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Scenarios are the bases of all FASA Star Trek ® Starship Tactical Combat encounters. From one-vs-one to massive fleet battles, scenarios define the environment, special rules, victory conditions and types of vessels that an encounter uses.

Here you’ll find a wide range of pre-made scenario packs specifically designed to provide players with a number of different encounters using our list of ever expanding vessel types. We endeavor to follow the “Whiteflame” scenario format. This simple and clean format allows players to quickly set up games and enjoy without extensive amounts of timely planning.

All starship combat in the FASA universe is an exercise in resource management. No one ship has enough power to arm all its weapons, raise all its shields and move in vast swaths across the playing field. Ship captains must choose what systems they will utilize and how much of the limited resources they have to best defend their ship and yet win the scenario. Many of our pre-made scenarios use the Combat Efficiency (CE) balance method to ensure that no one side is too powerful.

We encourage players to modify these encounters to suite their tastes. Type some house rules or switch up ships. When ever possible you’ll find links to Control Panels for the listed ships as well as links to the Starship Description pages. Special rules will also have pop-up pages for quick review.

We also hope you’ll join our Yahoo group and submit scenarios of your own.

Like many pages on the site, this page is continually under construction.
ConflictTime PeriodCombatantsVERSIONLast Updated
Demon War2240-2244KinshayaKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Tellarite Confrontation2242-2272TellaritesKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
2nd Klingon-Kzinti War2244-2249KzintiKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Andorian Conflict2244-2290AndoriansKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Federation - Klingon Cold War2244-2290FederationKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Romulan-Klingon Conflict2244-2377RomulansKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Kinshaya Conflict2245-2353KinshayaKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Orion Pirate Conflict2250-2259OrionsKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Triangle Campaign2250-2250VariousKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
OFMA Conflict2251-2261ORMAKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
The Four Years War2251-2256FederationKlingons1.0Under Construction
Mantieve Civil War2254-2301Mantieve ColonyKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Oiron Pirate Conflict2258-2258OrionsKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Orion Pirate Hunt2260-2301OrionsKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Triangle Expansion Wars2261-2330OrionsKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Operation Revenge2265-2266OrionsKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Organian Conflict2267-2267FederationKlingons1.0Under Construction
Talarian Conflict2269-2275TalarianKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Naussican Pirate War2272-2275Naussican PiratesKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
1st Breen - Klingon Conflict2276-2279BreenKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
IKS Conflict2278-2284IKSKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Taal Tan Offensive2283FederationKlingons2.07/1/2013
1st Klingon - Cardassian War2286-2304CardassiansKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Orion Syndicate Conflict2302-2370OrionsKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
1st Klingon Tzenkethi Conflict2307-2327TzenkethiKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
2nd Breen-Klingon Conflict2323-2359CardassiansKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Klingon-Cardassian Cold War2328-2346CardassiansKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Son'a Conflict2342-2359Son'aKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Ferengi Conflict2344FerengiKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
2nd Klingon Tzenkethi Conflict2347-2353TzenkethiKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Tzenkethi Operation2364-2365TzenkethiKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
2nd Klingon-Cardassian War2371-2373CardassiansKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Klingon - Federation Arcanis War2372-2373FederationKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon
Dominion War2373-2375DominionKlingonsComing SoonComing Soon