The Fleets

«Last Updated on May 3, 2024 »

No other single government or space faring race has nearly as large a fleet as the United Federation of Planets. With over 150 members and nearly 8000 affiliates, the Federation encompasses hundreds of light-years of space. With hundreds of colonies and tens of thousands of unexplored and uninhabited systems within it’s boarders, Starfleet is tasked with exploring and defending a massive swath of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The fleet itself is comprised of more classes of ships that nearly all of the Federations neighbors combined. Even as the fleet expands, new enemies abound, new phenomenon are discovered and new colonies are established every year. The diversity of designs and shear number of ships fielded will continue to grow as the Federation explores and makes first contact throughout the galaxy.

Klingon Empire

Klingon Defense Force

Since driving off the Hur’q and reestablishing itself in it’s home system, the Klingon people and their Empire has continued to expand through conquest and force. The Empire’s military forces are built and supported by the great Imperial Houses found across Klingon space. These forces defend the Empire and expand it’s boarders, securing resources and planets to help ensure the continued conquest of space. The Klingon fleet maintains a surprisingly wide range of capabilities in it’s vessels. Despite years of ongoing conflict, the Empire continues to build and maintain a fleet that field a two-to-one or greater margin when compared to it’s neighbors. While the Empires vessels are often not nearly as sophisticated as their rivals, the shear number of vessels available to the Empire guarantees continued expansions and aggression.

Imperial Klingon State

Cardassian Guard

Cardassian Central Command

Since the 19th Century, the Cardassian Guard, under the direction of the Central Command, has maintained the primary exploration, exploitation and military space fleet of the Cardassian Union. By 2150, the Union was an expanding conglomerate of annexed worlds, colonies and outposts. Resource poor, the Cardassian Union had detailed much of it’s limited material and personnel to maintaining the fleet and defending what territory it could hold. Through constant resource acquisition and trade, the Union maintains the fleet – and the fleet expands the Union. The warships and freighters of Cardassian Union are well built, powerful and capable deep space craft that are every bit the equal to their direct counterparts from the Unions major neighbors.

Romulan Star Empire

Romulan Star Navy/Romulan Imperial Fleet

Bold, aggressive, xenophobic and deadly, the Romulan Navy has continued to be the major military force of the Romulan people since their first steps into space. The Empire has always suffered from a lack of overall resources and yet has been able to maintain a significant space fleet, deep space outposts and colonies while continuing to expand the boarder and influence of the Romulan Senate. No other race has seemingly been able to do so much with so little. A seemingly never-ending war with the Klingon Empire as well as major wars with the Federation and Gorn have forced the Romulans to ever more effective space vessels and front line support units.

Gorn Hegemony

Powerful, capable, technologically advanced and honorable to a fault, the Gorn have continued to expand and defend their region of space for well over 300 years. Their well armored ships and sophisticated tactics have helped them fend off invaders and secure their boarders with efficiency and strength. With several clans and numerous sub-species spread across the Gorn Hegemony, no two ships encountered are exactly alike. Despite vastly different design philosophies and looks within their fleet, the Gorn maintain their frontline combat units as well as their exploration endeavors. A surprisingly profitable trade system is also well maintained and defended by the Gorn Navy.

Dominions/Founders – Jem Hadar

Breen Confederacy

Ferengi Alliance

Holy Order of the Kinshaya