N-17 (Night Stalker) Class III Scout/Escort

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design by Morgan Donovan

Known Sphere Of Operation:  Triangle, Federation Border
Data Reliability:  C
Major Data Source:  Triangle Sector Intelligence

The N-17 class was derived from a number of K-17 Death Stalker scouts obtained from the Empire sometime after 2266. Although unconfirmed, it is rumored that the Romulans obtained nearly a two dozen of these small scouts, giving them to the fledgling IKS as a light raiding vessel. It was hoped that the IKS would use the ships against the Federation and Klingons as well as targets within the Triangle. Other reports indicate that some of these vessels may have been sold to the IKS through clandestine operatives. The IKS quickly upgraded several of these vessels and created the N-17.

The N-17 is virtually identical to its predecessor when scanned at long range. With similar weight distribution and power systems, the N-17 is only distinguishable by it’s larger command pod and tactical systems. The enlarged forward section allows for a larger cargo capacity and additional torpedo systems that give the N-17 superior firepower when compared to it’s Imperial cousin. A dedicated boarding party is also housed aboard, allowing the N-17 to quickly capture freighters and transports.

The IKS fielded a total of 15 of these ships, which continued to serve well into the early 2300’s. While popular, these ships were soon outclassed by other more traditional scouts and raiders. 1 was captured by the MCA, 1 was scrapped and 3 were sold to entities in the Triangle. 10 were eventually repatriated and give to ranking families in the Empire.

Construction Data:
Model Number — Variant-1
Ship Class — III
Date Entering Service — 2267
Number Constructed — 15
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points — 8
Damage Chart — C
Length — 155.1 m
Width — 90.3 m
Height — 20 m
Weight — 24,068 mt
Cargo Units — 15 SCU
Cargo Capacity — 7,750 mt
Landing Capacity — Yes
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type — ZD-4
Standard 6-person — 2
Cargo — 1
Other Data:
Crew — 19
Troops — 7
Passengers — 1
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available — 23
Movement Point Ratio — 2/1
Warp Engine Type — KWA-2
Number — 2
Power Units Available — 10 ea.
Stress Charts — Q/R
Max Safe Cruising Speed — Warp 7
Emergency Speed — Warp 8
Impulse Engine Type — KIA-3
Power Units Available — 3
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type — KD-5
Number — 4
Firing Arcs — 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 2 a
Firing Chart — P
Maximum Power — 4
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (-)
+2 (1-10)
+1 (11-18)
Torpedo Weapon Type — OP-2
Number — 3
Firing Arcs — 2 f, 1 a
Firing Chart — F
Power to Arm — 1
Damage — 6
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type — KSF
Shield Point Ratio — 2/3
Maximum Shield Power — 13
Combat Efficiency:
D — 54.2
WDF — 16.5