Time for another one of those BLOCK ROCKIN BEATS!

New year – time to point out what we got done round here!

I won’t give you a boring list of the things I’m working on…until their finished – they’re just teasers! And the only thing more frustrating than no update – is a list of things that’ll get updated some day!

Most of the updates come from the addition of Gorn ships – accessible on the Gorn page; some new Romulan ships – accessible on the Romulan page, a new group of Romulan ships called the Vengeance Fleet – they have their own page, and a Klingon or two.

We’ve also published the Romulan Starship Recognition Manual II, along with the Master Control Panel Book for the RSRM 1 and 2.

The list of actual ships is below…don’t know who wants to go through it – but there it is. ENJOY!

BH-3 (S’lasssar) Class XIII Battleship
BH-4 (S’lasssar) Class XIII Battleship
BH-9 (Hh’sszarhk) Class XIII Battleship
BI-10 (G’aahrk) Class XVI Dreadnought
CB-17 (Sus’ver) Class VI Battlescout
CD-2 (Gravsu) Class V Scout
CS-6 (Vess’Ru) Class II Courier/Scout
EB-6 (Kashru) Class X Battle Freighter
ED-3 (Suasksh) Class V Freighter
EH-12 (Vuu’slass) Class XIII Heavy Freighter
FD-5 (Hua’shz) Class V Escort
GD-4 (Mrsh’asst) Class V Cutter
GF-1 (Sluzz Zugruz) Class V Research Cutter
IB-2 (Krss) Class V Combat Corvette
JH-7 (Shilszaa Ra) Class VII Heavy Monitor
KB-3 (Vrrus Gss) Class X Assault Transport
KH-12 (Mrug Shuz) Class XIV Heavy Assault Transport
LH-2 (Mesh Lasglez) Class X Heavy Repair Tender
MA-19 (Sus’Sech) Class VII Light Cruiser
MA-22 (Slesss’vess) Class IX Light Cruiser
MD-11 (D’slass gaz) Class XI Cruiser
MD-18 (Gor v’lss) Class XI Torpedo Cruiser
MF-2 (Dsig gooza) Class X Research Cruiser
MI-4 (Srrsu Slass) Class XII Heavy Cruiser
ND-3 (Vasluk Khas) Class IX Frigate
NG-7 (Rruhs Sazgla) Class IX Frigate Escort
SA-3 (Mrss’ Kaszz) Class V Light Destroyer
SD-9 (Sqzaa) Class IX Destroyer
SH-8 (Glus Susza) Class X Heavy Destroyer
SS-3 (Gaza Z’kus) Class VI Destroyer
SS-8 (Shass’ Zul) Class VIII Destroyer
VB-2 (Vazluz Shzaa) Class II Combat Shuttle
VD-3 (Grulssz ) Class I Shuttle

Z-4 (Deathgame) Defense Outpost

I-18 (Gliding Talon) Class VII Freighter
I-2 (Chula) Class VII Freighter
I-31 (Comet Trail) Class VII Armed Freighter
M-12 (Starwind) Class X Escort Frigate
M-39 (Illuminator) Class IX Assault Ship
P-38 (Nightfall) Class III Cutter
P-81 (Nightcrest) Class III Cutter
Q-3 (Winged Justification) Class IV Monitor
R-5 (Ll’hianna) Class VII Escort
R-8 (Death Swarm) Class V Escort
S-10 (Windwing) Class V Scout
S-15 (Rr’ni’hassalle) Class IV Scout
S-71 (Black Star) Class VI Scout
T-11 (Dragonfire) Class VI Destroyer
T-13 (Ready Wing) Class VIII Destroyer
T-21 (Deathsong) Class VI Destroyer
T-27 (Wings of Reprisal) Class VII Destroyer
V-103 (Mauler) Class VIII Cruiser
V-43 (Skylord) Class VIII Cruiser
V-45 (Stormseeker) Class VIII Cruiser
V-48 (Stormrider) Class VIII Battlecruiser
V-69 (Bird of Wisdom) Class VII Intelligence Cruiser
V-74 (Strong Shield) Class VI Battlecruiser
V-76 (Wind Angel) Class X Cruiser
V-81 (Firestar) Class VII-VIII Cruiser
V-87 (Phantom) Class IV Light Cruiser
V-88 (Bloodwing) Class VIII Cruiser
Z-13 (Sharp Talon) Class XII Battleship

D-101a (Trueblade of Reprisal) Class IX Armored Cruiser
D-101b (Unbridled Vengeance) Class IX Armored Cruiser
D-10a (Dagger of Reprisal) Class VIII Heavy Cruiser
D-10a (Exalted Vindicator) Class VIII Heavy Cruiser
D-10i (Abhorrent Vengeance) Class X Heavy Cruiser
D-10i (Avenger’s Glory) Class X Heavy Cruiser
D-11d (Unbeaten Retribution) Class VII Destroyer-Frigate
D-17d (Dagger of Retribution) Class VII Destroyer
D-2a (Rampage of Retaliation) Class VI Missile Destroyer
D-2d (Corrupting Revenge) Class VI Missile Destroyer
D-2e (Victorious Retribution) Class VI Missile Destroyer

D-3b – IKS Variant (Keltrek’s Revenge) Class VII Battlecruiser
K-3a – IKS Variant (Silent Night Blade) Class II Gunboat

Captain Kirk