Update TIME!

Well – once again a year has gone by and it’s time to let everyone know what we’ve been doing over the past year.

Many folks who come here are already part of our Facebook group or our private chat server…but some folks aren’t. So – like me – you rely on the “update” posts to inform you of when things get updated or added. And like a lot of folks out there who DO web pages…I’m NOTORIOUSLY bad at informing the public what we’ve got going on.

As you scroll through the list of new items and pages below…you’ll see just HOW bad I am at it!

So let’s get started!

Our primary project has been to add in Scenarios…lot and LOTS of them. We’ve spend a lot of time trying to streamline a working process so that we can finally get some stuff moving. We started with The Four-Years War, a list of battles from the Four-Years War supplement by FASA. We’ve managed to finally publish a few, and will most likely spend the rest of the year trying to get more published.

We’ve also gotten started on the Organian Conflict – a list of battles that occur just before the Organians stop the Federation and Klingons from starting yet another war.

And we’ve prepared a dedicated section for Fan submitted scenarios (with out first submission already posted!)

Most folks are more interested in the ships, though. Sadly – there hasn’t been a lot of time for back-story. So I’m afraid a number of these new ships are lacking that fun aspect. But! We’ve definitely got a LOT of new ships for you – so off we go!

The Breen have some new ships, Aidron, Bython, Chel Grett, Plesh Brek, Plesh Tral, Rezreth, Sarr Theln, Sekron, Silos, Suvart and Val. Jump on over to the Breen Confederacy page and take a look.

The Cardassians had a few updates as well, including the Jannisarry, Keldon and Nor class pages.

The Klingons got mostly some quality of life updates, including spreading out the D-10, D-5 and D-6 pages so everything wasn’t so illegible. But we also added the G-4, K-17 and T-22 ships as well.

We were able to add our Tholian pages from our old web site, as well as add in some of the Orion ships from out published Orion Ship Manual. We also added some Kinshaya ship pages to try and get all our old material to the new site and format.

We added a NUMBER of new Independent/Civilian ships to the site. Nearly ALL are from the pre-Four-Years War era. They include the Amberton Class VIII Transport Tug, Balmore Class VIII Transport Tug, Benmohr Class VIII Transport Tug, Brenton Class XI Heavy Freighter / Transport, Class 314 Class XI Luxury Liner, Conestoga Falls Class VII Freighter, Corilla Class VII-VIII Transport Tug, Gregalia Class X Transport Tug, Industria Class IX Transport Tug, Jedmoor Class VII Transport Tug, Joannis Class IX Transport Tug, King Charles Class X Luxury Liner, Lindenhall Class VII Transport Tug, Monarch Class IV-VIII Merchant Vessel, Oskol Class VII Transport Tug, Stanlake Class VII Transport Tug, Tribesman Class VIII Transport Tug, Umtali Class VII Transport Tug and Victoria Class VII Civilian Transport/Cruise Ship.

We also added a new Kzinti page! Only a few ships there at the moment. I’m hoping to find some good artwork to flesh out the felines…but very few artists are doing additions that resemble those from the animated series.

The Romulans got quite a few new ships early on in the year. I’m hoping to add a number of new ships to their Vengeance Fleet (repurposed captured Klingon ships) as well as new ships to their standard fleet.

We decided to name the Dominion ships in preparation for creating Dominion War scenarios in the future. These include Assassin Class XVII Dreadnought, Decimator Class XII Warship, Demolisher Class XIII Cruiser, Destructive Class XIX Heavy Carrier, , Devastator Class XX Battleship, Eliminator Class XVII Battlecruiser, Eradicator Class IX Escort, Executioner Class XVI Dreadnought, Exterminator Class XVIII Dreadnought, Extinguisher Class XI Destroyer, Obliterator Class IX Heavy Escort, Overwhelmer Class XIV Warship, Punisher Class XV Dreadnought Carrier, Slayer Class VII Heavy Raider and Terminator Class XII Light Battlecruiser.

But by far, the largest increase in new ships is with the Federation. We added over 80 new ships (too many to list here) – many geared towards our Four-Years War project.

As we close in on the end of the year, we’ll keep working on our Scenario sections and try to clean up our existing pages to continue to bring you and enjoyable experience and make game play more fun.

Captain Kirk