Romulan Star Empire

«Last Updated: October 13, 2020»

Bold, aggressive, xenophobic and deadly, the Romulan Navy has continued to be the major military force of the Romulan people since their first steps back into space. The Empire has always suffered from a lack of overall resources and yet has been able to maintain a significant space fleet, deep space outposts and colonies while continuing to expand the boarder and influence of the Romulan Senate. No other race has been able to do so much with so little. A seemingly never-ending war with the Klingon Empire as well as major wars with the Federation and Gorn have forced the Romulans to build ever more effective space vessels and front line support units.

Manual Era File Last Updated
2313 Romulan Starship Recognition Manual II – 2nd Edition 2245-2286 PDF Being Edited


M-4 (Wings of Justice) Troop Transport
M-8 (Nightwing) Assault Ship


Z-1 (Nova) Battleship


V-1 (Starglider) Cruiser
V-2 (Hunter) Cruiser
V-4 (Wing of Vengeance) Cruiser
V-5 (Skyfire) Cruiser
V-6 (Gallant Wing) Cruiser
V-7 (Whitewind) Cruiser
V-8 (Bird of Prey) Cruiser
V-9 (Night Flyer) Cruiser
V-11 (Stormbird) Battlecruiser
V-16 (Savant) Cruiser
V-17 (Starhawk) Cruiser
V-19 (Stellar Wind) Cruiser
V-20 (Star Seeker) Cruiser
V-23 (Huntress) Cruiser
V-24 (Bird of Prey) Hunter-Killer
V-26 (Firewing) Cruiser
V-27 (Comet of Destruction) Heavy Cruiser
V-29 (Warhawk) Heavy Cruiser
V-30 (Winged Defender) Heavy Cruiser
V-39 (Phoenix) Heavy Cruiser
V-44 (Reprisal) Attack Cruiser
V-53 (Graceful Sword) Light Cruiser
V-54 (Darkwind) Light Cruiser
V-56 (Osprey) Battlecruiser
V-61 (Storm Talon) Cruiser
V-63 (Sartorix) Heavy Cruiser
V-65 (Praetor’s Glory) Command Cruiser
V-70 (D’Deridex) Heavy Cruiser
V-80 (Kroixus) Cruiser
V-123 (Nightblade)Light Cruiser
V-201 (Widowmaker) Cruiser
V-215 (Warhunter) Troop Cruiser


T-2 (Death Talon) Destroyer
T-5 (Fire Swarm) Destroyer
T-9 (Wings of Fate) Light Destroyer
T-10 (Bright One) Destroyer
T-12 (Bravewind) Destroyer
T-16 (Wind of Revenge) Destroyer
T-18 (Whitehawk) Destroyer
T-113 (Tenacity) Destroyer
T-117 (Summoner) Destroyer


R-2 (Bright Star) Escort
R-4 (Mularr) Escort
R-6 (Windrider) Escort
R-7 (Harrier’s Wing) Escort
R-16 (Guardian) Escort


V-59 (Longsword)
M-10 (Sand Serpent)
M-41 (Blackwing) Frigate



A-2 (Swift Death)
P-14 (Sunstar’s Talons) Hunter-Killer
P-19 (Night Diver) Hunter-Killer


CS-2 (Graceful Flyer) Courier / Scout
S-3 (Free Flight) Scout
S-4 (Swift Wing) Scout
S-9 (Wind Carrier) Scout
S-11 (Bird of Prey) Scout
A-1 (Unseen One)


Q-31 (Katar) Heavy Monitor



I-4 (Graffler) Transport
I-7 (Vespin) Transport


J-3 (Starlifter) Freighter


E-5 (Little Nest) Repair Tender


Starfleet Battles/Star Fleet Command Ships

Launch Year Class Name Classification Era
2269 SN (Snipe) Frigate Frigate TOS
2271 COH (Hawk) Frigate TOS
2273 SKA (Skyhawk) Destroyer TOS
2273 SKE (Skyhawk) Escort TOS
2273 SKF (Skyhawk) Scout TOS
2260 PF Cutter TOS
2276 BHE (Battlehawk) Escort TOS
2271 SE (Scout Eagle/Warbird) Scout TOS