Yea – ok – an update

As is usually the case, we’ve been doing a bit of stuff to get some new material posted and some things updated. So here is a quick list of stuff we’ve updated:

Bode Class V Scout
D’Kora Class XIV Marauder
Dollond Class X Transport
Doppler Class IX Transport
Gagarin Class V Deep Space Research Scout
Kepler Class IX Transport
Kethkin Class X Transport
L-9 (Saber) Class X Frigate
Liberty Class VII-VIII Freighter
Midway Class VIII-IX Light Cruiser
Niven Class X Light Attack Cruiser
Oberth Class V Research Scout
Pearl Class VI Mobile Repair Facility
Saberhagen Class VI Mobile Defense Substation
Sagan Class V Science Research Vessel
Shepherd Class VII Escort
Z-24 (Viceroy) Class X Siege Ship — Draft

Some books we’ve updated and posted as well:

Federation Starship Recognition Manual III
Federation TNG Officer Manual Ships
Klingon Starship Recognition Manual II

We’re still working on a lot more – just takes time these day. Hope you all enjoy!

Captain Kirk