Gorn Hegemony

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Powerful, capable, technologically advanced and honorable to a fault, the Gorn have continued to expand and defend their region of space for well over 300 years. Their well armored ships and sophisticated tactics have helped them fend off invaders and secure their boarders with efficiency and strength. With several clans and numerous sub-species spread across the Gorn Hegemony, no two ships encountered are exactly alike. Despite vastly different design philosophies and looks within their fleet, the Gorn maintain their frontline combat units as well as their exploration endeavors. A surprisingly profitable trade system is also well maintained and defended by the Gorn Navy.

Manual Era File Last Updated
2305 Gorn Starship Recognition Manual 2230-2330 PDF Sept. 1, 2013


KB-3 Class X Assault Transport
KH-12 Class XIV Heavy Assault Transport


BH-2 Class XIII-XIV Battleship
BH-3 Class XII Battleship
BH-4 Class XIII Battleship
BH-9 Class XIII-XIV Battleship
BI-10 Class XIV Battleship


MA-12 Class VII-VIII Light Cruiser
MA-19 Class VII Light Cruiser
MA-22 Class IX Light Cruiser
MB-6 Class XII Battlecruiser
MD-8 Class IX-X Cruiser
MD-11 Class XI Cruiser
MD-18 Class XI Torpedo Cruiser
MF-2 Class X Research Cruiser
MI-4 Class XII Heavy Cruiser


SA-3 Class V Light Destroyer
SD-9 Class IX Destroyer
SH-8 Class X Heavy Destroyer
SS-3 Class VI Destroyer
SS-8 Class VIII Destroyer


FD-5 Class V Escort


ND-3 Class IX Frigate
NG-7 Class IX Frigate Escort


IB-2 Class V Combat Corvette


GD-4 Class V Cutter
GF-1 Class V Research Cutter


CB-17 Class VI Battlescout
CD-2 Class V Scout
CS-6 Class II Scout/Courier
RS-4 Class III Recon Scout


JH-7 Class VII Heavy Monitor
JI-2 Class VII Monitor


VB-2 Class II Combat Shuttle
VD-3 Class I Shuttle


EB-6 Class X Battle Freighter
ED-3 Class V Freighter
EH-12 Class XIII Heavy Freighter


TH-2 Class IX Transport


LH-2 Class X Heavy Repair Tender


UA-6 Defense Station

Launch YearClass NameClassificationEraLast Updated
2266KB-3 Assault TransportAssault ShipTOS4-Dec-20
2267KH-12 Heavy Assault TransportAssault ShipTOS4-Dec-20
2267BH-2 BattleshipBattleshipTOS4-Dec-20
2279BH-3 BattleshipBattleshipTMP4-Dec-20
2277BH-4 BattleshipBattleshipTMP4-Dec-20
2297BH-9 BattleshipBattleshipTMP4-Dec-20
2279BI-10 BattleshipDreadnoughtTMP4-Dec-20
2263MA-12 Light CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2263MA-19 Light CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2266MA-22 Light CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2281MB-6 BattlecruiserCruiserTMP4-Dec-20
2265MD-8 CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2273MD-11 CruiserCruiserTMP4-Dec-20
2267MD-18 Torpedo CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2266MF-2 Research CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2268MI-4 Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS4-Dec-20
2270SA-3 Light DestroyerDestroyerTOS4-Dec-20
2266SD-9 DestroyerDestroyerTOS4-Dec-20
2267SH-8 Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTOS4-Dec-20
2265SS-3 DestroyerDestroyerTOS4-Dec-20
2263SS-8 DestroyerDestroyerTOS4-Dec-20
2265FD-5 EscortEscortTOS4-Dec-20
2267ND-3 FrigateFrigateTOS4-Dec-20
2269NG-7 Frigate EscortFrigateTOS4-Dec-20
2265IB-2 Combat CorvetteCorvetteTOS4-Dec-20
2262GD-4 CutterCutterTOS4-Dec-20
2268GF-1 Research CutterCutterTOS4-Dec-20
2264CB-17 BattlescoutScoutTOS4-Dec-20
2262CD-2 ScoutScoutTOS4-Dec-20
2263CS-6 Scout/CourierScoutTOS4-Dec-20
2270RS-4 Recon ScoutScoutTOS4-Dec-20
2267JH-7 Heavy MonitorMonitorTOS4-Dec-20
2270JI-2 MonitorMonitorTOS4-Dec-20
2254VB-2 Combat ShuttleShuttleTOS4-Dec-20
2245VD-3 ShuttleShuttleTOS4-Dec-20
2266EB-6 Battle FreighterFreighterTOS4-Dec-20
2263ED-3 FreighterFreighterTOS4-Dec-20
2265EH-12 Heavy FreighterFreighterTOS4-Dec-20
2280TH-2 TransportTransportTMP4-Dec-20
2266LH-2 Heavy Repair TenderTenderTOS4-Dec-20