D-7M (Revenge) Class IX Battlecruiser

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from Klingon Ship Recognition Manual, 2nd Edition, FASA, design by Matt Jefferies, re-draw by Brad R. Torgersen

Known sphere Of Operation: Triangle
Data Reliability: C
Major Data Source: Triangle Sector Intelligence

The Revenge is one of the newest vessels to leave the Klingon Empire and join the IKS in the Triangle. While the ship is considered one of the most powerful in the IKS inventory, it is not the ships weapons that have created it fame, but indeed it’s captain – K’novor tai Axenni, the only known medical officer to ever command a Klingon warship.

K’novor served aboard the Revenge since its launch as the Victorious in 2270. K’novor himself originally entered naval training in the hopes of becoming a gunner or navigator. But his skill in science relegated him to obscurity, K’novor’s anger towards the empire grew. After serving under a string of commanders who won glory and moved up the command ladder, K’novor, along with other disaffected crew members began to plot an escape from the ship. Because of his extremely low status, K’novor was actually able to set officers against each other, even publicly challenging the status of the ships command. With skill and cunning, K’novor eventually forced things to a head in 2278, with half the command staff taking on the other half. To this day, even K’novor can not explain how he managed to orchestrate the final battle, but in the end, only he and several marine commanders survived. During the action, one vessel in the Victorious’ squadron did fire on the ship, destroying one of the vessels disruptors. However, the ship quickly broke off and retreated from the area. Rumor has it that Klingon Internal Security were so impressed with K’novor’s ability to manipulate the situation without resorting to subterfuge that they simple boarded a shuttle and commandeered the other vessels in the Victorious’ squadron. Although never confirmed, one shuttle craft was indeed unaccounted for when the Victorious eventually arrived in IKS territory.

Angered by his position in the empire, K’novor departed for the IKS. Arriving in IKS space, the Victorious was soon christened the Revenge and was sent immediately to raid Orion and AOFW vessels. While most of the Revenge’s marine crew were transferred or promoted, a sufficient force of troops remained on board to allow the Revenge to successfully capture a number of freighters and independent trade vessels. In an especially audacious move, K’novor captured an empty ORMA freighter and used it to raid the New New Aberdeen shipyard. Unmolested for over a half hour, K’novor’s men on the freighter were finally forced to signal for support from the Revenge after discovery. The Revenge entered the system, distracting the approaching security forces, and allowed the nearly full freighter to escape.

But the battle pointed out the shortcomings of the Revenge. With only one starboard disruptor bank, the Revenge took some damage during their diversionary action. To make matters worse, IKS officials has ordered that the aft KP-5 torpedo be removed and placed in the IKS inventory. K’novor quickly added the Revenge to the IKS’ growing list of vessels in need of repair. K’novor own crew were forced to install the less reliable but equally powerful OD-5 disruptor. While not favored by the IKS, the OD-5 – an Orion copy of the Klingon’s own KD-8, proved easy to install and with limited use was a viable weapon. K’novor was able to procure two more, installing them in the aft quadrant of the Revenge to replace the missing torpedo.

The replacement and upgraded systems were finally finished in late 2282, and the Revenge has continued to serve as a heavy-hitter for the IKS ever since. While K’novor hopes to replace the missing torpedo, so far, the Revenge’s combat record has not suffered.

Since entering service with the IKS, the first officer of the Revenge has traditionally been give first choice of any gunboat or scout vessel that is repaired or built by the IKS. The second officer is then automatically promoted and a new second is recruited or promoted. K’novor ensures that members for any discipline aboard the ship have the opportunity to try for the open position. This has made K’novor extremely popular as a commander and help him to maintain a capable crew. Because of his battle record, IKS command has no wish to disturb this very unusual practice.

Construction Data:
     Model – Variant-1
     Ship Class – IX
     Date Entering Service – 2282
     Number Constructed – Refit
Hull Data:
     Superstructure Points – 22
     Damage Chart – C
           Length – 221 m
          Width – 156 m
          Height – 62 m
          Weight – 137,555 mt
          Total SCU – 120 SCU
          Cargo Capacity – 6,000 mt
     Landing Capacity – None
Equipment Date:
     Control Computer Type – ZD-6
          Standard 6-person – 2
          Combat 22-person – 6
          Emergency 18-person – 3
          Cargo – 4
Other Data:
     Crew – 373
     Passengers – 30
     Shuttlecraft – 5
Engines And Power Data:
     Total Power Units Available – 46
     Movement Point Ratio – 3/1
     Warp Engine Type – KWE-3
          Number – 2
          Power Units Available – 20 ea.
          Stress Chart – J/M
          Max Safe Cruising Speed – Warp 8
          Emergency Speed – Warp 9
     Impulse Engine Type – OIC-3
          Power Units Available – 6
Weapons And Firing Data:
     Beam Weapon Type – KD-8
          Number – 3
          Firing Arcs – 2 f/p, 1 f/s
          Firing Chart – U
          Maximum Power – 7
          Damage Modifiers:
               +3 (1-7)
               +2 (8-15)
               +1 (16-20)
     Beam Weapon Type – OD-5
          Number – 3
          Firing Arcs – 1 f/s
          Firing Chart – U
          Maximum Power – 7
          Damage Modifiers:
               +3 (-)
               +2 1-10
               +1 11-20
     Torpedo Weapon Type – KP-3
          Number – 1
          Firing Arcs – 1 f, 1 a
          Firing Chart – R
          Power to Arm – 2
          Damage – 15
Shield Data:
     Deflector Shield Type – KSK
     Shield Point Ratio – 1/2
     Maximum Shield Power – 12
Combat Efficiency:
     D – 92.5
     WDF – 44.7