The Triangle

«Last Updated on May 31, 2024 »

For many years, the Triangle was just another patch of stars, unwanted by the three great powers that surrounding it. Today, it remains one of the richest trading areas in the galaxy. With nearly 120 class M worlds and countless other uninhabited systems, the Triangle is rife with business opportunities, trade deals, new beginning and swift endings. With the threat of a major war between the three great powers now gone, the Triangle has remained a wild frontier. Alliance come and go and politics are as strained as ever with independent worlds and smaller governments taking advantage of the situation when ever they can. With good flowing too and frow and refugees from many worlds streaming into the area, pirates and raiders are as common as ever. Orion pirates, Naussican raiders and Ferengi gunrunners are just a few of the many dangers for anyone living and working in the region.

Despite the influence of the Federation/Klingon Alliance and the opening of Romulan space, it is estimated that over 1,000 warships make up a number of defense fleets and escort units for various planets and governments in the region. Constantly tracking down and chasing off pirates (and each other), the units are also know to tussle with Alliance vessels and any other ship that encroaches on what they believe is their territory. It is said that “not a day goes by without someone shooting at someone out here between the stars.”

Below is a list of ships that have or are currently serving with the minor governments found within the Triangle. These include the AOFW (Association of Outer Free Worlds), the OFMA (Orion Frontier Mercantile Association) and the MCA (Mantiev Colonial Association).

MCA (Mantiev Colonial Association)

LSA – Loyal State Alliance

Starlight Class II Cutter
Mantiev Class V Patrol Vessel

CFA – Chaniviev Freedom Alliance

Liberty Class VI Destroyer

AOFW (Association of Outer Free Worlds)

Aberdeen Class X Cruiser
MacKenzie Class IX Frigate
Nelson’s Column Class VII Scout/Transport
New Aberdeen Class X Cruiser
Scotland the Brave Class VI Freighter Transport