Update List – Finally

Well! I was finally able to find a plugin that will list updates as I do them. This is immensely helpful as I rarely have time to go in and make a blog post for each update. Especially as I do dozens of updates all the time. There is also now a nice new plug in that will list the updated date at the top of each page rather than waiting for me to have to change it! The good news is that it is automatic! The bad new is that I have to go through and take out my manual update info in EACH page. BUT! Progress is a wonderful (if painful) thing! So from now on – if you’re looking for what might have changed, just click on the “Updates” page and you’ll see our latest.

It IS gonna be a bit – well – jumbled for the next week or two as I make all the corrections needed, but I hope it will be a decent advancement for the site as a whole.

Captain Kirk