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IKV Hatefury
“Should we concentrate on the heavy cruiser, or take out the smaller ships?” asked M’Kaho of the Successor. Both strategies could prove successful, but could just as easily backfire. The Federation had come a long way since the Four-Years War. Their vessels were no longer inferior to the might of the Empire.

“We stay in formation.” Captain K’Toqa was well aware of the advantages and shortcomings of his squadron. If they could attack as a single unit, they could cause significant damage to the enemy squadron. It would be damaging to his forces as well. But it would force the Federation to deploy more resources to this system. In three weeks, the much larger follow-up force would crush whatever ships the Federation sent to protect the system.

“If we don’t split them up, there’s a lot of firepower heading our way.” The captain of the Reviler also knew that the main advantage of the small fleet was their numbers. “If that carrier launches shuttles and fighters, we could be in trouble!” N’Korri was no coward, but like many Klingons, he was also a realist.

“That’s why we stay in formation. It will be easier to overcome the smaller ships if we can cover each other. Besides! You said you wanted to tell your father of his posthumous rewards…what better way than to tell him in person in the Halls of the Dead!” M’Kaho and N’Korri both chuckled knowing there was a real possibility of glory this day. Posthumous or not.

“Then on to victory!” shouted K’Toqa. “Bloodwine here or in Sto’Vo’Kor – it matters not to me!”

The Klingon fleet surged forward, ready for battle.



Lay out two Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheets in the configuration shown. Place a planet along the center of the map. Place a moon along the left edge of the map. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:

1 Bonhomme Richard Mk III Class XI Cruiser (USS Krieger)
1 Cochise MK III Class VII Destroyer (USS Normandy)
1 Coronado MK II Class XI Carrier (USS Bennington)

The Krieger deploys in orbit of the planet. The Normandy and Bennington deploy near the moon.

The Attacking force consists of:

3 D-3C Class VII Cruiser (IKV Insistent, IKV Intruding, IKV Trueblade of the Attacker)
3 D-6C Class VII Cruiser (IKV Defiant Exiler, IKV Incorruptible Law, IKV Lethal Battleaxe)
3 D-7C Class VII Cruiser (IKV Hatefury, IKV Reviler, IKV Successor)

The attacking force enter from the right edge of the map.

Victory Conditions:
Victory is determined by the point value of any vessel destroyed during the battle. Any vessel that leave the map before turn 12 is worth 1/2 it’s victory points.

Ship Type Point Value
Bonhomme Richard Mk III 38
Cochise Mk III 21
Coronado Mk II 40
D-3C 8
D-6C 11
D-7C 14


Escape: Any vessel escapes by Warping Out or by exiting the board at any time. Vessels cannot reenter the board.

Ending: The scenario ends on turn 12 due to the arrival of Federation reinforcements. Any Klingon vessel that cannot warp out at the end of Turn 12 is considered destroyed.