D-117 (Honored Brothers) Class IX-X Command Cruiser

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design by Rat on Pier

Known Sphere Of Operation:  Empire-wide use
Data Reliability:  D
Major Data Source:  Klingon Sector Intelligence, Triangle Sector Intelligence

The design history of the D-17 flows from the designs of other well-loved warship designs of the Imperial Fleet, and the lines of this ship are later taken to larger scale in the Vor’cha Class cruisers many years later.

The D-117 is a little larger than the D-7 and meant to take over the functions of the D-23 as a battle-able command cruiser. While the D-10 already serves in this regard to some degree as a flagship, any captain of sufficient note might obtain command of a D-10 (through family connections or political intrigue). The D-17 is designed to be a Squadron Leader, and as such, command of one of these vessels is a mark of distinction and leadership.

Fully battle-capable and having the ability to cloak, the D-117 is not a ship given to administrative commanders or luxury-conscious Thought Admirals. Command of one of these new vessels is a mark of distinction, such command only going to recognized leaders in the fleet. Klingon Imperial Command commissioned the D-117 as a Squadron Leader. The vessel’s design was heavily influenced by the maneuverability of the D-7, a preference expressed by Field Commander’s who wished for a more capable vessel than those in the squadrons that they were commanding at the time.

The <D-117A was introduced in 2284. Mounting the KWF-2 warp engines, the KIF-2 impulse engine, the efficient KSL trinary shield system and the longer range KD-17 and KP-6 weapons, the D-117A was a formidable addition to any battle squadron. The D-17A was produced at the Taamar and Mustaka Facilities. Of the ten D-117As produced, nine have been converted to B models, and one has been reported missing along the Demon’s Rift

In 2294 the D-117B was introduced. The KSL shields were replaced with the KSP shield system. Other modifications include the addition of two banks of KD-8 disruptors. With these changes in place, the D-117 has become extremely popular with frontline commanders. Two D-117Bs have been produced at Taamar and, to date, 9 of the A models have been converted at Mustaka. With the introduction of the B model, production of the A model was halted. The B model was expected to be produced at an increasing rate. However, the destruction of Praxis ended production of the D-117.

The remining 11 D-117Bs continued to serve until 2324 when the last ship was damaged and scrapped. Of the 11 D-117Bs fielded, 2 are still in Reserve Fleets, 1 was destroyed, 2 are listed as missing, 4 were sold and 2 are in service to ranking families in the empire.

The vessel takes its name form the Klingon loDnI’ batlh which translate to “Brother with Honor“.

Construction Data:
Model Number — A B
Ship Class — IX X
Date Entering Service — 2288 2294
Number Constructed — 10 2
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points — 31 32
Damage Chart — B B
Length — 234.1 m 234.1 m
Width — 142.5 m 142.5 m
Height — 60.3 m 60.3 m
Weight — 133,890 mt 158,700 mt
Cargo Units — 203 SCU 203 SCU
Cargo Capacity — 10,150 mt 10,150 mt
Landing Capacity — None None
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type — ZD-9 ZD-9
Standard 6-person — 3 3
Combat-22 person — 2 2
Emergency 18-person — 2 2
Cargo — 2 2
Cloaking Device Type — KCC KCC
Power Requirements — 32 32
Other Data:
Crew — 448 494
Troops — 110 110
Passengers — 5 5
Shuttlecraft — 4 4
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available — 59 63
Movement Point Ratio — 3/1 3/1
Warp Engine Type — KWF-2 KWE-3
Number — 2 2
Power Units Available — 18 ea. 20 ea.
Stress Charts — H/J J/M
Max Safe Cruising Speed — Warp 8 Warp 8
Emergency Speed — Warp 9 Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type — KIF-2 KIF-2
Power Units Available — 23 23
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type — KD-17 KD-17
Number — 4 4
Firing Arcs — 2 f/p, 2 f/s 2 f/p, 2 f/s
Firing Chart — X X
Maximum Power — 9 9
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (1-12) (1-12)
+2 (13-17) (13-17)
+1 (18-22) (18-22)
Beam Weapon Type — KD-8
Number — 4
Firing Arcs — 2 f, 2 a
Firing Chart — U
Maximum Power — 7
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (1-7)
+2 (8-15)
+1 (16-20)
Torpedo Weapon Type — KP-6 KP-6
Number — 3 3
Firing Arcs — 2 f, 1 a 2 f, 1 a
Firing Chart — R R
Power to Arm — 2 2
Damage — 20 20
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type — KSL KSP
Shield Point Ratio — 1/3 1/3
Maximum Shield Power — 14 15
Combat Efficiency:
D — 147.8 156.8
WDF — 71.4 95.8