The Taal Tan Offensive

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© David Metlesits

© David Metlesits

These scenarios depict several battles during the shot lived but costly Taal Tan offensive. Launched by the Klingons in a bid to capture several key systems, the Taal Tan offensive was the first major assault by the Klingons after discovering that the Organians were no longer openly influencing the affairs for the Federation and the Empire.

By conflicts end, the Empire had lost many of the ship it had detailed for the invasion, and the Federation had suffered as well. But in the end, cooler heads would prevail, and all out war was not declared.

How To Use the scenarios

Each of the 12 scenarios depicts a battle involving Klingon and Federation forces or allies. The scenarios are progressive in nature and are designed to be run as an on-going campaign. The results of one scenario may affect the combat capabilities of the vessels involved in a subsequent scenario. Most of the scenarios involve greater number of ships than a standard campaign. Team play is encouraged. While not necessary, a referee is suggested. Both player/teams will need to keep track of damage to their ships as the scenarios progress. Standard Campaign Repair Rules apply to both combatants.

The Game Set-Up section provides the map arrangement, special terrain features, attacking and defending forces deployment.

The Victory Conditions section describes the necessary conditions for various levels of scenario outcome.

Most scenarios include parameters for ending the combat after a set number of turns. When a scenario indicates that attacker or defender may escape by warping out, use the standard Campaign Warp Escape Rules for all vessels that have sufficient power to go to warp.


Lynch Pin
Honored Dead
The First Blow
Grand Success
Ladies Night Out
The Die is Cast
Convoy N725
Inside the Lions Den
Beginning of the End
Once More

History of the Taal Tan Offensive


Date Event
February 22, 2281 Klingon Admiral K’tek presents a bold strategy to the Klingon High Council outlining an elaborate plan to strike across the Neutral Zone and capture specific Federation strongholds. Although the plan is complex, it is not beyond the scope of units within the area. With no interference from the Organians in recent boarder disputes, the Taal Tan Offensive is given approval and forces begin assembling.
September 22, 2281 K’tek arrives at Veska and takes command of the Taal Tan forces. Over 50 ships will been assembled, including an L-24 battleship. In an unusual maneuver, the Taal Tan forces do not practice their assaults aboard their vessels, but in stead use mass simulators to conduct training.
October 14, 2281 K’tek begins giving his officers specific instructions, including them in on a vast array of planning strategy sessions. The importance of the Taal Tan region is soon apparent to most. K’tek enlists several Klingon captains and creates elaborate back-up plans. Captains Kor and Koloth are both assigned to take Taal Tan should K’tek fail.
December 9, 2281 K’tek contacts commanders all along the Federation boarder. A massive offensive is coordinated. Despite harsh warnings from the High Council, K’tek continues to outline specific targets and timetables. The unusual precision of the offensive does create tension among front line commanders, but most welcome the chance to engage Federation forces. Fearing that they may be place into precarious positions, many ship commanders begin to reassess their tactical plans. Political alliances among the Taal Tan force soon form.
January 19, 2282 Elements of the 172nd Assault Flotilla are assembled at Kannaga in preparation for the Taal Tan offensive. All three wings begin extended patrols of the Neutral Zone, and are also assigned as support units for the newly formed Asparax Confederation. Despite overtures from the Federation, Asparax remain loyal to the Empire, allowing ships and personnel into the small grouping of systems.
February 24, 2282 The 180th Assault Flotila is transferred from Phillo Tok’ V to Kannaga. Although great steps are taken to hide the move from Star Fleet, long range sensors do notice the shift in power, raising suspicions in Military and Intelligence circles. Tension among the commanders assembling begins to show, with many becoming distrustful of K’tek’s extremely unusual actions in planning the assault.
February 26, 2282 The 171st Assault Flotilla gathers at Mostocal over the next two months. Star Fleet is completely unaware that the entire fleet has gathered until after the Taal Tan offensive begins. The 171st is the only unit not to begin a patrol along the Neutral Zone in preparation for the assault.
March 1, 2282 Scout elements from the 180th Assault Flotilla cross the Neutral Zone and begin an extensive mapping mission of the Federation defense satellite network. Using the IKS tammoH (Silencer) as bait, the 39th Scout Squadron is able to accurately map the network. The tammoH and Dugh’wI are both severely damaged during the mission, but are able to return with the necessary data.
March 3, 2282 The 174th Assault Flotilla is moved to Kahalas near the Asparax Confederation. The unit is detected by Federation forces. Military units from Precipice extend their patrols towards Defense Outpost 229. Admiral Kejev of the 171st is given secret orders to discredit K’tek if the assault shows any signs of faltering. Only the command staff of the 171st is aware of these orders.
March 8, 2282 The 179th Assault Flotilla split up and head for several uninhabited systems near the Neutral Zone. Star Fleet transfers five squadrons to patrol along the Neutral Zone.
March 11, 2282 The 173rd Assault Flotila forms up and heads directly for Takers with in the Neutral Zone. Star Fleet scrambles and sends two battle groups towards Star Base 12 and extends the patrol routes of several other groups. Many research and support mission on the Federation side of the boarder are concluded early, with Fleet Command believing that a minor assault across Takers is possible within the next six months.
March 24, 2282 Two D-18 destroyers cloak and head for the Neutral Zone. Each has extremely specific targets and timetables to allow for the operation to begin. It is the most crucial part of the entire planned assault. Leaders in the High Council believe that neither ship will arrive at their location and the entire plan will prove ineffective.
March 26, 2282 Both D-18 are detected crossing the boarder, but can not be effectively tracked due to their cloaking ability. Forces within the region are brought to a heightened state of alert.
November 3, 2282 As the two D-18 approach their targets, the 173rd Assault Flotilla closes with the boarder. The fleet quickly decelerates and begins to turn back to Veska. Similar to tactics used during the 4-Years War, Federation forces remain on heightened alert, but do not initiate a first strike, despite requests from field commanders.
January 20, 2283 The pacifists movement within the Federation continues to gain popularity in open forums, but behind the sceens, Council Members, Fleet Planners and other people “in the know” begin to quietly push for reinstatement of previously cut military oriented expenditures. They have only limited success.
February 25, 2283 After 10 months with no contact from the two D-18’s Federation forces begin to stand down from their heightened state of alert. The Taal Tan force continues back towards Veska on impulse. Frustration within the Klingon ranks at the lengthy timetable further strains command ability.
March 30, 2283 The D-18 destroyer K’tak Ves decloaks and attack a Federation Monitoring satellite. She quickly moves on to another and destroys 5 satellites before the USS Andors Flame forces the K’tak Ves to withdrawal. Defense Outpost 184 is forced to re-calibrate it’s sensors to cover the new gap in the detection net. Star Base 27 immediately dispatches the USS Bridge (Derf class) to replace the buoys. Although an obvious act of aggression, the loss of the satellites is considered a minor incident. Forces in the area are not told of the attack.
March 30, 2283 The D-18 destroyer K’tukas decloaks and attack Defense Outpost 89. Althouhg the K’tukas is destroyed, Outpost 89’s sensors and communications are temporarily knocked off line. The K’Tukas signals the Taal Tan force before her destruction. The Taal Tan force is able to cross the boarder and scatter before the Outpost re-engages it’s sensors. Catching only the trailing vessels of the force, the Outpost commander reports the danger to Star Fleet Command. Ships in the local vicinity are placed on a standing yellow alert, but no other action is taken.
July 2, 2283 Convoy N317 is attacked near Defense Outpost 91. Six Federation freighters are destroyed and 144 lives lost. Three Klingon gunboats are destroyed by responding Federation forces, but the remainder of the battle fleet scatters.
July 2, 2283 Convoy N9931 is attacked and wiped out near Ayirn. The attack destroys several ore freighters and kills 71 crew members. The Klingons suffer no losses, but do have several vessels damaged. Surprised by only minor loses, Klingon Commanders are ecstatic with their success. Despite their misgivings, High Council Leaders begin to assess K’tak’s strategy as a serious military and political stratagem.
July 5, 2283 Realizing the signifigance of the attack on Outpost 89, Star Fleet begins pulling vessels from patrol duty to supplement forces near the Klingon Neutral Zone. With no interfearence from the Organians, the Federation finally enacts a full scale war footing. Federation officials denounce the attacks publically, but privately admit that little can be achieved diplomatically. Federation ship construction and repair in the region is slightly hamppered by the losses of the freighters from N9931
July 7, 2283 The 378th Cruiser squadron, comprised of the USS Lexington, USS Excalibur and USS ElDorado, engage a Klingon battle fleet of 9 vessels. Although the Excalibur and ElDorado are damaged, the Klingons are forced back across the boarder. The squadron heads for Mostocal to conduct repairs. It is the fisrt real setback for the Taal Tan offensive. Despite protests, ship commanders readjust their schedules and attack patterns to cover for the lost ships.
July 7, 2283 The Alliance Battle-group engages two squadrons from the 171st. The battle is pitched and extremely deadly, with both sides suffering serious losses. Elements within the Klingon forces are pleased with the combat success, honoring their fallen comrades. But K’tak and other command personnel seriously wonder about success of the overall operation with such serious losses. Readjustment of combat plans and strategy fuel internal conflict, and K’tak is forces to “relieve” several commanders.
July 10, 2283 The 41st Destroyer squadron engages two Klingon wings attacking the defense of Taal Tan. Although seriously damaged, the Federation forces do force the withdrawal of the attacking Klingon ships. The third major setback for the offensice, K’tak confides in Kor that he now feels the objective is out of reach.
July 11, 2283 Distraction forces engage Federation units along the Neutral Zone. While the Klingons loose several older vessels, the Federation is forced to spread it resources along the entire boarder, preventing a major concentration. Several Federation ships are also lost.
July 12, 2283 The 281st Cruiser squadron engaged a Klingon squadron heading for Taal Tan. It becomes apparent that the Taal Tan system and it’s mining are the main target of the attacks. Forces begin to be diverted to the Taal Tan system. Star Fleet Intelligence begins to consolidate unrelated data into a much clearer picture of the events leading up to the initialization of hostilities.
July 15, 2283 The Federation Council meets behind closed doors to discuss a declaration of war. The Pacifist Block is vocal and argumentative about suing for peace, but are easily over-ruled. Most Pacifist council members will soon loose their council seats. The Council decides to declare the military action an “Offensive” by rogue Klingon elements. The Klingons believe they have achieved their objective of anonymity, but Star Fleet Intelligence shifts resources to observe dry docks, ground force stations and other instillations that could send re-enforcement’s to the initial Taal Tan invasion force.
July 18, 2283 A Klingon heavy squadron engages a patrolling Federation frigate squadron. The Klingons loose three of their five vessels, but are able to destroy one of the Federation escorts and damage the two frigate severely enough to take them out of the fight.
July 20, 2283 A Klingon hunter-killer squadron attacks a Federation destroyer squadron. A responding Federation heavy cruiser decimates the Klingon forces, destroying two vessels and severely damaging a third.
Supply Raiding scouts from the Taal Tan forces are tracked to system J71. Federation forces close on the system, but the Taal Tan force scatters before engaging any of the Federation vessels. The incident does disrupt the Taal Tan attacks.
August 12, 2283 The Federation Council instruct Star Fleet Intelligence that should additional Klingon forces be sent towards Federation interests, they are to declare a state of War and inform Fleet Commanders to initiate unrestricted open combat against Klingon Interests. Although the Klingons increase their military presence along the boarder, no additional forces are released for the offensive, and an official declaration of War is never issued.
August 15, 2283 Despite increased military presence, convoy N725 is also attacked and destroyed. It is costly for the Klingons, though, who loose three cruisers and a scout vessel. Federation losses now total 15 ships and 617 lives.
August 20, 2283 The Klingon cruiser Q’tok, while cloaked, is able to successfully enter the Taal Tan system and attacks the orbital mining station. The station and it’s corresponding ground post are badly damaged, setting back production by months. The Q’tok is badly damaged by the USS Lexington. It is later destroyed by gunboats at the edge of the system.
September 4, 2283 Taal Tan supply raiding scouts successfully capture a Tellarite freighter making a run for Outpost 1181. Although a large amount of the raw material is captured, the freighter captain successfully self destructs, destroying a Klingon K-15 scout, and severely damaging a K-17. The captain of the K-17, impressed with the freighter captains bravery, allows the escape pods from the freighter to depart the area. The scout is not seen or engaged during the rest of the offensive.
September 6, 2283 Destroyer Squadron 331 stumbles on one of the Klingon re-supply efforts. Although the warships are able to complete their resupply activities, one L-9 frigate is damaged beyond repair. Unable to repair the vessel, the Klingons scuttle it while driving the 331st off. The re-supply freighters inadvertently head directly towards re-enforcing Federation forces and are captured or destroyed.
September 9, 2283 Koloth ask for and receives permission to again assault Taal Tan. Koloth assembles 13 ships for the attack and is able to destroy two Federation frigates and a destroyer, but looses two cruisers and must withdraw with nearly every other Klingon vessel damaged.
September 12, 2283 In a surprise attack on the Gabok system, Captain Kelres is able to defeat the in-system defense ships, but is unable to attack the orbital storage facility. Federation destroyers and frigates respond to the Gabok system, forcing Kelres to withdrawal.
September 17, 2283 Despite disrupting Federation shipping and construction, Admiral K’tam realizes his forces will not be able to capture Gabok, T’vam or Taal Tan, which have now been heavily re-enforced by Federation forces. Admiral K’tam unleashes his forces and orders them to engage “targets of opportunity” while returning to Klingon space.
October 4, 2283 The 378th Cruiser squadron again engages a Klingon battle fleet near T’vam. The Klingons are soundly routed, although the Federation forces are again severely damaged. 9 Klingon vessels are damaged or destroyed.
October 7, 2283 Several minor engagements are fought with the retreating Taal Tan attack force. In a surprising victory for the Klingons, the Deuterium freighter Southwind is captured in tact.
October 15, 2283 Reaching the Neutral Zone, the remaining element of the 171st announce that K’tam is a traitor and attack his command vessel in a documented attempt to draw blame for the operation away from the Empire as a whole. Well aware that he would be the scape goat, K’tam is not aboard his command vessel. Operating the vessel remotely, the cruiser is destroyed by the 171st. K’tam and his crew quietly cross the boarder back into Klingon space.
October 17, 2283
October 22, 2283 K’tam secretly returns to the home world, even as more of his forces return to Klingon space. He is brought before a secret session of the High Council and applauded for his efforts. Although eventually declared a failure, K’tam’s extremely detailed and complex efforts help to draw attention away from an estimated 20 other covert missions within the Federation, including the still unresolved theft of Project Genesis materials. These efforts help balance out the extensive loss of men and material from the offensive it self.
November 4, 2283 The U.S.S. “Tori” (NCC-1725), “Lafayette” (NCC-1720), and “Wasp” (NCC-1721) defeat the Klingon hunter-killers “K’chss” and “K’utuul” at Linze. This substantial increase in Klingon activity leads to the construction of additional frigate-type starships by Star Fleet: the pacifist bloc falling out of favor with the Offensive having shaken the Federation Council
November 22, 2283 Despite support from the High Council, K’tam is brought before the military planning board and spends four days explaining the extensive details, plots and sub-plot associated with the Taal Tan offensive. In the end, he is exonerated of responsibility, but his cunning earns him no friends among the Naval community. Kor speaks on K’tam’s behalf, and he is transferred immediately to the Triangle.
November 27, 2283 With forces drawn from the Triangle to defend Federation interests along the Neutral Zone, K’tam orders his line brother Krovol to invade the Brala system, originally blockaded by the Federation. With only a token defense force available, Brala is quickly occupied. The 100 colonists flee rather than try and defend the outpost. With no further claim, the Empire gain the use of the planet.
December 5, 2283 It quickly becomes apparent that K’tam is again planning for a large scale offensive within the triangle. Fearing that this would draw both the Federation and Romulans into a major conflict, which the Empire could not win, K’tam is placed in charge of training efforts for the imperial navy.
December 10, 2283 The last Klingon vessel to have crossed into Federation space during the Taal Tan offensive return to Klingon territory, having survived seven separate engagements.
December 18, 2283 Realizing he has overstepped his political support, K’tam accepts the posting of Training Commandant, revamping strategy, tactics and training methods through out the empire. He will later die in the attack on Kitomer years later.