Cerberus Class VIII Light Destroyer
Charger Class VIII Destroyer
Cochise Class VII Destroyer
Cochise II Class VII Destroyer
Decker Class X Destroyer
Defense Class XI Mine Layer
Defiant Class XI Escort
Devonshire Class VIII Destroyer
Dupleix Class VIII Perimeter Action Ship
Enjyo Class IX Destroyer
Francisco Class VII Interceptor
Frankfurt Class X Heavy Destroyer
Furig-to Class VI Perimeter Action Ship
Getteysburg Class IX Destroyer
Grimlock Class VIII Destroyer
Guardsman Class VIII Battle Destroyer
Harrier Class VI Destroyer
Hawthorn Class VIII Destroyer
Hellion Class XI Heavy Destroyer
Jenghiz Class VIII Destroyer
Kane Class VIII Battle Destroyer
Koumori Class VIII Mine Sweeper
Larson Class VII Destroyer
Lenthal Class IX Destroyer
Loki Class X-XI Destroyer
Lynch Class VII Light Destroyer
Marklin Class VI Destroyer
Masao Class VII Destroyer
Minmus Class VII Light Destroyer
Pense Class IX Long Range Destroyer
Pompeii Class VI Destroyer
Portsmith Class IV Destroyer
Saladin Class VII Destroyer
Saladin II Class VII Destroyer
Scimitar Class IX Fast Destroyer
Sergey Kirov Class IX Destroyer
Siva Class VII Destroyer
Siva II Class VII Destroyer
Swiften Class IX Fast Destroyer
Talas Class VIII Destroyer
Tangent Class IX Destroyer
Thufir Class VIII-IX Destroyer
Thunderbolt Class IX Fast Destroyer
Tokyo Class VI Light Destroyer
Travis Class VIII Destroyer
Warlord Class IX Heavy Destroyer
Wilkerson Class VIII Destroyer
Wolfram Class XI Heavy Destroyer


Anders Class XI Heavy Destroyer Escort
Atherton Class VI Escort
Durance II Class VI Escort
Genser Class IV Escort
Griffon Class VIII Escort
Hurricane Class VI Escort
Indefatigable Class X Heavy Escort
Perseus Class VII Escort
Remora Class VI-VII Escort
Shepherd Class VII Escort


Admiral Greer Class XII Frigate
Ardent Class X Frigate
Ariane Class VII-VIII Frigate
Audacious Class IX Frigate
Avenger Class XI Heavy Frigate
Avenger II Class XIII Heavy Frigate
Babcock Class XI Frigate
Bonaventure Class XII Heavy Frigate
Bradbury Class XII Frigate
Bragg Class IX Frigate
Burke Class VIII Frigate
Callisto Class VIII Frigate
Canis Minor Class VIII Fast Frigate
Centaur Class XII Frigate
Chandley Class XI Frigate
Collins Class VIII Frigate
Clowin Class IX Utility Frigate
Comanche Class XIII Assault Frigate
Coventry Class X Frigate
Cyane Class XI Heavy Frigate
Cygnus III Class XVI Heavy Frigate
Daran Class IX Fast Frigate
Dipper Class V Light Frigate
Endurance Class XI Exploration Frigate
Exultant Class X Frigate
Fregata Class VIII Frigate
Halifax Class X Frigate
Heermann Class IX Light Frigate
Hippocrates Class XI Medical Frigate
Joshua Paul Class XIII Heavy Frigate
Juno Class VIII Frigate
Kiev Class XI Frigate
Knox Class IX Frigate
Korolev Class XIV Frigate
Lancer Class IX Light Frigate
Leavenworth Class XII Frigate
Loknar Class VIII-X Fast Frigate>
Milton Class XI Light Frigate
Murphy Class XII Tactical Frigate
New Orleans Class XIV Frigate
Northampton Class X Frigate
Paine Class IX Frigate
Pharris Class IX Fast Frigate
Salute Class VIII Frigate
Soyuz Class XII Assault Frigate
Springfield Class XIV Frigate
Stalwart Class VI Light Frigate
Sunstone Class IX Frigate
Surya Class IX Frigate
Timms Class X Heavy Frigate


Admirable Class XII Carrier
Akagi II Class XIV Cruiser
Albedo Class IX Carrier
Archangel Class XIII Shuttle Carrier
Ariel Class XVI Supercarrier
Clemenceau Class XIV Carrier
Dakota Class XV Shuttle Carrier
Guam Class XIII Through Deck Carrier
Lobo Class XV Carrier
Oriskany Class XI Through-Deck Cruiser
Solomon Juneau Class VIII Carrier
Timmerman Class XI Carrier


Asmodeus Class IV Corvette
Bearclaw Class IV Cutter
Clark Class IV Clipper
Dauphin Class V Cutter
Davenport Class VIII Heavy Corvette
Epsilon Class III-IV Cutter
Finder Class V Rescue Corvette
Grey Hound Class V Medium Corvette
Greer Class IV Corsair
Hotspur Class V Medium Corvette
Jester Class IV Corvette
Little Big Horn Class VI Heavy Corvette
Orca Class IV Gunboat
Panthera Class V Corvette
Scorpio Class II Corvette
Solar Class III Cutter
Wasp I Class III Corvette
Zephyr I Class II Cutter


Advent Class VI Intelligence Scout
Anderson Class IX Heavy Scout
Anubus Class VIII Scout
Archer Class II Scout
Bader Class VIII Research Scout
Bode Class V Scout
Cesario Class IX Scout
Chameleon Class I Scout
Claymore Class V-VI Scout
Copernicus Class VI Research Vessel
Cortez Class IV Scout
Cygnus Class VII Command Cruiser
Discovery Class VIII Scout
Exhaltus Class XI Scout
Fitzgerald Class VI Communication Ship
Freedom Class X Scout
Gagarin Class V Light Scout
Ganymede II Class IX Heavy Scout
Garick Class V Light Scout
Hale Class II Scout
Hermes Class VII Scout
Huston II Class VII Scout
Joshua II Class XII Long Range Scout
K’Kmark Class IV Research Vessel
Kagemusha Class VI Scout
Kareketh Class II Research Vessel
Keith Class VI Scout
Kestral Class IX Superscout
Knorr Class VII Heavy Scout
Krivosk Class XI Scout
Michael Adams Class XI Scout
Mission Class II Scout
Monoceros Class VII Scout
Moscow Class IX Scout
Nelson Class VII Scout
Oberth Class V Light Scout
Phantom Class IX Superscout
Pentagon Class VII Scout
Ranger Class V-VI Scout
Sagan Class V Scout
Sawyer Class III Scout
Scylla Class VI Scout
Sterling Class XII Scout
Vanguard Class XII Scout


Fenlon Class V Monitor
Saberhagen Class VI Defense Substation


Type F Class I Shuttlecraft
C’laih Class II Long Range Warpshuttle
Galileo Class I Shuttlecraft
Grayhound Class I Warp Shuttle
Pulsar Class II Warp Shuttle


Aakeen Class VI Freighter
Alana Class III Robotic Freighter
Cadiz Class VIII Tanker
Capote Class VII Heavy Freighter
Christopher Class VII-VIII Freighter
Erie Canal Class III Light Freighter
Independence Class II Light Freighter
Ironami Class IX Armed Merchant
Kraken Class X Heavy Freighter
Laweya Class IX Freighter
Liberty Class VII-VIII Freighter
Miyakonojo Maru Class VIII-IX Heavy Freighter
Nealson Class VI Freighter
New Zeland Pearl Class VII Light Freighter
Overfield Class VIII Freighter
Saint Christopher Class IX Freighter
Sherman Class III Robotic Freighter
Super Laweya Class XI Heavy Freighter
Walton Class IX Freighter
Zeus Class III Robot Freighter


G-421 Class Class VII Transport Tug
Alberto Sabella Class V Deep Space Tug
Amicable Class VIII Armed Transport
Angureria Class V Hospital Ship
Annaxagoras Class XII Heavy Transport
Atlas III Class VIII Warp Tender
Barton Class X Hospital Ship
Brownwood Class XII Assault Transport Tug
Chinook Class XI Transport
Chariot Class V Transport
Cochrane Class VI Colonial Transport
Derf Class IX Tender
Dollond Class IX Transport
Doppler Class IX Transport
Eagle Class VIII Star Liner
Edmund Fitzgerald Class VII Transport
Fernandez Class V-VI Transport
Griff Class VII Transport
Harvard Class VI Duterium Tanker
Istanbul II Class X Transport
Keppler Class IX Transport
Kethkin Class X Transport
M’Benga Class VIII Medical Vessel
Mayweather Class VI Long Range Tug
Ptolemy Class IX Transport
Samson Class X Tender
Sarda Class VIII Transport Tug
Titan Class V Fast Transport
Trafalgar Class V Light Transport


Celestra Class IV Electronics Support Ship
Cle Dan Class VI Tender
Grayson Class V Repair Tender
Hive Class VI Construction Ship
Pearl Class VI MRF
Voltara Class III Multi-Purpose Tender
Wizard Class VIII Tender


Class “A” Administration Station
Type “A-1” Witness Listening Post
Type “A-1” Spectator Observatory
Type “A-1” Inquiry Science Station
Alamo Defense Outpost
Class “B” Way Station
Class “C” Deep Space Outpost
Class “E-1” Defense Station
Class “E-2” Repair Station
Class “G” Way Station
Class “H” Starbase
Class “J” Watchtower Deep Space Station
Mulberry Class Outpost
Class “N” Research Station/Beacon
Class “P-1” Research Station
Type “R” Rosetta Observatory
R-1 Administrator Administrative Center
R-1 Artisan Manufacturing Center
R-1 Harmony R&R Station
R-1 Informant Deep Space Surveillance Station
R-1 Invictus Defense Outpost
R-1 Investigator Research Station
R-1 Mercy Medical Center
R-1 Terminus Penal Installation
Vector Repair Station


Transport (Products) Cargo Containers
Transport (Reefers) Cargo Containers
Transport (Bulk Cargo) Cargo Containers
Transport (Liquids) Cargo Containers

Launch YearClass NameClassificationEraLast Updated
2271Alberto Sabella Class V Deep Space TugTugTMP1/1/2021
2279Brownwood Class XII Assault Transport TugTugTMP1/1/2021
2268Amicable Class VIII Armed TransportTransportTOS1/1/2021
2268Angureria Class V Hospital ShipTransportTOS1/1/2021
2290Annaxagoras Class XII Heavy TransportTransportTMP1/1/2021
2259Ptolemy Class IX TransportTransportTOS1/1/2021
2340M'Benga Class VIII Medical VesselTransportPre-TNG1/1/2021
2337Istanbul II Class X TransportTransportPre-TNG1/1/2021
2271Harvard Class VI Duterium TankerTransportTMP1/1/2021
2279Barton Class X Hospital ShipTransportTMP1/1/2021
2247Fernandez Class V-VI TransportTransportTOS1/1/2021
2247Cochrane Class VI Colonial TransportTransportTOS1/1/2021
2366Chinook Class XI TransportTransportTNG1/1/2021
2263Wizard Class VIII TenderTenderTOS1/1/2021
2268Samson Class X TenderTenderTOS1/1/2021
2263Grayson Class V Repair TenderTenderTOS1/1/2021
2256Derf Class IX TenderTenderTOS1/1/2021
2247Cle Dan Class VI TenderTenderTOS1/1/2021
2255Class "J" (Watchtower) Deep Space StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2281Alamo Class XX Defense OutpostStationTMP1/1/2021
2253Class "G" WaystationStationTOS1/1/2021
2256Class "A" Administration StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2252Class "B" WaystationStationTOS1/1/2021
2240Class "C" Deep Space OutpostStationTOS1/1/2021
2251Class "E-2" Repair StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2244Class "E-1" Defense StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2287R-1 Terminus StationStationTMP1/1/2021
2284R-1 Mercy StationStationTMP1/1/2021
2268R-1 Investigator StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2274R-1 Informant StationStationTMP1/1/2021
2279R-1 Harmony StationStationTMP1/1/2021
2269R-1 Artisan StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2270R-1 Administrator StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2268R-1 Invictus Defense StationStationTOS1/1/2021
2271Claymore Class V-VI ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2271Anderson Class IX Heavy ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2256Archer Class II ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2272Anubus Class VIII ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2269Bader Class VIII Research ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2356Vanguard Class XII ScoutScoutPre-TNG1/1/2021
2358Sterling Class XII ScoutScoutPre-TNG1/1/2021
2283Scylla Class VI ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2242Sawyer Class III ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2269Ranger Class V-VI ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2290Phantom Class IX SuperscoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2348Moscow Class X ScoutScoutPre-TNG1/1/2021
2243Mission Class II ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2245Nelson Class VII ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2287Michael Adams Class XI ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2370Krivosk Class XI ScoutScoutTNG1/1/2021
2276Kestral Class IX SuperscoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2262Keith Class VI ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2262Kareketh Class II Research VesselScoutTOS1/1/2021
2289Kagemusha Class VI ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2262K'Kmark Class VI Research VesselScoutTOS1/1/2021
2356Joshua II Class XII Long Range ScoutScoutPre-TNG1/1/2021
2271Huston II Class VII ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2245Hermes Class VII ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2247Monoceros Class VII ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2294Ganamyde Class IX Heavy ScoutScoutTMP1/1/2021
2355Freedom Class X ScoutScoutPre-TNG1/1/2021
2276Fitzgerald Class VI Communication ShipScoutTMP1/1/2021
2341Exhaltus Class XI ScoutScoutPre-TNG1/1/2021
2247Discovery Class VIII ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2242Chameleon Class I ScoutScoutTOS1/1/2021
2255Fenlon Class V MonitorMonitorTOS1/1/2021
2271Orca Class IV GunboatGunboatTMP1/1/2021
2300Admiral Greer Class XII FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2351Paine Class X-XI FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2309Ardent Class X FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2296Audacious Class IX FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2275Avenger Class XI Heavy FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2362Avenger II Class XIII Heavy FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2273Babcock Class XI FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2245Surya Class IX FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2358Springfield Class XIV FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2274Soyuz Class XII Assault FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2288Pharris Class IX Fast FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2277Northampton Class X FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2360New Orleans Class XIV FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2275Murphy Class XII Tactical FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2344Milton Class XI Light FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2247Loknar Class VIII-X Fast FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2291Leavenworth Class XII FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2271Lancer Class IX Light FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2359Korolev Class XIV FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2271Kiev Class XI FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2275Knox Class IX FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2272Bragg Class IX FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2289Joshua Paul Class XIII Heavy FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2274Hippocrates Class XI Medical FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2250Fregata Class VIII FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2280Exultant Class X FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2298Bonaventure Class XII Heavy FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2362Bradbury Class XII FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2272Daran Class IX Fast FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2286Cyane Class XI Heavy FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2273Comanchee Class XIII Assault FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2306Canis Minor Class VIII Fast FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2354Centaur Class XII FrigateFrigatePre-TNG1/1/2021
2272Chandley Class XI FrigateFrigateTMP1/1/2021
2248Coventry Class X FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2245Burke Class VIII FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2256Collins Class VIII FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2256Halifax Class X FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2260Heermann Class IX FrigateFrigateTOS1/1/2021
2236Zeus Class III Robot FreighterFreighterTOS1/1/2021
2254Aakeen Class VI FreighterFreighterTOS1/1/2021
2263Remora Class VI-VII EscortEscortTOS1/1/2021
2298Indefatigable Class X Heavy EscortEscortTMP1/1/2021
2271Griffon Class VIII EscortEscortTMP1/1/2021
2273Genser Class IV EscortEscortTMP1/1/2021
2274Durance Class VI EscortEscortTMP1/1/2021
2372Defiant Class XI EscortEscortTNG1/1/2021
2290Anders Class XI Desrtoyer-EscortEscortTMP2/1/2021
2288Adamant Class XIII DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTMP1/1/2021
2264Federation Class XIV DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTOS1/1/2021
2272Federation II Class XIV DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTMP1/1/2021
2272Star League Class XIV DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTMP1/1/2021
2290Nichter Class XV DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTMP1/1/2021
2357Peacemaker Class XVI DreadnoughtDreadnoughtPre-TNG1/1/2021
2349Niagara Class XIV Light DreadnoughtDreadnoughtPre-TNG1/1/2021
2256Lancelot Class IX DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTOS1/1/2021
2281Conquest Class XIII DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTMP1/1/2021
2273Abbe Class XI DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2259Cochise Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2274Cochise II Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2245Saladin Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2271Saladin II Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2253Siva Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2272Siva II Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2272Jenghiz Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2290Wolfram Class XI Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2336Decker Class X DestroyerDestroyerPre-TNG1/1/2021
2247Apache II Class X Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2328Atsugi Class IX Perimeter Action ShipDestroyerPre-TNG1/1/2021
2274Wilkerson Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2287Warlord Class IX Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2247Tokyo Class VI Light DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2282Thunderbolt Class IX Fast DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2269Thufir Class VIII-IX DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2278Tangent Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2273Swiften Class IX Fast DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2281Sergey Kirov Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2287Scimitar Class IX Fast DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2252Portsmith Class IV DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2272Pense Class IX Long Range DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2241Marklin Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2271Lynch Class VII Light DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2287Loki Class X-XI DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2270Lenthal Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2245Larson Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2246Koumori Class VIII Mine SweeperDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2281Kane Class VIII Battle DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2272Hellion Class XI Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2271Baker Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2294Behemoth Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2243Cassard Class VI Missile DestroyerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2272Catchon Class IX InterceptorDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2301Guardsman Class VIII Battle DestroyerDestroyerPre-TNG1/1/2021
2272Cerberus Class VIII Light DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2287Arbiter Class VI Perimeter Action ShipDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2338Getteysburg Class IX DestroyerDestroyerPre-TNG1/1/2021
2309Furig-to Class VI Perimeter Action ShipDestroyerPre-TNG1/1/2021
2275Frankfurt Class X Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2273Francisco Class VII InterceptorDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2356Enjyo Class IX DestroyerDestroyerPre-TNG1/1/2021
2290Dupleix Class VIII Perimeter Action ShipDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2256Defense Class XI Mine LayerDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2287Charger Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2269Minmus Class VII FrigateDestroyerTOS1/1/2021
2286Akyazi Class VI Perimeter Action ShipDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2288Akula Class VI Perimeter Action ShipDestroyerTMP1/1/2021
2256Solar Class III CutterCutterTOS1/1/2021
2268Epsilon Class III-IV CutterCutterTOS1/1/2021
2272Bearclaw Class IV CutterCutterTMP1/1/2021
2272Dauphin Class V CutterCutterTMP1/1/2021
2273Iskatel' Class IV CutterCutterTMP1/1/2021
2215Baton RougeCruiserPre-TOS1/13/2022
2303Andor II Class XIII Missile CruiserCruiserTMP1/12/2022
2263Achernar II Class XI CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2271Enterprise Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2297Zephyr Class XI Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2253Achernar I Class X CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2255Tepool Class XI Surveillance CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2258Sentinel Class IX-X CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2274Kobani Class X Landing Platform DockCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2345Wellington Class XI Light CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2360Galaxy Classs Heavy CruiserCruiserTNG1/1/2021
2276Ajax II Class VIII CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2289Akagi II Class XIV CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2297Aldeberan II Class XI Research CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2307Alexia Class XII Light CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2360Ambassador Hardin Class XV Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2273Andor Class IX Missile CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2338Royal Soverign Class XVII BattlecruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2368Akira Class XV Missile CruiserCruiserTNG1/1/2021
2251Aparri Class IX Scout CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2282Apollo Class XI CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2250Aravaipa Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2276Arc De Triumph Class XI Fire Support CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2289Enterprise II Class XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2247Anton Class X Research CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2320Apollo II Class XI Light CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2338Ambassador Class XVI Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2289Arion Class XI Stellar Cartography CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2288Ashanti Class XIII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2337Bismark Sea Class XII CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2298Vaugondy Class XII Fire Support CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2281Valor Class XII Strike CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2249Tyrannis Class IX CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2283Truver Class XI Strike CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2275Tikopai II Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2285Ticonderoga Class X CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2290Thruxton Class X Tactical CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2283Suriname Class XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2354Sune Ku Class XII Light CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2288Starstalker Class XII Patrol CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2372Sovreixy Class XVI CruiserCruiserTNG1/1/2021
2372Sovereign Class XVII Heavy CruiserCruiserTNG1/1/2021
2289Solaris Class XIII CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2271Shanks Class IX CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2350San Juan Class XIII CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2288S'Harien Class X BattlecruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2289Rothwell Class XI Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2271Rosenweig Class X Attack CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2275Roosevelt Class X Fast CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2287Richthofen Class VIII Patrol CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2348Remington Class XIII CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2289Ranger II Class X CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2271Podesti Class X Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2280Pleaides Class X Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2274Pegasus Class X CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2249Pegasui Class X Through Deck CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2290Overlord Class XIII Heavy BattlecruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2342Oberaudorf Class XII Fast CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2359Norway Class XI CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2356Nebula Class XV Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2277Mogami Class XI CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2271Miranda Class XI CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2293Metcalf Class XII BattlecruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2272Menahga Class X BattlecruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2337Mediterranean Class X Transport CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2275Maxwell Class XI Strike CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2276Maguellanes Class XI Escort CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2299Lim Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2299Komatsu Class XII Exploration CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2294Katana Class XIII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2271Iverson Class IX CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2264Ireland Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2370Intrepid Class XI CruiserCruiserTNG1/1/2021
2297Illustrious Class XII Fast CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2242Hyperion III Class VI Light CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2253Tikopai I Class XI CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2275Holzer Class XI Strike CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2277Hollingsworth Class XI Penetration CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2274Hatfield Class XIV Command CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2250Hartford Class IX Exploratory CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2293Hamorobi Class XII Scout CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2274Belknap Class X Strike CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2273Guarani Class X Heavy Escort CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2279Grenede Class XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2272Gregory Class IX Exploration CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2272Firestone Class XIII BattlecruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2287Excelsior Class XIII-XIV Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2285Endurance Class XI Exploration FrigateCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2273Endeavor Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2281Einstin Class XII Time Slip CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2265Edwards Class XI Exploratory CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2271Durrett Class VIII Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2248Bonhomme Richard Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2298Boston Class XI Strike CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2270Brenton Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2279Bristol Class X Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2354Diplomat Class XIV Diplomatic CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2354Diplomacy Class XIV Diplomatic CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2268Defender Class X Light CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2284Dahlgren Class XII Exploritory CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2247Cygnus Class VII Command CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2341Cutlass Class XII Fast Attack CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2290Curnow Class XV Tactical CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2288Curie Class X Research CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2263Crosby Class X Research CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2258Coronado Class XI Through Deck CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2271Constitution II Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2245Constitution Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2284Constellation Class XIV Star CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2280Constant Class X BattlecruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2379Concorde II Class XV Heavy CruiserCruiserTNG1/1/2021
2274Commencement Bay Class IX Light CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2300Comanchero Class XII Long Range CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2274Bunker Hill Class VIII Light Assault CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2288Caiman Class XII Fire Support CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2249Canopus Class VIII Exploration CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2360Challenger Class XIII CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2273Cheetah Class X Fast CruiserCruiserTMP1/1/2021
2354Cheyene Class XIV CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2359Chimera Class XIV CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2310Chuch Yeager Class XIV CruiserCruiserPre-TNG1/1/2021
2248Caen Class VIII Light CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2248Belfast Class VIII CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2247Columbus Class X CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2248Franke Class X Fast Response CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2248Lafayette I Class VIII CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2253Maine Class IX CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2248Marco Polo Class XI Tactical CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2256Normandy Beach Class X Light CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2255Rosevelt Class XI CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2255Saipan Class VIII CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2260Star Ranger Class XI Fast Research CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2258Vagabond Class XI CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2267Flammarion Class VIII-IX Research CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2268Ushakov Kirov Class XI Medium CruiserCruiserTOS1/1/2021
2278Asmodeus Class IV CorvetteCorvetteTMP1/1/2021
2285Scorpio Class II CorvetteCorvetteTMP1/1/2021
2271Jester Class IV CorvetteCorvetteTMP1/1/2021
2274Finder Class V Rescue CorvetteCorvetteTMP1/1/2021
2272Davenport Class VIII Heavy CorvetteCorvetteTMP1/1/2021
2247Little Big Horn Class VI Heavy CorvetteCorvetteTOS1/1/2021
2279Greer Class IV CorsairCorsairTMP1/1/2021
2280Clark Class IV ClipperClipperTMP1/1/2021
2341Admirable Class XII CarrierCarrierPre-TNG1/1/2021
2288Archangel Class XIII Shuttle CarrierCarrierTMP1/1/2021
2276Ariel Class XVI SupercarrierCarrierTMP1/1/2021
2276Lobo Class XV CarrierCarrierTMP1/1/2021
2281Guam Class XIII Through Deck CarrierCarrierTMP1/1/2021
2272Dakota Class XV Shuttle CarrierCarrierTMP1/1/2021
2360Curry Class XIII CarrierCarrierPre-TNG1/1/2021
2288Clemenceau Class XIV CarrierCarrierTMP1/1/2021
2249Albedo Class IX CarrierCarrierTOS1/1/2021
2245Solomon Juneau Class VIII CarrierCarrierTOS1/1/2021
2258Timmerman Class XI CarrierCarrierTOS1/1/2021
2344Andromeda II Class XVII BattleshipBattleshipPre-TNG1/1/2021
2280Coeur de Lion Class XIV Heavy BattleshipBattleshipTMP1/1/2021
2280Indestructable Class XIII BattleshipBattleshipTMP1/1/2021
2286Indomitable Class XII BattleshipBattleshipTMP1/1/2021
2275Kodiak Class XVI BattleshipBattleshipTMP1/1/2021
2319Ardennes Class XI Assault ShipAssault ShipPre-TNG1/1/2021
2278Kolm-An Class VIII-XIV Assault ShipAssault ShipTMP1/1/2021
2273Makin Class VIII Assault ShipAssault ShipTMP1/1/2021
2272Trojan Class XIII Troop TransportAssault ShipTMP1/1/2021
2274Continent Class IX Assault ShipAssault ShipTMP1/1/2021