Starship Designations

Race Des. Name Source SFB Designation
Klingon D-2 Stingtoung FASA
Klingon D-4 Predator FASA
Klingon D-5 Relentless SFB K-D5, K-D5C, K-D5S, K-D5D, K-D5E, K-D5G, K-D5V, K-D5F, K-D5K, K-D5Y, K-D5L, K-D5W, K-AD5
Klingon D-6 Devistator SFB K-D6, K-D6G, K-D6D, K-D6S, K-D6B, K-D6V, K-D6DB, K-D6M, K-D6GB, K-D6SB, K-D6VK, K-D6MK, K-D6K
Klingon D-7 Various FASA K-D7, K-D7B, K-D7C, K-D7D, K-D7K, K-D7L, K-D7N, K-D7T, K-D7V, K-D7VK, K-D7W, K-FD7, K-FD7K
Klingon D-8 Serpent FASA
Klingon D-9 Seeker FASA
Klingon D-10 Riskadh FASA
Klingon D-11 One Wing FASA
Klingon D-12 K’Vort Paramount
Klingon D-13 K’T’Orr STSTCS
Klingon D-14 Stinger FASA
Klingon D-15 Warrior SFB K-FWC, K-FWL, K-FWK
Klingon D-16 Swiftwind FASA
Klingon D-18 Protector of Brothers FASA
Klingon D-19 Great Wing STSTCS
Klingon D-20 Death Rite FASA
Klingon D-21 Daktag FASA
Klingon D-23 Overseerer FASA
Klingon D-24 Bloodwing SFC K-XDD, K-XDG
Klingon D-25 Swift Victor STSTCS
Klingon D-28 Deathbird FASA
Klingon D-30 K’Teremny STSTCS
Klingon D-31 Death Boot FASA D-12
Klingon D-32 Bird of Prey FASA
Klingon D-33 Dominator SFB K-DWC
Klingon D-35 Kleeve SFC K-XCA, K-XCF, K-XCB
Klingon D-36 Eradicator SFB K-AD6, K-AD6K
Klingon D-41 Revenge SFB/SFC K-RKL, K-RKLY
Klingon D-44 Mok’bara Battleclinic
Klingon D-45 Repulsor Unknown Source
Klingon D-48 Qul’Qab Battleclinic
Klingon D-49 Hajwe’ Da Battleclinic
Klingon D-53 Hunters Spear Battleclinic
Klingon D-57 Val’qis Battleclinic
Klingon D-59 BaQ Battleclinic
Klingon D-82 K’Mirra FASA
Klingon D-88 veS HohwI’ Battleclinic
Klingon D-90 Vor’cha STSTCS
Klingon D-91 Fel Vo Ka Battleclinic
Klingon G-2 Carrier SFB K-FSML, K-FSDr, K-FSPh, K-FSDr
Klingon G-3 Baka Re FASA
Klingon G-4 Hauler SFB K-FLRG, K-FLPh, K-FLDr, K-FLDs
Klingon G-5 Tugboat FASA
Klingon G-6 Catapault FASA
Klingon G-8 Traders Game FASA
Klingon G-13 Misleader SFB K-FQS
Klingon G-15 Swindler SFB K-FQL
Klingon G-27 Builder Battleclinic
Klingon K-2 SFB K-G2, K-G2C
Klingon K-3 Kalath FASA K-3
Klingon K-4 Enforcer FASA K-4
Klingon K-5 Watcher FASA K-5
Klingon K-6 Adminitrator FASA K-6
Klingon K-12 Raptor STSTCS
Klingon K-13 Nomad SFB K-E3, K-E3D, K-E3E, K-E3DR, K-E3Y
Klingon K-14 Pathmaker FASA K-14
Klingon K-15 Unseen Creeper FASA K-15
Klingon K-16 Korgal SFB K-E6
Klingon K-17 Deathstalker FASA K-17
Klingon K-18 Maveq Battleclinic K-18
Klingon K-22 Bird of Prey FASA K-22
Klingon K-23 Little Killer FASA K-23
Klingon K-24 Winner FASA K-24
Klingon K-26 FASA K-26
Klingon K-27 Grim Reaper FASA K-27
Klingon K-29 Hand of Fek’lar STSTCS
Klingon K-30 Luckless FASA K-30
Klingon K-32 Stong Victor FASA K-32
Klingon K-37 Bringer of Revenge SFB K-E7
Klingon K-45 Exorcism SFB K-E5, K-E5K
Klingon K-50 Investigator SFB K-XSC
Klingon L-5 Audacious SFB K-C5, K-C5B, K-C5K
Klingon L-6 Defender FASA
Klingon L-7 Decimator SFB K-C7, K-C7V
Klingon L-8 Terror SFB K-C8, K-C8B, K-C8V, K-C8K, K-C8VK
Klingon L-9 Saber FASA
Klingon L-10 Invincible SFB K-B10, K-B10V, K-B10K
Klingon L-11 Incomparable SFB K-B11K, K-B11V
Klingon L-13 Dangrous Fat Man FASA
Klingon L-15 Fury SFB K-F5, K-F5D, K-F5C, K-F5G, K-F5V, K-F5B, K-F5GB, K-F5EK, K-F5E, K-F5VK, K-F5K, K-F5L, K-F5W
Klingon L-16 Valor SFB K-F6
Klingon L-19 Victory SFB K-C9, K-C9B, K-C9K
Klingon L-20 Swift FASA
Klingon L-24 Ever Victorious FASA
Klingon L-30 Indomitible SFB K-C10K
Klingon L-34 Guardian SFB K-E4, K-E4G, K-E4B, K-E4GB, K-E4E, K-E4V, K-E4Y, K-E4VK, K-E4EB, K-E4D, K-E4K
Klingon L-39 Bloodslayer Battleclinic
Klingon L-42 Bird of Prey FASA
Klingon L-50 Bastard Brad T.
Klingon L-60 Demolisher SFB K-XFE, K-XFG, K-XFF
Klingon L-73 ChoqBatlh Battleclinic
Klingon L-90 Heart of Kahless Battleclinic
Klingon S-4 Mender FASA
Klingon S-5 Healer FASA
Klingon S-8 MRF FASA
Klingon T-3 Mover FASA
Klingon T-5 Throne Seaker FASA
Klingon T-8 Frontier FASA
Klingon T-12 Carrier of Doom FASA
Klingon T-28 Carrier of Fire SFB K-AXLC
Klingon T-31 Carrier of Flame SFB K-AXSC
Klingon W-2 Kobera FASA
Klingon W-4 Speedstar FASA
Klingon Z-2 Warshield SFB K-DEF
Klingon Z-3 Dictator SFB K-SB, K-SB+, K-SBS, K-SBF+, K-SBFR, K-SBR, K-SBZ, K-SBX  ,
Klingon Z-4 Deathgame FASA
Klingon Z-5 Watchtower SFB K-LP
Klingon Z-6 Forbidder SFB K-BS, K-BS+, K-BSFR, K-BSF+, K-BSR
Klingon Z-10 War Cloak SFB K-BATS, K-BATS+, K-BATSR
Klingon Z-11 Shieldwall SFB K-BTSF+, K-BTSFR
Romulan Graceful Flyer FASA
Romulan Preator’s Hand SFC R-AxPFT
Romulan Talon SFC R-CH
Romulan Centurion’s Hand SFC R-KDP
Romulan Little Nest FASA
Romulan Senator’s Hand SFC R-KRP
Romulan Cohort SFC R-SKC
Romulan RefurbisheR SFC R-SPE
Romulan Nestar FASA
Romulan Preator FASA
Romulan Ras Lovah FASA
Romulan Graffler FASA
Romulan Vespin FASA
Romulan Starlifter FASA
Romulan Baydron FASA
Romulan Moorabbin FASA
Romulan Centurion SFC R-SNA, R-SNAR
Romulan Seahawk SFC R-SEA
Romulan Wing of Justice FASA
Romulan Bird of prey SFC R-K5R, R-K5RB
Romulan Battle Snipe SFC R-SNB, R-SNBP, R-SNE
Romulan Night Wing FASA
Romulan Night Heron SFC R-COH, R-COHR
Romulan Bayhawk SFC R-SED
Romulan Night Blade SFC R-KFR
Romulan Covehawk SFC R-SEG
Romulan Ravenheart SFC R-K5L, R-K5LB
Romulan Riverhawk SFC R-SEC
Romulan Swifthawk SFC R-XFE
Romulan Lakehawk SFC R-SEL
Romulan Griffon SFC R-XFF
Romulan Whiteraven SFC R-XFP
Romulan Mandukam FASA
Romulan Ranjamar FASA
Romulan Caladan FASA
Romulan Centurion SFC Centurion PF, Centurion PF
Romulan Centurion SFC Centurion PF
Romulan Guardian SFC R-SNP, R-SNP+
Romulan Deathsting FASA
Romulan Comilus
Romulan Cohort SFC Centurion PF Leader
Romulan Great Defender FASA
Romulan Protector FASA
Romulan Legion SFC R-BHE
Romulan Mularr FASA
Romulan Retaliator SFC R-K5D
Romulan Windrider
Romulan Stellarhawk SFC R-SKE
Romulan Raven SFC R-K4D, R-K4R, R-K4RB
Romulan Watcher SFC R-SE, R-SER
Romulan Free Flight FASA
Romulan Swift Wing FASA
Romulan Ranger SFC R-K5S, R-K5SB
Romulan Nightwatcher SFC R-SKF
Romulan Wind Carrier FASA
Romulan Bird of Prey FASA
Romulan Hawk’s Eye SFC Centurion PF Scout
Romulan SFC R-XSC
Romulan Death Talon FASA
Romulan Skyhawk SFC R-SKG, R-SKA
Romulan Fire Swarm FASA
Romulan Battlehawk SFC R-BH, R-BHR
Romulan Starhawk SFC R-SKL
Romulan Bright One FASA
Romulan Osprey SFC R-XDD
Romulan Wind of Revenge STSTCS
Romulan Whitehawk SFC R-XDP
Romulan Greyhawk
Romulan Deathwing
Romulan Starglider FASA
Romulan Hunter FASA
Romulan Warbird SFC R-WB+
Romulan Wing of Vengance FASA
Romulan Skyfire FASA
Romulan Gallant Wing FASA
Romulan Whitewind FASA
Romulan Bird of Prey FASA
Romulan Night Flyer FASA
Romulan Stormbird SFC R-K7R, R-K7RB
Romulan Stormbird FASA
Romulan King Eagle SFC R-KE
Romulan Winged Assailiant SFC R-KRG, R-KRGB
Romulan Whitehawk SFC R-SPC, R-SPC+
Romulan War Eagle SFC R-WE, R-WER
Romulan Savant STSTCS
Romulan Starhawk STSTCS
Romulan Sparrowhawk SFC R-SPA, R-SPA+
Romulan Stellar Wind STSTCS
Romulan Star Seeker FASA
Romulan Vespral Hawk SFC R-SPF, R-SPF+
Romulan Royalhawk SFC R-RHK
Romulan Huntress STSTCS
Romulan Greater Bird FASA
Romulan Flamehawk SFC R-FHF
Romulan Firewing STSTCS
Romulan Comet of Destruction FASA
Romulan Firehawk SFC R-FHA, R-FHK
Romulan Warhawk STSTCS
Romulan Winged Defender FASA
Romulan Killerhawk SFC R-KHK
Romulan Thunderbird Brad T.
Romulan Novahawk SFC R-NHK, R-NHX
Romulan Conquror SFC R-KRC, R-KRCS
Romulan Silverhawk SFC R-KR, R-KRB
Romulan Winged Seeker SFC R-KRE, R-KREB
Romulan Stellarhawk SFC R-SPG, R-SPG+
Romulan Nightglider SFC R-KRM, R-KRMB
Romulan Regal Hawk SFC R-RGK
Romulan Stormwing SFC R-KCR
Romulan Falcon SFC R-FAL
Romulan Thunderhawk SFC R-SPJ
Romulan Pyre
Romulan Blackhawk SFC R-SPM
Romulan Fasthawk SFC R-SPZ
Romulan Superhawk SFC R-SUA
Romulan Shadowhawk SFC R-KDR
Romulan Nightwing SFC R-SPL, R-SPL+
Romulan Longsword STSTCS
Romulan Warblade SFC R-XCA
Romulan Warbow SFC R-XCB
Romulan Warhammer SFC R-XCF
Romulan D’Deridex STSTCS
Romulan Hathos
Romulan Algeron
Romulan Rath
Romulan Avian
Romulan Shadowheron SFC R-CE
Romulan Hawk’s Nest SFC R-SB, R-SB+, R-SBR, R-SBX
Romulan Talon’s Rook SFC R-BATS, R-BATS+, R-BATSR,
Romulan Aviary FASA
Romulan Hawk’s Tower SFC R-SBP+, R-SBPR, R-SBZ
Romulan Talon Shield SFC R-SBP+, R-SBPR, R-SBZ
Romulan Distant Voice SFC R-LP
Romulan Shield of Romulus SFC R-BSP+, R-BSPR, R-BTSP+, R-BTSPR
Romulan Nova FASA
Romulan King Vulture SFC R-KVL
Romulan Preator SFC R-PRA
Romulan Condor SFC R-CON, R-CON+
Romulan King Condor SFC R-KCN
Romulan Collosus SFC R-ROC, R-ROCF
Romulan Behemouth SFC R-K9R, R-K9RB
Romulan inserperable SFC R-K10R
Romulan Vengance SFC R-K9RH
Romulan SFC DEF
Romulan SFC FLPh
Romulan SFC FLPL
Romulan SFC FLRG
Romulan SFC FQL
Romulan SFC FQS
Romulan SFC FSML
Romulan SFC FSPh
Romulan SFC FSPL
Romulan SFC INT

Notes: As can be imagined, keeping track of ALL the various ship and their designations in the Star Trek universe is a nearly impossible task. To date – no one (including the STSTCS) has been able to completely successfully create a workable chart that includes all the data from all the dozens of official and unofficial sources. Above is our meager attempt for the STSTCS’ little slice of the Star Trek universe.

The list includes a wide range of designations – from FASA to Paramount to contributions by you, the STSTCS member. The hardest part has been making decisions and changing some designations to fit the FASA universe. (Most notable of these are the re-designation of the Star Fleet Battles/Star Fleet Command universe ships – many of which make great cross-over vessels.) Our primary concern with this list is incorporating as many vessels as possible into the FASA universe. To do this successfully, the following “rules” were applied.

First and fore most – official designations from Paramount were chosen even over FASA designations. Fortunately, few difficulties arose from this process – but the D-12 is the most notable. The original FASA D-12 was listed as the Death Boot. Paramount eventually declared an older K’Vort cruiser design as the “D-12.” The FASA D-12 was renumbered as the D-31. The next biggest (and most controversial) set of decisions was the SFB/SFC designations. Star Fleet Battles (and its subsequent video game spin off – Star Fleet Command) used it’s own designation system, somewhat similar to the FASA system. At first glance, the two seem interchangeable, but the systems soon become incompatible. The SFB system uses model designations to reflect the primary mission of a given ship. The “un-cool” nature of some designations also became somewhat of an issue, all be it a fairly vain issue. The SFB Romulans especially were a concern as SFB used the Federation designation for the Romulan ships, rather than FASA’s “translation” type naming scheme. While some would argue that this changes the nature of the names – it remains the STSTCS’ prerogative to re-designate these ships and names, as well as assign FASA classifications to the given ships. Lastly, priority was given to the Star Trek FASA community’s designs and input. In several cases, ships were well established and their designations were used rather than changed. Other sources were changed to include the “Fan” based designs.

While this list is still incomplete and should be considered FASA-centric, it will hopefully give many a place to design and expand their creativity by making their very on ships a part of the larger community. As new designs are created by both fans and other sources, the list will continue to grow and expand. We also hope to increase the “detail” listed here to include more individual names and web sites for new designs and those already listed above. In the mean time – enjoy this list. And if you have any questions about it – please feel free to bring them up on-line.