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STARDATE: 1/9505.08, 7 AU FROM GR-1, 1141 HRS FST




Lay out three Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheets in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:

1 Anton Mk I Class X Research Cruiser (Christoval)
2 Apache II Mk I Class X Heavy Destroyers (Chickasaw, Gwichin )
1 Baton Rouge Mk II Class VII Cruiser (Churchill)
3 Baton Rouge Mk III Class X Cruisesr (Cairo, Petersburg, Vladivostok)
2 Bode Mk I Class V Scouts (Evadne, Schaen)
1 Canopus Mk I Class VIII Exploration Cruiser (Calypso)
1 Caracal Mk I Class X Cruiser (R’Sah-Dan)
5 Constitution Mk I Class XI Heavy Cruisers (Constitution, Enterprise, Intrepid, Lexington, Republic)
2 Federation Mk I Class XIV Dreadnoughts (Federation, Unificatum)
2 Heston Mk I Class XI Command Cruisers (Heston, Maddiston)
2 Kirov Mk I Class XI Medium Cruisers (Liberator, Montana)
4 Larson Mk I Class VII Destroyers (Acre, Blenheim, Scott, Troy)
3 Loknar Mk I Class VIII Fast Frigates (Aldebaran, Carinae II, Proxima)
5 Marklin Mk I Class VI Destroyer (Fredenburg, Kinnelly, Wales, Weils, Xenophon)
1 Monoceros Mk I Class VII Scout (USS Ursa Major)
4 Portsmith Mk I Class IV Destroyers (Cygnet, Doris, Madison, Spanish Fort)
2 Sawyer Mk I Class III Scouts (Brueske, Moreton)
2 Triumph Mk I Class IX Tactical Cruisers (Triumph, Accomplishment)

The Defending force deploys along the left edge of the map.

The Attacking force consists of:

9 D-16 A Class VI Destroyer (Astonishing Brutalizer, Irredeemable, Merciless, Nasty, Optimizer, Taunter, Treachery, Warstalker, Woundbringer)
12 D-4 E Class VII Cruiser (Abusive Ravager, Backstabber, Bladesinger, Bonerender, Conquer, Demolishing Lancer, Ferocious Audacity, Hammerhand, Purgatory, Ragecutter, Warbow of Punishment, Warblade)
19 D-7 A Class VIII Battlecruiser (Amplifier, Anarchist, Brightfire, Deathbringer, Everlasting Might, Evisceration, Mauler, Nighteye, Serrater, Soulbreaker, Stormseeker, Swiftclaw, Swordbreaker, Tempestwind, Torrential, Torturer, Vile Maimer, Violation, Wraith’s Blade)
3 K-3 B Class II Gunboat (Abject Skirmisher, Infringer’s Revenge, Validity)

The attacking force enter from the right edge of the map.

Victory Conditions:
Victory is determined by the total number of victory points at the conclusion of The Four Years War campaign. View the Victory Point Table to determine the total points awarded.


The scenario ends on turn 12 due to the arrival of Federation reinforcements.