Z-17 (Legion’s Mount) Class XIII Dreadnought

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design by Morgan Donovan

Known Sphere Of Operation:  Empire-wide use
Data Reliability:  D
Major Data Source:  Romulan Sector Intelligence

Launched in the midst of a proposed upgrade to the Z-7 battleship, the Z-17 was give a drastically different mission parameter that would create one of the more dangerous vessels to be fielded by the Romulan Star Empire. The Z-17 was built from four Z-7 hulls that were intended to originally be upgraded to the Z-7 Type 3. Designers replaced the original engines with three RWL-1 nacelles, powered by the favored micro-quantum singularity system. Although balancing the three nacelles did prove challenging, in 2344, the first of four ships was officially commissioned into the Romulan fleet.

Along with it’s unusual warp drive, the Z-17 also saw a significant increase in the number of on-board troops. Additional assault shuttles and transports were also berthed aboard, although this did require the reduction of some cargo spaces. The Z-17 also saw the installation of an improved shield system as well as new long range sensors and upgraded environmental systems.

The Z-17 would go on to server several years against the Gorn before most were transferred to the Klingon border. There, the Z-17 became well known for it’s follow-up capabilities, allowing Romulan commanders to capture resources and objectives more quickly than traditional Romulan vessels. The Z-17 was eventually transferred to the Dominion front where their onboard troops often clashed with Jem Hadar soldiers.

Although the Z-17 fought well during the war, none would survive the conflict. 1 was destroyed and the remaining 3 were badly damaged and scrapped shortly before the destruction of Romulus.

Construction Data:
Model Number — Type 1
Ship Class — XIII
Date Entering Service — 2344
Number Constructed — 4
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points — 50
Damage Chart — B
Length — 601 m
Width — 281.3 m
Height — 166.1 m
Weight — 239,602 mt
Cargo Units — 683 SCU
Cargo Capacity — 34,150 mt
Landing Capacity — None
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type — R-8M
Standard 9-person — 6
Combat 20-person — 10
Emergency 20-person — 10
Cargo — 6
Cloaking Device Type — RCF
Power Requirements — 75
Other Data:
Crew — 631
Troops — 824
Passengers — 10
Shuttlecraft — 40
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available — 105
Movement Point Ratio — 5/1
Warp Engine Type — RWL-1
Number — 3
Power Units Available — 22 ea.
Stress Charts — G/L
Max Safe Cruising Speed — Warp 7
Emergency Speed — Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type — RIL-2
Power Units Available — 39
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type — RB-12
Number — 10
Firing Arcs — 2 f/p, 2 f, 2 f/s, 2 p/a, 2 s/a
Firing Chart — W
Maximum Power — 9
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (1-10)
+2 (11-15)
+1 (16-20)
Torpedo Weapon Type — RP-7
Number — 10
Firing Arcs — 2 f, 3 p, 2 s, 2 a
Firing Chart — R
Power to Arm — 1
Damage — 20
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type — RSY
Shield Point Ratio — 1/3
Maximum Shield Power — 27
Combat Efficiency:
D — 200.5
WDF — 207