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USS Archernar
“Did you get a message through to Star Fleet?” inquired the captain.

“Yes sir!” The young communications officer was visibly nervous. No doubt this would be his first taste of combat. “However, their reply was, um…cut…cut off sir. I believe the Klingons are jamming us.” Poor kid, thought the captain. The captain look towards the science station.

“Confirmed sir,” announced the First Officer without looking over his shoulder.

“Several long range jamming probes,” continued then science officer. She too didn’t look up from her station. Information was far more important than etiquette right now. “They’re jamming nearly an entire light year’s worth of space. We’d need to destroy them or get out of range.”

“Every ship in the system is headed the other direction, sir” the Navigator pointed out. “We could get one of them to relay a message.”

“No point” the captain said. “Everyone will know soon enough. I guess there’s nothing for it. Intercept course.” the captain looked directly at the Helmsman. “Pick your targets and don’t miss, my boy…we won’t get a second chance.” The captain’s dyer look sent a shiver down the helmsman’s spine. But he knew his job. He had been in battle before. He knew all the vulnerabilities of the approaching ships.

And he knew the captain was right…there would be no second chances.



Lay out two Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheets in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:

1 Achernar II Mk II Class XI Cruiser (USS HArchernar)
1 Amicable Mk I Class VIII Transport (USS Seikel)
1 Cochise Mk III Class VII Destroyer (USS Abu Bekr)
1 Pentagon Mk II Class VII Scout (USS McIsaac)
1 Pompeii Mk III Class VI Destroyer (USS Turin)

On Phase 2 of Turn 4, the Defending Force receives the following reinforcements:

1 Akula I Mk III Class VIII Perimeter Action Vessel (USS Sandusky)

The Defending force deploys along the right edge of the map. Reinforcements arrive from behind the Klingon force along the left edge of the map.

The Attacking force consists of:

1 D-10C Class X Heavy Cruiser (IKV Overpowering Warbow)
6 D-7A Class VIII Cruiser (IKV Incorruptible, IKV Nightshadow, IKV Omnivore, IKV Specter, IKV Tempeststrike, IKV Unspeakable Vengeance)
2 L-6G Class VIII Frigate (IKV Accusation, IKV Dominating Marauder)

The attacking force enter from the left edge of the map.

Victory Conditions:
Victory is determined by the point value of any vessel destroyed during the battle. Any vessel that leave the map before turn 12 is worth 1/2 it’s victory points.

Ship Type Point Value
Achernar II Mk II Cruiser 39
Akula Mk III PAC 16
Amicable Mk I Transport 8
Cochise Mk III Destroyer 18
Pentagon Mk II Scout 11
Pompeii Mk III Destroyer 18
D-10A Heavy Cruiser 16
D-7A Cruiser 8
L-6G Frigate 16



The scenario ends on turn 12 due to the arrival of Federation reinforcements.