Klingon Empire

«Last Updated: June 12, 2016»

Since driving off the Hur’q and reestablishing itself in it’s home system, the Klingon people and their Empire has continued to expand through conquest and force. The Empire’s military forces are built and supported by the great Imperial Houses found across Klingon space. These forces defend the Empire and expand it’s boarders, securing resources and planets to help ensure the continued conquest of space. The Klingon fleet maintains a surprisingly wide range of capabilities in it’s vessels. Despite years of ongoing conflict, the Empire continues to build and maintain a fleet that field a two-to-one or greater margin when compared to it’s neighbors. While the Empires vessels are often not nearly as sophisticated as their rivals, the shear number of vessels available to the Empire guarantees continued expansions and aggression.


T-3 Mover
T-4 Earthquake
T-5 Throne Seeker
T-8 Frontier
T-12 Carrier of Doom


L-13 Dangerous Fat Man
L-20 Swift
L-24 Ever Victorious
L-26 Blockader
L-39 Bloodslayer
L-54 Demon Slayer
L-70 Negh Var
L-73 Choq Batlh
L-90 Heart of Kahless


D-3 HoH’SuS
D-4 Predator
D-6 Devastator
D-7 (Various)
D-9 Seeker
D-10 Riskadh
D-12 K’Vort
D-19 Great Wing
D-20 Death Rite
D-21 D’Ktagh
D-22 Hidden Blade
D-23 Noble Tactician
D-25 Swift Victor
D-27 Bringer of Proclamation
D-29 Devil
D-31 Death Boot
D-32 Stronger Bird
D-33 Tsunami
D-35 Kleeve
D-38 Honored Second
D-39 Shellback
D-44 Mok’ bara
D-48 Face of Flame
D-49 hajwe’Da
D-53 MaQ’Migh
D-59 Fire
D-82 K’Mirra
D-88 War Slayer
D-90 Vorcha


D-2 Stingtoung
D-11 One Wing
D-13 K’T’orr
D-14 Stinger
D-16 Swiftwind
D-17 Strong Wind
D-18 Protector of Brothers
D-24 Bloodwing
D-30 K’Temenry
D-37 Kivord
D-47 Fencer
D-52 Gin’ Tak
D-57 Val’qis
D-67 Scourge
D-111 Deathwing


K-23 Little Killer
K-24 Winner
K-26 Taladtor
K-27 Grim Reaper
K-29 ghop vo FeQ’lar
K-36 Flyer


L-3 Destruction
L-6 Defender
L-9 Saber
L-33 Lancer
L-42 Great Bird
L-50 Bastard


K-3 Kalath
K-4 Enforcer
K-5 Watcher
K-6 Administrator
K-9 Hegh’ Ghop
K-37 Mevak


K-7 Observer
K-14 Pathmaker
K-15 Unseen Creeper
K-17 Deathstalker
K-18 Mavek
K-22 Bird of Prey


K-30 Luckless
K-32 Strong Victor


Z-4 Deathgame


W-2 Koreba
W-4 Speedstar


G-3 Baka Re’
G-8 Traders Game


G-5 Tugboat
G-6 Catapult
G-27 Builder


S-4 Mender
S-5 Healer
S-8 Murph

Starfleet Command Video Game Vessels
Launch Year Class Name Classification Era Links Last Updated
2273 B11 Battleship Battleship TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2257 C5 Light Dreadnought Light Dreadnought TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2273 C7 Heavy Battlecruiser Dreadnought TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2272 C9 Dreadnoughts Dreadnought TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2280 C10 Heavy Dreadnoughts Dreadnought TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2273 D5 War Cruisers Light Cruiser TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2273 D5WL New Command Cruisers (DWC) Command Cruiser TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2241 D6 Heavy Cruisers Cruiser TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2279 AD6 Heavy Escort Cruisers Heavy Escort Cr. TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2240 D7 Battlecruisers Battlecruiser TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2248 F5 Frigate Frigate TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2265 F5W War Destroyers Destroyer TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2279 F5W War Destroyer War Destroyer TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2272 F5 Carrier Light Carrier TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2250 F5 Drone Frigate Missile Frigate TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2264 F5 Commando Frigates Frigate TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2265 F5 Scout Scout TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2274 F5 Escort Escort TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2279 F5Y Carrier Frigate TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2279 F6 Frigates Battle Frigate TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2239 E3 Escort Escort TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2239 E4 Escorts Escort TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2265 E6 Escorts Frigate Escort TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2267 E7 Heavy Escort TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2244 G2 Gunboat TOS HTML 2/15/2015
2244 K-FS Freighters Freighter TOS HTML 2/15/2015