Darkstar Class III-IV Patrol Ship

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Known sphere Of Operation: Orion Controlled Space, Triangle
Data Reliability: B for A-1 & B-1 models, C for A-2 model.
Major Data Source: Orion Sector Intelligence

Orinco Shipbuilders first foray into the world of defensive patrol craft, the Darkstar was created as a purely combat oriented platform, capable of escort and fast response. First commissioned by the OFMA, the em>Darkstar is essentially Orinco’s popular Dwarfstar freighter with the large cargo bay removed. Orinco’s original design was to mount the powerful and efficient OWA-1 warp drive in it’s high-maneuverability configuration. Shortly after tooling began, though, OFMA officials requested that a more manageable drive system be installed. The OWA’s high-maneuverability version of the popular engine had proved time and again to be cost prohibitive. Orinco opted for a secondary-feed system for the maneuvering components which test indicated would extend the field time of the small craft by a factor of four. The resulting OWA-1 was less maneuverable, but significantly more cost effective; a factor that eventually allowed the ORMA to sign off on full production of the Darkstar.

The A-1 model proved expensive yet effective. The Darkstar could easily intercept most pirates and worked well as an escort vessel. The A-1 was as powerful as vessel twice its size, and mounted sufficient firepower to engage destroyer class vessels with a modicum of success. When first observed by Star Fleet Intelligence, many felt that the new vessel would quickly initiate an arms race, and even the Klingons worried that the small ship would soon replace the less effective Lightning class of raider. But Orinco built only 35 of the A-1 models, 30 of which were transferred to the OFMA. Of the remaining five, only one is known to have “turned rogue” and begun pirate operation. The Darkheart, believed to be owned by Dravik the Vicious, conducted lucrative and deadly raid along the Federation and Klingon boarder for nearly 6 years. Over 30 freighters were attacked, with nearly 50 casualties during its reign. The most famous raid was again Convoy NCV 3822 in which the Darkheart nearly destroyed two Federation escorts and plundered all eight freighters before being chased off by a Tellarite merchant cruiser. The Darkheart was eventually sabotaged and destroyed, not by Star Fleet Intelligence or Klingon operatives, but by members of the Orion Syndicate who felt that Dravik’s viciousness had drawn unwanted attention to the syndicates operations.

Dispite the A-1’s combat capability and growing reputation, several other governments approached Orinco about constructing a less expensive variant. Orinco quickly began selling the B-1, a smaller and significantly less expensive version of the em>Darkstar. While the B-1 had less power than its larger cousin, it was far easier to maintain than the A-1 and was easier to produce. The B-1 became a quick seller and soon found use as a scout and medium patrol craft. The B-1 also had a larger cargo capacity, allowing it to operate on longer escort missions. The B-1 was extremely roomy and comfortable for deep space crews, many of whom became attached to their ships. The B-1 also proved more popular with pirate captains who found it’s roomy interior perfect for their ostentatious living arrangements. Over 165 B-1’s were constructed, with nearly 100 sold to various governments.

But it would again be the OFMA that would contract Orinco for the most powerful and dangerous of the em>Darkstar class – the A-2. First requested in 2277, three squadrons of A-2’s were contracted, all of which were launched and delivered in 2279. The A-2 had even greater firepower than the A-1, and was significantly more maneuverable during combat. To date, the OFMA has take possession of 15 A-2’s, all of which it claims are still active in their navy.

Construction Data:
     Model – A-1 B-1 A-2
     Ship Class – IV III IV
     Date Entering Service – 2272 2274 2279
     Number Constructed – 35 165 15
Hull Data:
     Superstructure Points – 15 11 15
     Damage Chart – C C C
           Length – 90 m 90 m 90 m
          Width – 70 m 70 m 70 m
          Height – 19 m 19 m 19 m
          Weight – 39,430 mt 24,488 mt 39,773 mt
          Total SCU – 10 SCU 20 SCU 5 SCU
          Cargo Capacity – 500 mt 1,000 mt 250 mt
     Landing Capacity – None None None
Equipment Date:
     Control Computer Type – Mark IV Mark III Mark IV
          Standard 5-person – 1 1 1
          Cargo – 1 2 1
Other Data:
     Crew – 4 3 4
     Passengers – 5 6 5
     Shuttlecraft – 1 1 1
Engines And Power Data:
     Total Power Units Available – 40 24 38
     Movement Point Ratio – 3/1 2/1 2/1
     Warp Engine Type – OWA-1 OWC-2 OWA-2
          Number – 2 2 2
          Power Units Available – 15 ea. 10 ea. 17 ea.
          Stress Chart – G/F E/F G/F
          Max Safe Cruising Speed – Warp 7 Warp 7 Warp 7
          Emergency Speed – Warp 9 Warp 8 Warp 9
     Impulse Engine Type – OID-3 OIA-4 OIA-4
          Power Units Available – 10 4 4
Weapons And Firing Data:
     Beam Weapon Type – OD-5 OD-4 OD-5
          Number – 2 3 2
          Firing Arcs – 2 p/f/s 1 f/p/a, 1 f/s/a, 1 p/f/s 2 p/f/s
          Firing Chart – U T U
          Maximum Power – 7 6 7
          Damage Modifiers:
               +3 (-) (-) (-)
               +2 1-10 1-18 1-10
               +1 11-20 (-) 11-20
     Beam Weapon Type – OD-4 OD-3
          Number – 2 4
           Firing Arcs – 1 f/p/a, 1 f/s/a 2 f/p/a, 2 f/s/a
          Firing Chart – T R
          Maximum Power – 6 4
          Damage Modifiers:
               +3 (-) (-)
               +2 1-18 (-)
               +1 (-) 1-16
     Torpedo Weapon Type – OP-1 OP-1 OP-1
          Number – 2 1 3
          Firing Arcs – 2 f 1 f 2 f, 1 a
           Firing Chart – L L L
          Power to Arm – 1 1 1
          Damage – 10 10 10
Shield Data:
     Deflector Shield Type – OSJ OSI OSJ
     Shield Point Ratio – 1/4 1/3 1/4
     Maximum Shield Power – 8 9 8
Combat Efficiency:
     D – 109.5 78.8 141.5
     WDF – 30.8 20 36.8