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STARDATE: 1/9602.04, SECTOR 23-H, 0340 HRS FST




Lay out three Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheets in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Fleet Battle Rules of the Basic Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:

4 Achernar Mk I Class X Auxilary Cruiser (Achernar, Polaris, Rigel Kentaurus, Spicer)
3 Anton Mk I Class X Research Cruiser (Christoval, DeFoe, Preserver)
10 Apache II Mk I Class X Heavy Destroyer (Apache, Calusa, Delaware, Fox, Hiaki, Iroquois, Kwinault, Massasoit, Mohawk, Yorkshire)
2 Baton Rouge Mk I Class VII Cruiser (Democracy, Lafayette)
1 Baton Rouge Mk II Class VII Cruiser (USS Arcadia)
3 Baton Rouge Mk III Class X Cruiser (Cairo, Denpasar, Jacksonville)
2 Baton Rouge Mk IV Class X Cruiser (Groton, Indianapolis)
3 Canopus Mk I Class VIII Exploration Cruiser (Canopus, Capricornus, Cassiopeia)
2 Heston Mk I Class XI Command Cruiser (Chevron, Emerson)
15 Larson Mk I Class VII Destroyer (Acre, Agincourt, Alesia, Austerlitz, Babur, Blenheim, Cannae, Constantine, Cre’cy, Frederick, Gettysburg, Guadalcanal, Leipzig, Shiloh, Xerxes)
14 Loknar Mk I Class VIII Fast Frigate (Ahkeil, Aldebaran, Antares, Boridi, Corinth IV, Daran V, Farside, Loknar, Moscow, New America, Peking, Tokyo, Trantis, Yantar)
4 Marklin Mk I Class VI Destroyer (Brandson, Calgary, Crusader, Dunbar)
2 Marklin Mk II Class VI Destroyer (Grigsby, Henson)
7 Monoceros Mk I Class VII Scout (Aries, Canis Major, Equulus, Lupus, Pegasus, Taurus, Ursa Minor)
6 Nelson Mk I Class VII Scout (Bradford, Brownson, Longshaw, Mullany, Sigsbee, Watts)
11 Portsmith Mk I Class IV Destroyer (Beaverton, Byard, Clayhatchee, Hobson City, Idaho City, Lamerton, Monument, Pasadena, Ranburne, Skyline, West Palm Beach)
6 Siva Mk I Class VII Destroyer (Ares, Hathor, Jugurtha, Lucifer, Molock, Siva)

The Defending force deploys along the left edge of the map.

The Attacking force consists of:

26 D-16 A Class VI Destroyer (Abolish, Ambitions, Astonishing Brutalizer, Atrocious, Bloodsucker, Braveaxe, Confinement, Conflicting Unity, Constricting, Convulsive, Corpsepounder, Corruptive, Defiantstrike, Downfall, Enduringly Hurtful, Eviscerating, Exiled, Furylance, Furytamer, Imblazon, Incorrigible, Indulgence, Invalidate, Invigorating, Loyal Fighter, Maverick)
9 D-4 A Class VII Cruiser (Adversary, Cruel Retaliation, Furystar, Harbinger, Ravenous Crusher, Revenge, Vicious, Vindictive, Warcry)
6 D-4 E Class VII Cruiser (Annihilator’s Steel, Corpseburner, Everlasting Victory, Exactor, Fervent Tormentor, Wing of Terror)
18 D-7 A Class VIII Battlecruiser (Behemoth, Bladerunner, Breathless, Carrionclaw, Formidable, Furybringer, Hateful Opposer, Hellscream, Invulnerable, Perilous, Renowned Brutality, Reprehensive, eprimander, Retaliator, Siegehammer, Swiftclaw of Retaliation, Unsavory, Warhammer’s Fury)
6 K-17 A Class III Scout (Abolisher’s Steel, Glorious Decimator, Strangler’s Shadow, Suffocating Maimer, Undying Piercer, Verdict)
6 K-17 D Class III Scout (Devastating Admonitioner, Emblazoned Crusader, Enraged Destroyer, Pathfinder Song, Presider, Riftstalker’s Shadow)
32 K-3 A Class II Gunboat (Abject Trespasser, Abuser’s Scepter, Abusive Garroter, Adventurous Demonkiller, Annihilating Provoker, Annihilating Strikemaster, Asphyxiating Rampager, Atrocity of the Annihilator, Constrictive Brutalizer, Deadly Intercepter, Deception, Deforester, Doom Petrifyer, Dreaded Savager, Exhalted, Grim Widowmaker, Intrusive Avenger, Invincible Berserker, Judgmental Repressor, Merciless Bravery, Merciless Bravery, Nighttalon’s Judge, Omnipresent Tormenter, Restless Revenge, Skullcrusher’s Retaliation, Sufferable Dreadbringer, Unconquerable Killer, Unmerciful Strengthener, Venom Storm, Venom Storm, Verdictator)
10 L-6 B Class VIII Frigate (Abolishing Devastator, Dark Reckoner, Darkwing, Defender, Emblazoned Retriever, Emblazoned Retriever, Embolden Mauler, Executioner’s Warcry, Impervious Revenge, Lacerating Abominator)

The attacking force enter from the right edge of the map.

Victory Conditions:
Victory is determined by the total number of victory points at the conclusion of The Four Years War campaign. View the Victory Point Table to determine the total points awarded.


Either side may escape by moving off the edge of any map.
The scenario ends on turn 12 due to the arrival of Klingon reinforcements.