Aakenn Class VI Freighter

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from FASA Star Trek© Starship Tactical Combat Simulator – Federation Ship Recognition Manual (2nd Edition)

The Aakenn-class freighter entered service during the Four-Years War, during which the class was used to move men and materiel to the front and supplies to the rear to keep the Federation’s wartime production at high levels. This freighter was a common sight on the space lanes, with thousands in commercial service over the years. Star Fleet used its more than 100,000 mt of capacity to move all sorts of materials to the outer reaches of the Federation; because the vessel was not landing-capable, all cargo had to be containerized and beamed aboard using the vessel’s eight cargo transporters. As an added feature, the Aakenn class had staterooms for up to six passengers; these small rooms, though not designed for luxurious travel, were reasonably comfortable.

On Stardate 6556.9, the USS Mundy, was found adrift near Starbase 21. The vessel’s onboard life support systems were operating, but there were no crew members aboard. The bridge area showed signs of a struggle, but nearly all computer files had been lost and there was no recorded data to reveal what had happened. The last entry in the Captain’s Log, from about four months earlier, made no mention of any emergency or possible danger. When the cargo hold was breached, it was found to contain millions of live Tribbles, living on the food produced by a synthesizer that had somehow been left on. The “Tribble Ship”, as it came to be called, was taken into Starbase 21 where it was learned that it had been stolen two years earlier. This mystery remained unsolved until Stardate 8117.3, when two of its crew members were found in a nearby asteroid cluster, somehow having been missed when the search parties checked the area for survivors. They revealed that they had been boarded by a band of renegade Klingons, who, when they discovered that the cargo was Tribbles, became so infuriated that they killed the captain and officers and left the crewmen on the asteroid.

Of the 1,432 Aakenn-class freighters built, 256 Mk IIs and 760 Mk IVs are in reserve fleets. One Mk II and 4 Mk IVs were used by Star Fleet Training Command until 2290; 186 Mk IIs and 102 Mk IVs have been destroyed; 17 Mk IIs and 8 Mk lVs are listed as missing; 119 Mk IIs and 71 Mk IVs have been scrapped; and 94 Mk IIs and 36 Mk IVs have been sold to commercial enterprises. The Aakenn class was manufactured at the Tellar, Proxima Centauri, and Cait facilities at a combined rate of 30 per year. Procurement for Star Fleet ended in 2286 although civilian production of the freighter remained active until 2290. The last known Aakenn freighter was removed from active duty in 2303.

Construction Data:
Model Number — Mk II Mk IV
Ship Class — VI VI
Date Entering Service — 2254 2262
Number Constructed — 672 760
Cost — 313 MCr 426 MCr
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points — 10 10
Damage Chart — C C
Length — 190.3 m 190.3 m
Width — 100.4 m 100.4 m
Height — 60.1 m 60.1 m
Weight — 70,650 mt 70,110 mt
Cargo Units — 2,180 SCU 2,780 SCU
Cargo Capacity — 109,000 mt 139,000 mt
Landing Capacity — None None
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type — M-2 M-2
Standard 6-person — 2 2
small — 4 4
large — 4 4
Other Data:
Crew — 54 58
Passengers — 6 6
Shuttlecraft — 6 6
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available — 13 19
Movement Point Ratio:
unloaded — 2/1 2/1
loaded — 4/1 4/1
Warp Engine Type — FWD-1 FWD-2
Number — 1 1
Power Units Available — 10 16
Stress Charts — K/F L/F
Max Safe Cruising Speed:
unloaded — Warp 7 Warp 6
loaded — Warp 6 Warp 4
Emergency Speed:
unloaded — Warp 9 Warp 8
loaded — Warp 7 Warp 6
Impulse Engine Type — FIC-2 FIC-2
Power Units Available — 3 3
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type — FL-3 FH-2
Number — 2 2
Firing Arcs — 1 p/f/s, 1 p/a/s 1 p/f/s, 1 p/a/s
Firing Chart — G H
Maximum Power — 2 3
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (-) (-)
+2 (-) (-)
+1 (1-4) (1-10)
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type — FSF FSH
Shield Point Ratio — 1/2 1/2
Maximum Shield Power — 10 13
Combat Efficiency:
D —
unloaded — 46.3 59.3
loaded — 37.3 45.3
WDF — 1.2 2.6