V-65 (Saeihr’alha) Class XV Command Cruiser

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design by Atolm

Known sphere Of Operation:  Empire-wide use
Data Reliability:  B
Major Data Source:  Romulan Sector Intelligence

A unique looking vessel in a navy full of unique vessels, the Saeihr’alha class is one of the most specialized vessels currently fielded by the Romulan Star Empire. The V-65 is designed exclusively as a flag vessel for the Praetor of the Empire and serves as a visible sign of the Senates power and influence throughout the quadrant.

The appearance of the V-65 belies a powerful front line combat craft designed to protect the seat of power for the empire while projecting a forcible level of influence where seen. The V-65 was conceived by Praetor Narviat sometime in the early 2350’s as a specialized flagship that would allow the Praetor and Senate to operate off-world should the need arise. The design was also envisioned to be one of the most powerful combat ships in the fleet.

Internally, the V-65 has an exact replica of the main senate floor or Romulus as well as specialized senate chambers and quarters for the Proconsul, the Vice-proconsul, as well as senators and their retinue. Although to date never used, the theory was that the V-65 would allow the full governing body to leave the planet and still conduct military or relief efforts if necessary. Multiple secure communication arrays, multiple situation and briefing rooms and a wide array of command-and-control system would allow the Praetor or Proconsuls to operate remotely. A number of specialized holographic system would also allow the full Senate to meet should the Praetor be away from Romulus for an extended period.

The V-65 is also a “working” combat platform. As with the Federation or Klingon fleet flagships, the V-65 is fully armed and equipped to conduct a wide range of combat operations. Based on the A-Type Warbird, which itself inspired it larger cousin the B-Type Warbird, the V-65 massive wing structure houses a wide range of specialized sensors, deflector systems and multiple backups that ensure the V-65 can operate even after significant damage. The Type-1 is extremely powerful and surprisingly maneuverable for a vessel of it’s size. Armed with 12 disruptors, a powerful Plasma Missile system and multiple Photon Torpedoes, the V-65 was designed to counter the (then) Federation flagship class – the Ambassador Heavy Cruiser. In conjunction with it’s cloaking device, the V-65 was more than a match for many of the Klingon heavy cruiser which it engaged during it’s early career.

The Type 2 was launched in 2363, shortly before the decision was made to once again openly engage with the Federation. The Type 2 increased the overall firepower of the V-65 by refitting the Plasma Missile and main Photon Torpedo bays. At the time, the V-65 was believed to be the equivalent of the Galaxy class, although it was later discovered that the Federation vessel was indeed more powerful than originally reported.

A total of 4 V-65 have been built. Each is an exacting replica of the other, with all four able to take the role of flagship should the need arise. The V-65 always operate in a dual-ship squadron. Two V-65 are assigned to the front-lines – most often fighting against the Klingons or Gorn, while the remaining two ships are assigned to patrol the Romulas/Reman system. As a show of force, the V-65 never operates with an escort. When the Praetor does use the ships to visit local system or conduct needed business off-world, all four V-65 are assigned together. All four V-65 were used during the Dominion War when they distinguished themselves along side their larger Warbird cousins. At the conclusion of the war, all four ships returned to Romulus. The V-65 was briefly reassigned during the reign of Praetor Shinzon, who’s Scimiatr briefly took the place of the Praetor’s Flagship in 2379. The V-65 was later reinstated as the Romulan Flagship after the destruction of the Scimitar.

The V-65 is now used as a diplomatic cruiser for the Romulan Free States.

Construction Data:
Model – Type 1 Type 2
Ship Class – XV XV
Date Entering Service – 2357 2363
Number Constructed – 4 4 refit
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points – 92 92
Damage Chart – C C
Length – 522 m 522 m
Width – 459 m 459 m
Height – 494 m 494 m
Weight – 346,873 mt 348,983 mt
Total SCU – 620 SCU 620 SCU
Cargo Capacity – 31,000 mt 31,000 mt
Landing Capacity – None None
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type – R-11M R-11M
Standard 9-person – 5 5
Combat 20-person – 3 3
Emergency 20-person – 4 4
Cargo – 6 6
Cloaking Device Type – RCF RCF
Power Requirements – 75 75
Other Data:
Crew – 681 684
Troops – 60 60
Passengers – 242 242
Shuttlecraft – 14 14
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available – 196 214
Movement Point Ratio – 8/1 8/1
Warp Engine Type – RWO-1 RWO-1
Number – 2 2
Power Units Available – 61 ea. 61 ea.
Stress Chart – L/N L/N
Max Safe Cruising Speed – Warp 8 Warp 8
Emergency Speed – Warp 9 Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type – RIL-1 (x2) RIN-1 (x2)
Power Units Available – 37 ea. 46 ea.
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type – RB-16 RB-16
Number – 12 12
Firing Arcs – 4 f, 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 2 p/a, 2 s/a, 2 a 4 f, 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 2 p/a, 2 s/a, 2 a
Firing Chart – V V
Maximum Power – 20 20
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (1-10) (1-10)
+2 (11-16) (11-16)
+1 (17-21) (17-21)
Torpedo Weapon Type – RPT-2 RPT-5
Number – 1 1
Firing Arcs – 1 f 1 f
Firing Chart – T H
Power to Arm – 4 4
Damage – 40 50
Torpedo Weapon Type – RP-17 RP-18
Number – 6 6
Firing Arcs – 4 f, 2 a 4 f, 2 a
Firing Chart – M Q
Power to Arm – 1 1
Damage – 32 35
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type – RNSG RNSG
Shield Point Ratio – 1/3 1/3
Maximum Shield Power – 64 64
Combat Efficiency:
D – 328.1 338.6
WDF – 305.0 319.3

Designer Notes:

By far one of the most incredible designers – Atolm is well known for designs that are easily recognizable as “Star Trek” yet push the boundaries and are often like nothing you’ve seen before. I’ve been enamored with many of his Romulan and Klingon designs for years – and the Saeihr’alha is one of the most interesting Romulan designs. Based on the Bird of Paradise – the influence is clear to see. His idea of an “Airforce One” type of craft is also intriguing. Don’t know if my back story does it credit – but I hope to trace his design in the future. I am hopeful that he’ll continue to produce more and more awesome design that we can use and adapt.