Romulan Star Empire

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Bold, aggressive, xenophobic and deadly, the Romulan Navy has continued to be the major military force of the Romulan people since their first steps back into space. The Empire has always suffered from a lack of overall resources and yet has been able to maintain a significant space fleet, deep space outposts and colonies while continuing to expand the boarder and influence of the Romulan Senate. No other race has been able to do so much with so little. A seemingly never-ending war with the Klingon Empire as well as major wars with the Federation and Gorn have forced the Romulans to build ever more effective space vessels and front line support units.

FASA IDManualEditionFile TypeLast Update
2303-ARomulan Master Panel Control Book 1 - Classic FASA Ships1st EditionPDF10/30/2020
2313Romulan Starship Recognition Manual II2nd EditionPDF10/23/2020
2313-ARomulan Master Control Book - RSRM II1st EditionPDF10/30/2020


M-4 (Wings of Justice) Troop Transport
M-8 (Nightwing) Assault Ship
M-12 (Starwind) Escort Frigate
M-39 (Illuminator) Assault Ship


Z-1 (Nova) Battleship
Z-2 (Star Wolf) Battleship
Z-13 (Sharp Talon) Battleship
Z-24 (Viceroy) Siege Ship
Z-27 (Onyx Blade) Dreadnought


V-1 (Starglider) Cruiser
V-2 (Hunter) Cruiser
V-4 (Wing of Vengeance) Cruiser
V-5 (Skyfire) Cruiser
V-6 (Gallant Wing) Cruiser
V-7 (Whitewind) Cruiser
V-8 (Bird of Prey) Cruiser
V-9 (Night Flyer) Cruiser
V-11 (Stormbird) Battlecruiser
V-16 (Savant) Cruiser
V-17 (Starhawk) Cruiser
V-19 (Stellar Wind) Cruiser
V-20 (Star Seeker) Cruiser
V-23 (Huntress) Cruiser
V-24 (Bird of Prey) Hunter-Killer
V-26 (Firewing) Cruiser
V-27 (Comet of Destruction) Heavy Cruiser
V-29 (Warhawk) Heavy Cruiser
V-30 (Winged Defender) Heavy Cruiser
V-39 (Phoenix) Heavy Cruiser
V-43 (Skylord) Cruiser
V-44 (Reprisal) Attack Cruiser
V-45 (Stormseeker) Cruiser
V-48 (Stormrider) Battlecruiser
V-53 (Graceful Sword) Light Cruiser
V-54 (Darkwind) Light Cruiser
V-56 (Osprey) Battlecruiser
V-57 (Sky Wisdom) Cruiser
V-61 (Storm Talon) Cruiser
V-63 (Sartorix) Heavy Cruiser
V-65 (Praetor’s Glory) Command Cruiser
V-69 (Bird of Wisdom) Intelligence Cruiser
V-70 (D’Deridex) Heavy Cruiser
V-74 (Strong Shield) Battlecruiser
V-76 (Wind Angel) Cruiser
V-80 (Kroixus) Cruiser
V-81 (Firestar) Cruiser
V-87 (Phantom) Light Cruiser
V-88 (Bloodwing) Cruiser
V-103 (Mauler) Cruiser
V-122 (Gliding Hunter) Attack Cruiser
V-123 (Nightblade)Light Cruiser
V-201 (Widowmaker) Cruiser
V-208 (Judgement) Light Battlecruiser
V-215 (Warhunter) Troop Cruiser
V-225 (Legion) Battlecruiser
V-236 (Wintersteel) Attack Cruiser


T-2 (Death Talon) Destroyer
T-5 (Fire Swarm) Destroyer
T-9 (Wings of Fate) Light Destroyer
T-10 (Bright One) Destroyer
T-11 (Dragonfire) Destroyer
T-12 (Bravewind) Destroyer
T-13 (Ready Wing) Destroyer
T-16 (Wind of Revenge) Destroyer
T-18 (Whitehawk) Destroyer
T-21 (Deathsong) Destroyer
T-27 (Wings of Reprisal) Destroyer
T-113 (Tenacity) Destroyer
T-117 (Summoner) Destroyer


R-2 (Bright Star) Escort
R-4 (Mularr) Escort
R-5 (Ll’hianna) Escort
R-6 (Windrider) Escort
R-7 (Harrier’s Wing) Escort
R-8 (Death Swarm) Escort
R-16 (Guardian) Escort


V-59 (Longsword)
M-10 (Sand Serpent)
M-41 (Blackwing) Frigate



A-2 (Swift Death)
P-2 (Ranjamar) Cutter
P-3 (Caladan) Cutter
P-12 (Comilus) Cutter
P-14 (Sunstar’s Talons) Hunter-Killer
P-19 (Night Diver) Hunter-Killer
P-38 (Nightfall) Cutter
P-81 (Nightcrest) Cutter


A-1 (Unseen One) Intelligence Scout
CS-2 (Graceful Flyer) Courier / Scout
CS-5 (Little Wing) Courier / Scout
CS-9 (Swift Sword) Courier / Scout
S-3 (Free Flight) Scout
S-4 (Swift Wing) Scout
S-9 (Wind Carrier) Scout
S-10 (Windwing) Scout
S-11 (Bird of Prey) Scout
S-15 (Rr’ni’hassalle) Scout
S-71 (Black Star) Scout


Q-3 (Winged Justification) Monitor
Q-31 (Katar) Heavy Monitor



I-2 (Chula) Freighter
I-4 (Graffler) Transport
I-7 (Vespin) Transport
I-18 (Gliding Talon) Freighter
I-31 (Comet Trail) Armed Freighter


J-3 (Starlifter) Freighter


E-5 (Little Nest) Repair Tender


X-3 (Aviary) Defense Outpost
X-5 (Vigilance) Defense Outpost
X-9 (Watchman) Observation Outpost

Launch YearClass NameClassificationEraLast Update
2267M-4 (Wings of Justice) Class IX Troop TransportAssault ShipTOS12/17/2020
2270M-8 (Nightwing) Class VIII Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS12/17/2020
2276M-12 (Starwind) Class X Escort FrigateAssault ShipTMP12/17/2020
2268M-39 (Illuminator) Class IX Assault ShipAssault ShipTOS12/17/2020
2280Z-1 (Nova) Class XIII-XIV BattleshipBattleshipTMP12/17/2020
2268Z-13 (Sharp Talon) Class XII BattleshipBattleshipTOS12/17/2020
2245V-1 (Starglider) Class V CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2248V-2 (Hunter) Class VII CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2247V-4 (Wing of Vengeance) Class VI CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2253V-5 (Skyfire) Class VII/VIII CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2268V-6 (Gallant Wing) Class X-XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2269V-7 (Whitewind) Class IX-X CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2257V-8 (Bird of Prey) Class VI CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2267V-9 (Night Flyer) Class VI CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2268V-11 (Stormbird) Class VII-X BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2293V-16 (Savant) Class VIII CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/17/2020
2280V-17 (Starhawk) Class IX-X CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2284V-19 (Stellar Wind) CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2271V-20 (Star Seeker) Class VII CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2285V-23 (Huntress) Class VIII CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2287V-24 (Bird of Prey) Class X-XI Hunter-Killer CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2288V-26 (Firewing) Class XI CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2271V-27 (Comet of Destruction) Class XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2287V-29 (Warhawk) Class X-XI Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2271V-30 (Winged Defender) Class XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2306V-39 (Phoenix) Class XIII-XIV Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/17/2020
2249V-43 (Skylord) Class VIII CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2251V-44 (Reprisal) Class VII Attack CruiserCruiserTOS12/29/2021
2267V-48 (Stormrider) Class VIII BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2273V-48 (Stormrider) Class VIII BattlecruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2306V-53 (Graceful Sword) Class XI Light CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/17/2020
2287V-54 (Darkwind) Class IX Light CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2268V-56 (Osprey) Class VII-VIII BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2287V-61 (Storm Talon) Class X CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2349V-63 (Sartorix) Class XV Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/17/2020
2357V-65 (Saeihr’alha) Class XV Command CruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/17/2020
2273V-69 (Bird of Wisdom) Class VII Intelligence CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2355V-70 (D’deridex) Class XVII BattlecruiserCruiserPre-TNG12/17/2020
2259V-74 (Strong Shield) Class VI BattlecruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2275V-76 (Wind Angel) Class X CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2274V-80 (Kroixus) Class VI CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2245V-81 (Firestar) Class VII-VIII CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2284V-87 (Phantom) Class IV Light CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2274V-88 (Bloodwing) Class VIII CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2273V-103 (Mauler) Class VIII CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2268V-123 (Nightblade) Class VII Light CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2268V-201 (Widowmaker) Class IX Armored CruiserCruiserTOS12/17/2020
2271V-215 (Warhunter) Class VIII Troop CruiserCruiserTMP12/17/2020
2246T-2 (Death Talon) Class IV DesrtoyerDestroyerTOS12/17/2020
2261T-5 (Fire Swarm) Class V-VI DesrtoyerDestroyerTOS12/17/2020
2267T-9 (Wings of Fate) Class IV DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/17/2020
2271T-10 (Bright One) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2280T-11 (Dragonfire) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2289T-12 (Bravewind) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2281T-13 (Ready Wing) Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2266T-16 (Wind of Revenge) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/17/2020
2278T-18 (Whitehawk) Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2277T-21 (Deathsong) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2270T-27 (Wings of Reprisal) Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTOS12/17/2020
2271T-113 (Tenacity) Class VI DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2271T-117 (Summoner) Class VII DestroyerDestroyerTMP12/17/2020
2246R-2 (Bright Star) Class VI EscortEscortTOS12/17/2020
2262R-4 (Mularr) Class VI EscortEscortTOS12/17/2020
2275R-5 (Ll’hianna) Class VII EscortEscortTMP12/17/2020
2276R-6 (Windrider) Class V-VI EscortEscortTMP12/17/2020
2277R-7 (Harrier’s Wing) Class VII EscortEscortTMP12/17/2020
2257R-8 (Death Swarm) Class V EscortEscortTOS12/17/2020
2284R-16 (Guardian) Class VII EscortEscortTMP12/17/2020
2276V-59 (Longsword) Class X FrigateFrigateTMP12/17/2020
2288M-10 (Sand Serpent) Class IX FrigateFrigateTMP12/17/2020
2267M-41 (Blackwing) Class VII-VIII FrigateFrigateTOS12/17/2020
2256A-2 (Swift Death) CutterCutterTOS12/17/2020
2252P-3 (Caladan) Class II CutterCutterTOS1/26/2021
2267P-14 (Sunstar’s Talons) Class V Hunter-KillerCutterTOS12/17/2020
2267P-19 (Night Diver) Class IV Hunter-KillerCutterTOS12/17/2020
2268P-38 (Nightfall) Class III CutterCutterTOS12/17/2020
2277P-81 (Nightcrest) Class III CutterCutterTMP12/17/2020
2258CS-2 (Graceful Flyer) Class V Courier-ScoutCourierTOS12/17/2020
2260S-3 (Free Flight) Class III-IV ScoutScoutTOS12/17/2020
2251S-4 (Swift Wing) Class IV ScoutScoutTOS12/17/2020
2268S-9 (Wind Carrier) Class V ScoutScoutTOS12/17/2020
2271S-10 (Windwing) Class V ScoutScoutTMP12/17/2020
2271S-11 (Bird of Prey) Class V ScoutScoutTMP12/17/2020
2259S-15 (Rr’ni’hassalle) Class IV ScoutScoutTOS12/17/2020
2278S-71 (Black Star) Class VI ScoutScoutTMP12/17/2020
2249A-1 (Unseen Ones) Class V Intelligence ShipScoutTOS12/17/2020
2261Q-3 (Winged Justification) Class IV MonitorMonitorTOS12/17/2020
2335Q-31 (Katar) Class VII MonitorMonitorPre-TNG12/17/2020
2258I-2 (Chula) Class VII FreighterFreighterTOS12/17/2020
2255I-4 (Graffler) Class VII-IX FreighterFreighterTOS12/17/2020
2270I-7 (Vespin) Class IX FreighterFreighterTOS12/17/2020
2270I-18 (Gliding Talon) Class VII FreighterFreighterTOS12/17/2020
2267I-31 (Comet Trail) Class VII Armed FreighterFreighterTOS12/17/2020
2247J-3 (Starlifter) Class VI-IX FreighterFreighterTOS12/17/2020
2269E-5 (Little Nest) Class VII Repair TenderTenderTOS12/17/2020