D-50 (Lord’s Fortress) Class X-XI Space Control Vessel

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design by Morgan Donovan

Known Sphere Of Operation:  Empire-wide use
Data Reliability:  C for all models.
Major Data Source:  Klingon Sector Intelligence

In the mid 2270’s, the Klingon Empire began experimenting with space control vessels. Space control ships were intended to dominate any theater of operations, deliver heavy blows to enemy targets, and act as command platforms for fleet engagements. They were in effect, battleships in all but name and size.

One such design was the D-50. Impressive in size and power for its time, the D-50 featured a roomy secondary hull with plenty of cargo space as well as a large facility for handling small craft. It also included barracks space for a heavy assault battalion of 300 troops, as well as extensive command and control facilities for fleet/sector command staff.

The ships’ offensive armament was extensive, consisting of eight KD-9 disruptor emplacements and five KP-5 torpedo tubes. This was more sufficient to effectively engage and destroy enemy ship that the D-50 encountered. As powerful as the class was, it did suffer from a lack of maneuverability. This meant that the D-50s were more likely to be damaged during combat, which was a potentially serious issue due to the complex and expensive nature of the class’s sub-systems.

Ultimately, the High Command felt that the class’s performance was not sufficiently superior to existing designs and construction was halted three years into a planned ten-year class build. The fifteen hulls completed were assigned as Admiral’s flagships or held in reserve.

In 2287, due to the deterioration of relations between the Empire and the Romulans, the class was extensively refit, increasing it’s emergency speed, increasing armor plating, and enhancing the tactical systems. As a result, the class gained a 20% improvement in defenses and a 60% increase in offensive capability.

The anticipated full scale war was averted, however, and the class was returned to reserve status. By the time they were needed again (during the Klingon/Cardassian conflict of the 2340s) they had been superceded by superior and cost effective technology. Nevertheless they were pressed into service during that conflict, where all but two were lost. After the conflict ended, the remaining two ships were again put into reserve until 2363, when they were decomissioned and scrapped.

All 15 D-50s were built at at the Qr’noS shipyards. B model upgrades were preformed at various locations. The ship is named for the Klingon joH pa’ which translates to “Lord’s Fortress“.

Construction Data:
Model Number — A B
Ship Class — X XI
Date Entering Service — 2277 2287
Number Constructed — 15 Refit
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points — 35 46
Damage Chart — C C
Length — 282.3 m 282.5 m
Width — 153.7 m 153.7 m
Height — 51.2 m 51.2 m
Weight — 141,870 mt 162,470 mt
Cargo Units — 632 SCU 632 SCU
Cargo Capacity — 31,600 mt 31,600 mt
Landing Capacity — None None
Equipment Date:
Control Computer Type — ZD-7 ZD-8
Standard 6-person — 5 5
Combat-22 person — 7 7
Emergency 18-person — 2 2
Cargo — 7 7
Cloaking Device Type — KCD KCD
Power Requirements — 48 48
Other Data:
Crew — 489 525
Troops — 300 300
Passengers — 50 50
Shuttlecraft — 15 15
Engines And Power Data:
Total Power Units Available — 55 59
Movement Point Ratio — 4/1 4/1
Warp Engine Type — KWF-1 KWF-2
Number — 2 2
Power Units Available — 16 ea. 18 ea.
Stress Charts — H/J H/J
Max Safe Cruising Speed — Warp 7 Warp 7
Emergency Speed — Warp 8 Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type — KIF-2 KIF-2
Power Units Available — 23 23
Weapons And Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type — KD-9 KD-13
Number — 8 8
Firing Arcs — 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 2 p, 2 s, 2 a 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 2 p, 2 s, 2 a
Firing Chart — W X
Maximum Power — 5 5
Damage Modifiers:
+3 (1-7) (1-7)
+2 (8-15) (8-15)
+1 (16-20) (16-22)
Torpedo Weapon Type — KP-5 KP-6
Number — 5 5
Firing Arcs — 3 f, 2 a 3 f, 2 a
Firing Chart — Q R
Power to Arm — 1 2
Damage — 10 20
Shield Data:
Deflector Shield Type — KSP KSQ
Shield Point Ratio — 1/3 1/3
Maximum Shield Power — 15 20
Combat Efficiency:
D — 129.6 155.8
WDF — 71.5 103