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STARDATE: 1/9410.06, ON APPROACH TO ANDROMEDA: 7.13 S, 0.82 E, 1910 HRS FST

IKV Atrocity
“Long range scans indicate there is a presence in the system – 8 or more ships.” Krevtek’s science officer was young and inexperienced, but seems to be up to the job. Krevtek decided not to discipline the young man now. ‘Perhaps later – if he doesn’t improve quickly!’

“Keep scanning” he instructed in the traditional battle-language. This would be the first significant combat Krevtek and his unit had seen in years. The invasion of the Federation and it’s border worlds would be quick. Command had indicated that after a dozen or less combat actions, the Federation and it’s allies would surrender the target planets and consolidate their losses. Krevtek worried this would be his only battle. He had no idea how wrong he and the rest of the Empire were.

Krevtek glanced at his second officer. A far more experienced warrior, he was double checking the reading knowing Krevtek would need more accurate information on the enemy units. He glanced back at Krevtek with frustration in his eyes. ’16’ he mouthed so Krevtek knew the real number.

“My lord…uh – there appears to be… more vessels than originally indicated!” the science officer stammered.

‘Perhaps a more public display IS in order’ though Krevtek. “If you’re going to stay alive on this ship, boy, you had BETTER learn to be more accurate. Because if I guess wrong thanks to your ineptitude, then NONE of us will live long!”

“Glory is only glorious when your alive, boy!” growled the first officer, standing just behind the younger science officer.

“Break formation and reform in wings.” announced the second officer. Every man new his job and the officers of the Atrocity were well versed in the captain’s battle tactics. No one thought twice about the order.

“I suggest we let the Rivalry and her wind take the lead. There’s been some – grumbling from that particular unit, sir.” The first officer was well aware that he was in line for Krevtek’s command when Krevtek retired in 8 months. Eliminating an ambitious rival would help secure his place as the new unit commander. Krevtek simply smiled at the ambitious man.

“Perhaps your right,” he said. “Relay the orders. And bring shields to full power!”



Lay out two Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheet in the configuration shown. Place 1 planet along the left side map within 4 hexes of the edge of the combat area. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:

1 Anton Mk I Class X Cruiser (USS Benek)
2 Bode Mk I Class V Scout (USS Lotand, USS Sandland)
1 Constitution Mk I Class XI Cruiser (USS Constitution)
1 Hermes Mk II Class VII Scout (USS Spaker)
4 Larson Mk I Class VII Destroyer (USS Buena Vista, USS Castinian, USS Leyte, USS Midway)
3 Loknar Mk I Class VIII Frigate (USS Borga, USS New York, USS Vernol)
1 Nelson Mk I Class VII Scout (USS Abbot)
7 Portsmith Mk I Class IV Destroyer (USS Bakersfield, USS Corry, USS Dulverton, USS Ottawa, USS West Valley City, USS Westcott, USS Wrestler)

The Defending force deploys in any formation within 5 hexes of the planet.

The Attacking force consists of:

3 D-16A Class VI Destroyer (IKV Dredger, IKV Furylance, IKV Swiftwind)
3 D-4A Class VII Cruiser (IKV Rivalry, IKV Shadow of the Evader, IKV Unmerciful Tranquillizer)
6 D-7A Class VIII Cruiser (IKV Fervent Ravager, IKV Poison, IKV Rending Banisher, IKV Atrocity, IKV Dueler, IKV Ferocious Brutality)

The attacking force enter from the right edge if the map.

Victory Conditions:
Victory is determined by the total number of victory points at the conclusion of The Four Years War campaign. View the Victory Point Table to determine the total points awarded.


Planetary Bombardment:
The primary Klingon objective is to bombard the planet with 50 or more points of weapons damage. Any Klingon vessel that intends to attack the planet must be less than 10 hexes of the planet in order to attack.

If the attacking force can cause 50 or more points of damage to the planet or manages to destroy four or more Federation vessels, they may attempt to warp out of the combat area. The defending force may depart the combat area by warping out at any time.

The scenario ends on turn 12 due to massive Federation re-enforcements.

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