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IKV Vanquisher
“Find me SOMETHING to shoot at!” growled Captain Klelsk as he fell heavily into his command chair. He had spent the past two hours reading damage reports, casualty lists and suspected intelligence files. He had been detached along with his sister squadron to conduct opportunity raids. Their first raid had been pointless. Two Orion freighters that weren’t even heading for a Federation port. One had collided with his escort and caused superficial damage that had none the less required several hours of repaid work. A week of waiting for five minutes of stupidity, though Klelsk. This is now way to fight a war!

“Still nothing on sensors,” reported the second shift science officer. The young man sounded as frustrated as Klelsk felt.

Klelsk moaned in aggravation and grabbed the bottle of Romulan Ale he kept under his command chair. His uncle shipped him a case every few months in exchange for Orion Spiced Rum that Klelsk had a knack for capturing. Slumping in his chair, he took another gulp.

“A freighter! A transport; long range shuttle; sensor drone – ANYTHING!” Klelsk was letting the monotony of the past few months show and he didn’t care who saw. “A child in a space suit,” he mumbled as he took another swig.
“My lord!” the science office suddenly exclaimed. “It’s…I don’t…two vessels at extreme range – closing.” The young officer began to call up data from the sensor pod. “Two Federation battle destroyers.” He suddenly sounded quite nervous to Klelsk.

“Well,” said Klelsk resealing the bottle and tucking it casually under his chair. “At lest we have them outnumbered. Relax boy. Didn’t they teach you at the academy? Evey day is a good day to die.”



Lay out one Star Trek Combat Simulator map-sheets in the configuration shown. This represents the area of space where the conflict takes place. All vessels start the game at sub-warp speed. Use the Graduate Starship Tactics Course rules in this scenario.

The Defending force consists of:

3 Enterprise Mk II Class XI Heavy Cruisers (USS Excalibur, USS El Dorado, USS Lexington)

On phase 1 of turn 9 the Defender receives the following reinforcements:

1 Jenghiz Mk I Class VIII Destroyer (USS Ahriman)
1 Frankfurt Mk I Class X Destroyer (USS Karlshalen)
1 Babcock Mk II Class XI Frigate (USS Tyrrell)

The Defending force deploys along the left edge of the map. Re-enforcements arrive from the left side of the map.

The Attacking force consists of:

1 L-9E Class X Frigate (IKS )
1 L-9F Class X Frigate (IKS )
1 L-50B Class XI Frigate (IKS )
1 D-5N Class VII Cruiser (IKS )
1 D-5R Class VII Cruiser (IKS )
1 L-20A Class X Battleship (IKS )
1 D-10H Class X Cruiser (IKS )
1 D-6F Class VII Cruiser (IKS )
1 D-7M Class IX Cruiser (IKS )

The attacking force enter from the right edge if the map.

Victory Conditions:

The attacking force wins a major victory if they can destroy two or more of the defending cruisers. The attacking force wins a minor victory if they destroy one of the defending cruisers. The defending force wins a major victory if they destroy five of more enemy vessels and a minor victory if they destroye three or fewer enemy vessels.


Either side may atempt to break off from combat after turn 5 by warping from the field of battle Campaign warp escape rules apply.

The scenario ends on turn 12 due to massive Federation re-enforcements.