Gathering the Updates

I just realized that my last real “list” of updates was in JUNE of last year! So ya know what! It’s about time for a list….YEA!!!

There are two new(ish) books out…a reproduction (with corrections) of the 2nd edition of the Klingon Recognition Manual…along with a Master Control Panel book for the classic FASA Klingon ships…

2301 Klingon Starship Recognition Manual – 2nd Edition (Corrections)
2301 Klingon Starship Recognition Manual – 2nd Edition Full Cover
2303-B Klingon Master Control Book 1 – Classic FASA Ships

And then there are all the new and updated individual ship pages. (sorry – I don’t have time to link all these pages – but you can find the Federation here and the Klingons here.) All the ships on this list have been transferred from the old site with a large number of them having new versions or updates to their data.

Akira Class XV Missile Cruiser
Albedo Class IX Carrier
Ambassador Class XVI Heavy Cruiser
Angureria Class V Hospital Ship
Annaxagoras Class XII Heavy Transport
Anton Class X Research Cruiser
Anubus Class VIII Scout
Apache II Class X Heavy Destroyer
Aparri Class IX Scout Cruiser
Apollo Class XI Cruiser
Apollo II Class XI Cruiser
Aravaipa Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Arbiter Class VI Perimeter Action Ship
Arc De Triumph Class XI Fire Support Cruiser
Archangel Class XIII Shuttle Carrier
Ardent Class X Light Frigate
Argon Class III Medium Commercial Transport
Ariel Class XVI Supercarrier
Arion Class XI Stellar Cartography Cruiser
Arminius Class VIII Corvette
Ashanti Class XIII Heavy Cruiser
Asmodeus Class IV Corvette
Atsugi Class IX Perimeter Action Ship
Audacious Class IX Frigate
Avenger Class XI Heavy Frigate
Avenger II Class XIII Heavy Frigate
Babcock Class XI Frigate
Bader Class VIII Scout
Baker Class IX Destroyer
Barton Class X Hospital Ship
Bearclaw Class IV Cutter
Behemoth Class IX Destroyer
Belfast Class VIII Medium Cruiser
Belknap Class X Strike Cruiser
Bismark Sea Class XII Cruiser
Bonaventure II Class XII Heavy Frigate
Bonhomme Richard Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Boston Class XI Strike Cruiser
Bradbury Class XII Frigate
Bragg Class IX Frigate
Brenton Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Bristol Class X Light Cruiser
Brownwood Class XII Assault Transport Tug
Bunker Hill Class VIII Light Assault Cruiser
Caen Class VIII Light Cruiser
Caiman Class XII Fire Support Cruiser
Canis Minor Class VIII Fast Frigate
Canopus Class VIII Exploration Cruiser
Cassard Class VI Missile Destroyer
Catchon Class IX Interceptor
Centaur Class XII Frigate
Cerberus Class VIII Light Destroyer
Challenger II Class XIII Cruiser
Chameleon Class I Scout/Trader
Chandley Class XI Frigate
Charger Class VIII Destroyer
Cheetah Class X Fast Cruiser
Cheyene Class XIV Cruiser
Chimera Class XIV Cruiser
Chinook Class X Transport
Chuch Yeager Class XIV Cruiser
Churchill Class XI Frigate
Clark Class IV Clipper
Cle Dan Class VI Repair Tender
Clemenceau Class XIV Carrier
Cochrane Class VI Colonial Transport
Coeur de Lion Class XIV Heavy Battleship
Columbus Class X Exploration Cruiser
Comanche Class XIII Assault Frigate
Comanchero Class XII Long Range Cruiser
Commencement Bay Class IX Light Cruiser
Concorde II Class XV Heavy Cruiser
Conquest Class XIII Dreadnought
Constant Class X Battlecruiser
Constellation Class XIV Star Cruiser
Constitution Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Constitution II Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Continent Class IX Assault Ship
Coronado Class XI Through Deck Cruiser
Coventry Class X Frigate
Crosby Class X Research Cruiser
Curie Class X Research Cruiser
Curnow Class XIV Tactical Cruiser
Curry Class XIII Carrier
Cutlass Class XII Fast Attack Cruiser
Cyane Class XI Heavy Frigate
Cygnus Class VII Courier/Command Ship
Dahlgren Class XII Exploratory Cruiser
Dakota Class XV Shuttle Carrier
Daran Class IX Fast Frigate
Dauphin Class V Cutter
Davenport Class VIII Heavy Corvette
Defender Class X Light Cruiser
Defense Class XI Mine Layer
Defiant Class XI Escort
Deneva Class V Freighter
Derf Class IX Tender
Diplomacy Class XIV Diplomatic Cruiser
Discovery Class VIII Scout
Dupleix Class VIII Perimeter Action Ship
Durance Class VI Escort
Durrett Class VIII Light Cruiser
Edwards Class XI Exploratory Cruiser
Einstein Class XII Time Slip Cruiser
Endeavor Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Endurance Class XI Exploration Frigate
Enjyo Class IX Destroyer
Enterprise II Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Epsilon Class III Cutter
Excelsior Class XIII-XIV Heavy Cruiser
Exhaltus Class XI Scout
Exultant Class X Frigate
Federation Class XIV Dreadnought
Federation II Class XIV Dreadnought
Fenlon Class V Monitor
Fernandez Class V-VI Transport
Finder Class V Corvette
Firestone Class XIII Battlecruiser
Fitzgerald Class VI Communication Ship
Francisco Class VII Interceptor
Franke Class IX Fast Response Cruiser
Frankfurt Class X Heavy Destroyer
Freedom Class X Scout
Fregata Class VIII Frigate
Furig-to Class VI Perimeter Action Vessel
Ganamyde Class IX Heavy Scout
Genser Class IV Escort
Getteysburg Class IX Destroyer
Grayson Class V Repair Tender`
Greer Class III Corsair
Gregory Class IX Exploration Cruiser
Grenede Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Griffon Class VIII Escort
Guam Class XIII Through Deck Carrier
Guarani Class X Heavy Escort Cruiser
Guardsman Class VIII Battle Destroyer
Hamorobi Class XII Scout Cruiser
Hartford Class IX Exploratory Cruiser
Harvard Class VI Duterium Tanker
Hatfield Class XIV Command Cruiser
Hellion Class XI Heavy Destroyer
Hermes Class VII Scout
Hippocrates Class XI Medical Frigate
Hollingsworth Class XI Penetration Cruiser
Holzer Class XI Strike Cruiser
Huston II Class VII Scout
Hyperion III Class VI Light Cruiser
Illustrious Class XII Fast Cruiser
Immaculata Class II Luxury Yacht
Indefatigable Class X Heavy Escort
Indestructable Class XIII Battleship
Indomitable Class XII Battleship
Intrepid Class XI Cruiser
Ireland Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Istanbul II Class X Transport
Iverson Class IX Cruiser
Jester Class IV Corvette
Joshua II Class XII Long Range Scout
Joshua Paul Class XIII Heavy Frigate
K’Kmarak Class VI Research Vessel
Kagemusha Class VI Scout
Kane Class VIII Battle Destroyer
Karekh Class II Explorer
Katana Class XIII Heavy Cruiser
Keith Class VI Scout
Kestral Class IX Superscout
Kiev Class XI Frigate
Knox Class IX Frigate
Kodiak Class XVI Battleship
Komatsu Class XII Exploratory Cruiser
Korolev Class XIV Frigate
Koumori Class VIII Mine Sweeper
Krivosk Class XI Scout
Lafayette Class VIII Research Cruiser
Lancelot Class XIV Light Dreadnought
Lancer Class IX Light Frigate
Larson Class VII Destroyer/Escort
Leavenworth Class XII Frigate
Lenthal Class IX Destroyer
Lim Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Little Big Horn Class VI Heavy Corvette
Lobo Class XV Carrier
Loki Class X Destroyer
Loknar Class VIII-X Fast Frigate
Lynch Class VII Light Destroyer
M’Benga Class VIII Hospital Ship
Maguellanes Class XI Escort Cruiser
Maine Class IX Cruiser
Marco Polo Class XI Tactical Cruiser
Marklin Class VI Destroyer
Maxwell Class XI Strike Cruiser
Mediterranean Class X Transport Cruiser
Menahga Class X Battlecruiser
Metcalf Class XII Battlecruiser
Michael Adams Class XI Scout
Milton Class XI Light Frigate
Miranda Class XI Cruiser
Mission Class II Commercial Transport
Mogami Class XI Cruiser
Monoceros Class VII Scout
Moscow Class X Scout
Murphy Class XII Tactical Frigate
Nebula Class XV Heavy Cruiser
Nelson Class VII Scout
New Orleans Class XIV Frigate
Niagara Class XIV Light Dreadnought
Nichter Class XV Dreadnought
Nilron Class V Commercial Transport
Normandy Beach Class X Light Cruiser
Northampton Class X Frigate
Norway Class XI Medium Cruiser
Oberaudorf Class XII Fast Cruiser
Orca Class IV Gunboat
Overlord Class XIII Heavy Battlecruiser
Peacemaker Class XVI Dreadnought
Pegasui Class X Through Deck Cruiser
Pegasus Class X Cruiser
Pense Class IX Long Range Destroyer
Phantom Class IX Superscout
Pharris Class IX Fast Frigate
Pleaides Class X Survey Cruiser
Podesti Class X Light Cruiser
Pompeii Class VI Destroyer
Portsmith Class IV Light Destroyer
Prometheus Class Escort Cruiser
Ptolemy Class IX Transport
R-1 Administrator Orbital Administrative Center
R-1 Artisan Orbital Manufacturing Center
R-1 Harmony R&R Station
R-1 Informant Deep Space Surveillance Station
R-1 Investigator Research Station
R-1 Invictus Orbital Defense Outpost
R-1 Mercy Orbital Medical Center
R-1 Terminus Orbital Penal Installation
Ranger Class V-VI Light Scout
Ranger II Class X Light Cruiser
Remington Class XIII Cruiser
Remora Class VI-VII Escort
Richthofen Class VIII Patrol Cruiser
Roosevelt Class X Fast Cruiser
Rosenweig Class X Attack Cruiser
Rothwell Class XI Light Cruiser
S’Harien Class X Cruiser
Samson Class X Transport/Tug
San Juan Class XIII Light Cruiser
Sawyer Class III Scout
Scimitar Class IX Fast Destroyer
Scorpio Class II Corvette
Scylla Class VI Scout
Sergey Kirov Class IX Destroyer
Shanks Class IX Light Cruiser
Solar Class III Cutter
Solaris Class XIII Cruiser
Solomon Juneau Class VIII Carrier
Sovereign Class XVI Heavy Cruiser
Sovreixy Class XV Cruiser
Soyuz Class XII Assault Frigate
Springfield Class XIV Frigate
Star League Class XIV Dreadnought
Starstalker Class XII Patrol Cruiser
Sterling Class XII Scout
Sune Ku Class XII Light Cruiser
Suriname Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Surya Class IX-X Frigate
Swiften Class IX Fast Destroyer
Tangent Class IX Destroyer
Thruxton Class X Tactical Cruiser
Thufir Class VIII-IX Destroyer
Thunderbolt Class IX Fast Destroyer
Ticonderoga Class X Medium Cruiser
Tikopai I Class XI Supplemental Cruiser
Tikopai II Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Timmerman Class XI Carrier
Tokyo Class VI Light Destroyer
Trojan Class XIII Troop Transport
Truver Class XI Strike Cruiser
Tyrannis Class IX Research Cruiser
Valor Class XII Strike Cruiser
Vanguard Class XII Scout
Vaugondy Class XII Fire Support Cruiser
Warlord Class IX Heavy Destroyer
Wilkerson Class VIII Destroyer

D-125 (Decimation) Class VIII-X Troop Cruiser
D-26 (Enrager) Class VI Destoyer
D-39 (Shellback) Class XIV-XV Heavy Armored Cruiser
D-56 (Warspite) Class X Heavy Cruiser
D-77 (Bringer of Vengeance) Class X Battlecruiser
G-1 (Freightmaster) Class IV Light Transport
G-17 (Summoner) Class VII Q-Ship
G-2 (Carrier) Class IV Freighter
G-7 (Warblade Conveyor) Class VIII Freighter
G-9 (Bladesmith) Class VI Battle Barge
K-21 (Harasser) Class VI-VII Heavy Corvette
K-8 (Dark Wing) Class IV Gunboat
L-27 (Shadowblade) Class XI Dreadnought
L-34 (Quiet Service) Class X Strategic Frigate
L-4 (Supremacy) Class X Siege Ship
T-7 (Prohibiter) Class IX Carrier

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