Klingon Empire

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Since driving off the Hur’q and reestablishing itself in it’s home system, the Klingon people and their Empire has continued to expand through conquest and force. The Empire’s military forces are built and supported by the great Imperial Houses found across Klingon space. These forces defend the Empire and expand it’s boarders, securing resources and planets to help ensure the continued conquest of space. The Klingon fleet maintains a surprisingly wide range of capabilities in it’s vessels. Despite years of ongoing conflict, the Empire continues to build and maintain a fleet that field a two-to-one or greater margin when compared to it’s neighbors. While the Empires vessels are often not nearly as sophisticated as their rivals, the shear number of vessels available to the Empire guarantees continued expansions and aggression.

Klingon Ship Recognition Manuals

Klingon ship recognition manuals (KSRM), covers and Master Control Panels (MCP)
FASA IDManualEditionFile TypeLast Update
2301Klingon Starship Recognition Manual3rd EditionPDF11/4/2018
2301-CoverKlingon Starship Recognition Manual Cover3rd EditionPDF11/4/2018
2301-AKlingon Master Control Book 1 - Classic FASA Ships1st EditionPDF5/5/2019
2311Klingon Starship Recognition Manual II2nd EditionPDF9/10/2021


T-1 Invader
T-3 Mover
T-4 Earthquake
T-5 Throne Seeker
T-8 Frontier
T-12 Carrier of Doom


L-13 Dangerous Fat Man
L-14 Saber Bear
L-17 jejtaj
L-20 Swift
L-24 Ever Victorious
L-26 Blockader
L-27 Shadowblade
L-28 Apocalypse
L-39 Bloodslayer
L-54 Demon Slayer
L-70 Negh Var
L-73 Choq Batlh
L-90 Heart of Kahless


D-3 HoH’SuS
D-4 Predator
D-5 Judgement
D-6 Devastator
D-7 (Various)
D-8 Victory
D-9 Seeker
D-10 Riskadh
D-12 K’Vort
D-19 Great Wing
D-20 Death Rite
D-21 D’Ktagh
D-22 Hidden Blade
D-23 Noble Tactician
D-25 Swift Victor
D-27 Bringer of Proclamation
D-28 Deathbird
D-29 Devil
D-31 Death Boot
D-32 Stronger Bird
D-33 Tsunami
D-34 Sentinel
D-35 Kleeve
D-36 Adjudicator
D-38 Honored Second
D-39 Shellback
D-40 Great Sword
D-43 Warhammer
D-44 Mok’ bara
D-45 Brutalizer
D-48 Face of Flame
D-49 hajwe’Da
D-53 MaQ’Migh
D-55 Difficult
D-59 Fire
D-60 Firestorm
D-63 Hammerhead
D-71 ta’yu’egh
D-76 Bringer of Glory
D-77 Bringer of Vengance
D-82 K’Mirra
D-88 War Slayer
D-90 Vor’cha
D-101 H’atoria
D-125 Decimation


D-2 Stingtoung
D-11 One Wing
D-13 K’T’orr
D-14 Stinger
D-16 Swiftwind
D-17 Strong Wind
D-18 Protector of Brothers
D-24 Bloodwing
D-26 Enrager
D-30 K’Temenry
D-37 Kivord
D-41 Nogunda
D-47 Fencer
D-52 Gin’ Tak
D-57 Val’qis
D-67 Scourge
D-111 Deathwing


K-23 Little Killer
K-24 Winner
K-26 Taladtor
K-27 Grim Reaper
K-29 ghop vo FeQ’lar
K-36 Flyer


L-3 Destruction
L-4 Supremacy
L-6 Defender
L-9 Saber
L-21 Kut’luch
L-33 Lancer
L-34 Quiet Service
L-42 Bird of Prey
L-47 Vigilant
L-50 Bastard


K-3 Kalath
K-4 Enforcer
K-5 Watcher
K-6 Administrator
K-9 Hegh’ Ghop
K-33 Lup Nep
K-37 Mevak
K-41 Wolf


K-7 Observer
K-11 Hunter’s Blade
K-14 Pathmaker
K-15 Unseen Creeper
K-17 Deathstalker
K-18 Mavek
K-20 Vanguard
K-22 Bird of Prey
K-31 Bold Journey


K-30 Luckless
K-32 Strong Victor


Z-4 Deathgame


W-2 Koreba
W-4 Speedstar


G-2 Carrier
G-3 Baka Re’
G-7 Warblade Conveyor
G-8 Traders Game
G-17 Summoner


G-1 Freightmaster
G-5 Tugboat
G-6 Catapult
G-9 Bladesmith
G-11 Bull
G-27 Builder


S-4 Mender
S-5 Healer
S-8 Murph

Launch YearClass NameClassificationEraLast Updated
2239T-1 (Invader) Class V Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS13-Jun-18
2247T-3 (Mover) Class VI Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS9-Jun-16
2246T-4 (Earthquake) Class IX Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS23-Oct-17
2261T-5 (Throne Seeker) Class VII Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS13-Jun-16
2241T-8 (Frontier) Class V-VI Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS28-Oct-17
2270T-12 (Carrier of Doom) Class IX-X Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS1-Jul-16
2270L-13 (Dangerous Fat Man) Class IX-XI BattleshipBattleshipTOS5-Jun-17
2263L-14 (Saber Bear) Class VIII-IX BattleshipBattleshipTOS29-Jun-18
2290L-17 (jejtaj) Class XI BattleshipBattleshipTMP30-Jun-18
2273L-20 (Swift) Class X Fast BattleshipBattleshipTMP9-Jun-17
2284L-24 (Ever Victorious) Class XIII-XIV BattleshipBattleshipTMP3-Jul-17
2287L-26 (Blockader) Class IX BattleshipBattleshipTMP7-Sep-17
2256L-27 (Shadowblade) Class XI DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTOS21-Sep-18
2253L-28 (Apocalypse) Class XI-XII BattleshipBattleshipTOS19-Jan-18
2285L-39 (Bloodslayer) Class XI-XII DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTMP20-Jun-17
2328L-54 (Demon Slayer) Class XIII Torpedo BattleshipBattleshipPre-TNG21-Jun-17
2370L-70 (Negh' Var) Class XVII BattleshipBattleshipTNG21-Jun-17
2374L-73 (Choq' Batlh) Class XIV DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTNG21-Jun-17
2372L-90 (Heart of Kahless) Class XV BattleshipBattleshipTNG21-Jun-17
2241D-3 (HoH'SuS) Class VII Light CruiserCruiserTOS27-May-17
2239D-4 (Predator) Class VII CruiserCruiserTOS21-Jun-17
2238D-5 (Judgement) Class VI-VII BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12-Jun-18
2241D-6 (Devastator) Class VII-IX CruiserCruiserTOS12-Apr-16
2243D-7 (Various) Class VII-IX BattlecruiserCruiserTOS9-Oct-17
2239D-8 (Victory) Class VI-VIII BattlecruiserCruiserTOS11-Jun-18
2254D-9 (Seeker) Class VIII Research CruiserCruiserTOS21-Jun-17
2251D-10 (Riskadh) Class VIII-X Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS17-Feb-16
2279D-12 (K'Vort) Class IX-XII CruiserCruiserTMP24-Sep-17
2260D-19 (Great Wing) Class VIII Light CruiserCruiserTOS29-Jul-17
2254D-20 (Death Rite) Class VII Light CruiserCruiserTOS24-Sep-17
2286D-21 (D'Ktagh) Class IX Attack CruiserCruiserTMP11-Oct-17
2250D-22 (Hidden Blade) Class VII Attack CruiserCruiserTOS7-Jun-17
2268D-23 (Noble Tactician) Class VIII Command CruiserCruiserTOS11-Oct-17
2286D-25 (Swift Victor) Class VIII Q-ShipCruiserTMP12-Oct-17
2279D-27 (Bringer of Proclamation) Class VIII Light CruiserCruiserTMP12-Oct-17
2249D-28 (Deathbird) Class VIII BattlecruiserCruiserTOS11-Jun-18
2269D-29 (Devil) Class X Heavy BattlecruiserCruiserTOS16-Oct-17
2286D-31 (Death Boot) Class IX CruiserCruiserTMP21-Oct-17
2279D-32 (Stronger Bird) Class VII CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2302D-33 (Tsunami) Class XII-XIII Escort CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/1/2019
2263D-34 (Sentinel) Class VI-VII Light CruiserCruiserTOS12/1/2019
2289D-35 (Kleeve) Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2263D-36 (Adjudicator) Class VIII Attack CruiserCruiserTOS12/1/2019
2290D-38 (Honored Second) Class XIII Escort CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2294D-39 (Shellback) Class XIV-XV Heavy Armored CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2335D-40 (Great Sword) Class XIV BattlecruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/1/2019
2280D-43 (Warhammer) Class XI Torpedo CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2370D-44 (Mok' bara) Class XIV CruiserCruiserTNG12/1/2019
2256D-45 (Brutalizer) Class X Command CruiserCruiserTOS12/1/2019
2345D-48 (Face of Flame) Class XIV BattlecruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/1/2019
2290D-49 (hajwe'Da) Class XI CruiserCruiserTMP6/25/2018
2293D-53 (MaQ' Migh) Class IX CruiserCruiserTMP10/21/2017
2249D-55 (Difficult) Class X-XI Heavy BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12/1/2019
2306D-59 (Fire) Class XII-XIII CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/1/2019
2254D-60 (Firestorm) Class IX Auxiliary CruiserCruiserTOS12/1/2019
2284D-63 (Hammerhead) Class X Exploration CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2336D-71 (ta'yu'egh) Class XI Strike CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/1/2019
2290D-76 (Bringer of Glory) Class XII CruiserCruiserTMP12/1/2019
2243D-77 (Bringer of Vengance) Class X BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12/1/2019
2360D-82 (K'Mirra) Class XIV Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/1/2019
2378D-88 (War Slayer) Class XIV CruiserCruiserTNG9/24/2018
2357D-90 (Vor'cha) Class XIV Attack CruiserCruiserPre-TNG10/23/2017
2241D-101 (H'atoria) Class IX Armored CruiserCruiserTOS23-Oct-17
2247D-125 (Decimation) Class VIII-X Troop CruiserCruiserTOS5-Dec-17
2269D-2 (Stingtoung) Class VI Missile DestroyerDestroyerTOS7-Jun-18
2262D-11 (One Wing) Class VI-VII Destroyer FrigateDestroyerTOS14-Sep-18
2270D-13 (K'T'orr) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2271D-14 (Stinger) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/1/2019
2245D-16 (Swiftwind) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2254D-17 (Strong Wind) Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2258D-18 (Protector of Brothers) Class VII-IX Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2287D-24 (Bloodwing) Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/1/2019
2241D-26 (Enrager) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2267D-30 (K'Temenry) Class VIII-IX DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2242D-37 (Kivord) Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2271D-41 (Nogunda) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/1/2019
2287D-47 (Fencer) Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/1/2019
2351D-52 (Gin' Tak) Class X DestroyerDestroyerPre-TNG12/1/2019
2289D-57 (Val'qis) Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/1/2019
2241D-67 (Scourge) Class V DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/1/2019
2345D-111 (Deathwing) Class X Heavy DestroyerDestroyerPre-TNG12/1/2019
2254K-23 (Little Killer) Class VI-VII EscortEscortTOS12/1/2019
2269K-24 (Winner) Class VII EscortEscortTOS12/1/2019
2259K-26 (Taladtor) Class VII EscortEscortTOS12/1/2019
2271K-27 (Grim Reaper) Class VI EscortEscortTMP12/1/2019
2281K-29 (ghop vo FeQ' lar) Class VII Heavy EscortEscortTMP12/1/2019
2288K-36 (Flyer) Class VII EscortEscortTMP12/1/2019
2244L-3 (Destruction) Class VII FrigateFrigateTOS12/1/2019
2255L-4 (Supremacy) Class X Siege ShipFrigateTOS12/1/2019
2249L-6 (Defender) Class VIII-IX FrigateFrigateTOS12/1/2019
2270L-9 (Saber) Class X FrigateFrigateTOS12/1/2019
2267L-21 (Kut'luch) Class VII FrigateFrigateTOS12/1/2019
2287L-33 (Lancer) Class VII FrigateFrigateTMP12/1/2019
2275L-34 (Quiet Service) Class X Strategic FrigateFrigateTMP12/1/2019
2281L-42 (Bird of Prey) Class IX-X FrigateFrigateTMP12/1/2019
2287L-47 (Vigilant) Class VIII FrigateFrigateTMP12/1/2019
2288L-50 (Bastard) Class XIXII FrigateFrigateTMP12/1/2019
2246K-3 (Kalath) Class II GunboatGunboatTOS12/1/2019
2269K-4 (Enforcer) Class II GunboatGunboatTOS12/1/2019
2267K-5 (Watcher) Class II-III GunboatGunboatTOS12/1/2019
2269K-6 (Administrator) Class III-IV GunboatGunboatTOS12/1/2019
2237K-9 (Hegh' Ghop) Class V Hunter KillerGunboatTOS12/1/2019
2265K-33 (Lup Nep) Class VI Diplomatic CourierCorvetteTOS12/1/2019
2246K-37 (Mevak) Class IV Hunter-KillerGunboatTOS12/1/2019
2277K-41 (Wolf) Class III-IV Heavy CorvetteCorvetteTMP12/1/2019
2234K-7 (Observer) Class IV ScoutScoutTOS12/1/2019
2250K-11 (Hunter's Blade) Class V ScoutScoutTOS12/1/2019
2260K-14 (Pathmaker) Class IV ScoutScoutTOS12/1/2019
2261K-15 (Unseen Creeper) Class IV-V ScoutScoutTOS12/1/2019
2245K-17 (Deathstalker) Class III ScoutScoutTOS12/1/2019
2364K-18 (Mavek) Class VI ScoutScoutPre-TNG12/1/2019
2288K-20 (Vanguard) Class VII Heavy ScoutScoutTMP12/1/2019
2274K-22 (Bird of Prey) Class V-VI ScoutScoutTMP12/1/2019
2263K-31 (Bold Journey) Class VII Scout CruiserScoutTOS12/1/2019
2247K-30 (Luckless) Class IV MonitorMonitorTOS12/1/2019
2258K-32 (Strong Victor) Class IV MonitorMonitorTOS12/1/2019
2246Z-4 (Deathgame) Defense OutpostStationTOS1/19/2021
2247W-2 (Koreba) Class II-III Warp ShuttleShuttleTOS12/1/2019
2269W-4 (Speedstar ) Class III Warp ShuttleShuttleTOS12/1/2019
2238G-2 (Carrier) Class IV FreighterFreighterTOS12/1/2019
2262G-3 (Baka Re') Class VII-VIII FreighterFreighterTOS12/1/2019
2249G-7 (Warblade Conveyor) Class VIII FreighterFreighterTOS12/1/2019
2252G-8 (Traders Game) Class IV FreighterFreighterTOS12/1/2019
2249G-17 (Summoner) Class VII Q-ShipFreighterTOS12/1/2019
2239G-1 (Freightmaster) Class IV FreighterTransportTOS12/1/2019
2268G-5 (Tugboat) Class VIII TransportTransportTOS12/1/2019
2270G-6 (Catapult) Class VIII TransportTransportTOS12/1/2019
2249G-9 (Bladesmith) Class VI Battle BargeTransportTOS12/1/2019
2265G-11 (Bull) Class VII FreighterTransportTOS12/1/2019
2294G-27 (Builder) Class XII Construction ShipTransportTMP12/1/2019
2264S-4 Mender Class VI-VII Repair TenderTenderTOS12/1/2019
2263S-5 Healer Class IV Repair TenderTenderTOS12/1/2019
2269S-8 Murph Class VI Repair TenderTenderTOS12/1/2019