Immaculata Class II Luxury Yacht

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design by Forest Brown – from Stardate Magazine #2


The Immaculata class is considered to be the finest luxury yacht available in the Federation. Built under general contract by the Chiokis Starship Construction Company of Andor, the vessel is designed as a sophisticated interstellar conveyance for wealthy families of the Federation, larger corporations, and some of the more high-class touring companies.

The byword of the Immaculata class is opulence. No expense has been spared in the construction of the external hull and machinery as well as the interior design. In her 10,000 ton displacement two Type FWA warp engines have been fitted along with the FIA Impulse power unit. This gives the vessel a cruising speed of Warp 7 and an emergency speed of Warp 9, more than enough for any tight situation that may occur on an interstellar voyage. With this thought in mind also, some of the best Type FSA deflector shields have been installed and the external hull has been considerably reinforced. The standard model of the Immaculata Class is unarmed, as it is assumed whenever these vessels are in any possibility of danger (a hard thing to judge in the best of times), they would have some sort of armed escort vessel accompanying them. Some vessels of the class have been armed, but this does detract from the defensive capabilities designed into the starship due to power limitations. The vessel also has been streamlined for planetary landings when shuttle or transporter operations are not wanted or possible. Three landing struts are provided and, with the new advanced anti-grav lifting plates installed in the bottom of the exterior hull, the vessel can land in any kind of terrain in safety. This is especially beneficial to the vessels owned by travel agencies in their excursions to less-developed worlds.

The interiors of the Immaculata class are all custom-designed to the initial purchaser’s specifications. Because of this, many of the ships of the class have a wide range of deck layouts, although there is 1 standard interior configuration that Chiokis designed for its prototype and the name ship of the class. Several other vessels also are equipped in the standard layout. Almost all of these interiors have the following: 1 six-pad transporter (some vessels owned by touring companies have 2 and subtract 1 luxury cabin), hangar space for 2 Type S-3 standard Federation shuttles, 10 deluxe passenger suites (some ships have more, some less), and recreation and dining facilities to surpass most found anywhere in the known galaxy. The deck design gives the impression of spaciousness on a small tonnage. All corridors are double standard size, and the various guest suites and staterooms are huge by normal passenger ship standards. These rooms usually are decorated according to the eccentricities of the owner so that the various motifs accentuate the grandeur of the yacht. One favorite idea is to take items from the culture of various planets known by the owner and decorate each room accordingly. Shown on the doors of these suites can be seen such names as the Ardan a Room, Beta Lyrae Suite, the Deneva Room, etc. Holographic equipment is usually included, so that these suites can be made to appear almost a part of the planet they represent, if the occupant wishes. Other stateroom design ideas are popular also (color motifs, different technology levels in each room, scenes from famous literary works or holoshows, etc). Of course, class vessels of touring companies or owned by the larger corporations for the use of their executives on business trips do not have this sort of extravagant decoration.

In addition to the above, the Immaculata class also has some other unusual amenities not seen on most other vessels. The passenger’s Dining/Observation Room on the lower deck forward is one of these. The entire outer wall can be made transparent, so that the scene outside the ship can be watched while dinner is being served or a board meeting being conducted. The Recreation Room/Library is also a bit unusual. Thousands of entertainment and informational data tapes are located here to be used in the interested passenger’s suite or elsewhere. The recreation area contains a number of workout and fitness items, as well as many standard and nonstandard game simulations. In addition, half of the recreation room deck near the engineering bulkhead rolls into the wall and a small swimming pool is located under it.

Another interesting area of the Immaculata class is the EVA Supply and Storage Compartment on the upper deck. Located here are 35 Environment Suits for excursions outside the ship via the airlock nearby. While in safe orbit, many passengers like to “stretch their legs” with a spacewalk outside. Some owners even carry equipment for zero-G games or races around the ship’s hull. Two EVA Spacepods are also standard equipment and are used for general exterior hull maintenance, as well as for the entertainment of the passengers. The EVA Spacepods are usually standard one-man models with retractable manipulators and other work-related equipment. In a pinch (such as abandon ship procedures), 3 people can be fitted uncomfortably in these pods for a limited time.

The Immaculata class vessels normally have a crew of 14 (Captain, First Officer, 2 Navigators, 2 Helmsmen, 2 Engineers, a Doctor, a Cook, and 4 stewards). Currently, there are 93 vessels of this class registered in the Federation. Some of the more familiar ship names and their owners are listed below:

IMMACULATA, owned by Onto Rantura of Rantura Shipping Lines, Deneva.
PRESTIGIOUS, DEBUTANA, owned by Royal Provider Travel Agency
ELEGANTE’, owned by holostar Becky Dreamwood of General Entertainment Concepts.
RADIANT, owned by Bank of America, Earth.
ROCKEFELLER, owned by the ancient Rockefeller family, now headed by Simon Rockefeller VII.
ROYAL ORB, owned by Barona Escolbar of Starfaring Investments, Alpha Centauri.
NE VAR, owned by the Vulcan Academy of Sciences.
ACHE NA TEN, owned by the Chiokis Construction Company, Andor.
DELUXANA, owned by Zeke Cochrane of Cochrane Technologies, Ariannus
SLIT/CKE, owned by Oweyurr Optics, Cait.
EXOTICANA, owned by Exotica Tours.

Construction Data:
Model – Mk I
Ship Class – II
Date Entering Service – 2267
Number Constructed – 93
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points – 3
Damage Chart – A
Length – 88 m
Width – 43 m
Height – 17 m
Weight – 10,110 mt
Total SCU – 20 SCU
Cargo Capacity – 1,000 mt
Landing Capacity – Yes
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type – L-14a
Standard 6-person – 2
Emergency 22-person – 2
Cargo – 1
Other Data:
Crew – 19
Passengers – 40
Shuttlecraft – 1
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available – 14
Movement Point Ratio – 1/1
Warp Engine Type – FWA-1
Number – 2
Power Units Available – 6 ea.
Stress Chart – G/K
Max Safe Cruising Speed – Warp 7
Emergency Speed – Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type – FIA-2
Power Units Available – 2
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type – FSA
Shield Point Ratio – 1/1
Maximum Shield Power – 11
Combat Efficiency:
D – 40.3
WDF – 0