Cardassian Union

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Since the 19th Century, the Cardassian Guard, under the direction of the Central Command, has maintained the primary exploration, exploitation and military space fleet of the Cardassian Union. By 2150, the Union was an expanding conglomerate of annexed worlds, colonies and outposts. Resource poor, the Cardassian Union had detailed much of it’s limited material and personnel to maintaining the fleet and defending what territory it could hold. Through constant resource acquisition and trade, the Union maintains the fleet – and the fleet expands the Union.
The warships and freighters of Cardassian Union are well built, powerful and capable deep space craft that are every bit the equal to their direct counterparts from the Unions major neighbors.

Cardassian Union Starship Description Sheets (SDS)



Hutes Class XIV Battleship
Hutet Class XV Battleship
Janissary Class XVI Dreadnought
Shadow Class XVII Battleship
Trager Class XIV Light Dreadnought


Bakrus Class XVII Heavy Battlecruiser
Bralek Class XI Light Cruiser
Bretnok Class XVI Heavy Battlecruiser
Brinok Class XI Missile Cruiser
Ekoor Class XII Heavy Cruiser
Galor Class XI Cruiser
Goltak Class XII Logistics Cruiser
Hakalora Class XIII Heavy Cruiser
Keldon Class XIII Battlecruiser
Kimal Class X Light Cruiser
Kulinor Class IX Light Cruiser
Lakat Class XI Light Cruiser
Netel Class XI Heavy Cruiser
Rasalik Class X Light Cruiser
Talor Class XV Heavy Battlecruiser


Aladara Class IX Destroyer
Borak Class X Heavy Destroyer
Gul Vystal Class X Destroyer
Legate Class VIII Destroyer
Prakesh Class IX Destroyer
Rabol Class VIII Destroyer
Vasad Class IX Destroyer


Telok Class IX Escort Cruiser


Groumall Class XII Heavy Frigate
Ravinok Class XI Heavy Frigate
Sartan Class IX Frigate


Tornen Class XIV Carrier


Hideki Class V Scout


Kraxon Class VIII Scout







Defense Platform
Gertax Deep Space Defense Station
Nor Class Station Mining Station

Launch YearClass NameClassificationEraLast Updated
2299Hutes Class XIV BattleshipBattleshipTMP10-Oct-15
2365Hutet Class XV BattleshipBattleshipTNG10-Oct-15
2384Shadow Class XVII BattleshipBattleshipTNG10-Oct-15
2375Trager Class XIV Light DreadnoughtDreadnoughtTNG10-Oct-15
2370Bakrus Class XVII Heavy BattlecruiserCruiserTNG10-Oct-15
2281Bralek Class XI Light CruiserCruiserTMP10-Oct-15
2380Brentok Class XVI Heavy BattlecruiserCruiserTNG10-Oct-15
2350Brinok Class XI Missile CruiserCruiserPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2377Ekoor Class XII Heavy CruiserCruiserTNG10-Oct-15
2310Galor Class XI CruiserCruiserPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2343Goltak Class XII Logistics CruiserCruiserPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2299Hakalora Class XIII Heavy CruiserCruiserTMP10-Oct-15
2372Kimal Class X Light CruiserCruiserTNG10-Oct-15
2273Kulinor Class IX Light CruiserCruiserTMP10-Oct-15
2359Lakat Class XI Light CruiserCruiserPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2329Netel Class XI Heavy CruiserCruiserPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2278Rasilak Class X Light CruiserCruiserTMP10-Oct-15
2307Talor Class XV Heavy BattlecruiserCruiserPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2277Aladar Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP10-Oct-15
2279Borak Class X Heavy DestroyerDestroyerTMP10-Oct-15
2269Gul Vystan Class X DestroyerDestroyerTOS10-Oct-15
2274Legate Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP10-Oct-15
2270Prakesh Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTOS10-Oct-15
2276Rabol Class VIII DestroyerDestroyerTMP10-Oct-15
2283Vasad Class IX DestroyerDestroyerTMP10-Oct-15
2344Telok Class IX Escort CruiserEscortPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2360Groumall Class XII Heavy FrigateFrigatePre-TNG10-Oct-15
2276Ravinok Class XI Heavy FrigateFrigateTMP10-Oct-15
2289Sartan Class IX FrigateFrigateTMP10-Oct-15
2349Tornen Class XIV CarrierCarrierPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2348Hideki Class V ScoutGunboatPre-TNG10-Oct-15
2267Kraxon Class VIII ScoutScoutTOS10-Oct-15
2350NorMining StationTNG1/9/2022