BattlehawksRomulan scenariosPDF1.08/5/2009
The Taal Tan OffensiveKlingon offensive of 2285HTML2.07/1/2013
Battles of the Klingon EmpireList of Klingon Battles from 2248 – 2400 (Under Construction)HTML1.07/19/2014

Cloaked Starship Tracking SheetUsed for tracking cloaked unitsPDF1.01/1/2018
STSTCS Master Control PanelSpecial version of the MCPPDF2.01/1/2018
Classic MCPFASA’s original MCPPDF1.01/1/2018

EAS Fleet Yards CountersPDF1.02018-01-01
FASA Federation SRM Counters (2nd Edition Manual)PDF1.02018-01-01
Jackill SFRM Volume 1 Counters (1st Edition Manual)PDF1.02018-01-01
Jackill SFRM Volume 2 CountersPDF1.02018-01-01
Jackill SFRM Volume 3 CountersPDF1.02018-01-01
Jaynz CountersPDF1.02018-01-01
Mastercom SOTSF CountersPDF1.02018-01-01
Planet CountersPDF1.02018-01-01
SATCP CountersPDF1.02018-01-01

Crew ComplimentFASA Crew numbers and positionsExcel1.02020-04-28
Chronology/TimelineMulti sources chronology.HTML3.02015-04-15
Damage ChartsReprint of the Damage Charts.PDF1.02018-01-01
Designation FileList of current and future starship designations.HTML1.02018-01-01
FASA Expanded MapOriginal Combined FASA MapsGIF1.02020-12-02
FASA Expanded MapRe-drawn of FASA MapsPDF3.02021-10-06
Firing ChartsReprint of the Firing Charts and other “back page” game charts.PDF1.02018-01-01
House RulesFirst publication of the house rules gathered from you the player!HTML1.02018-01-01
Klingon Empire MapRe-drawn FASA map of the Klingon EmpirePDF2.02018-01-01
Orion Colony MapRe-drawn FASA map of the Orion ColoniesPDF2.02018-01-01
Plasma Torpedo ChartsMaster chart of all Plasma Torpedo weapons from all races.PDF1.02018-01-01
Planet ListWork in Progress list of planets/stars etc. from FASA and other sourcesEXCEL1.02016-04-11
Small Craft ConceptInitial concept for Fighters in the FASA Star Trek UniversePDF1.02018-01-01
Starship DescriptionsExpanded list of various sub-classes of space going vesselsPDF2.02018-01-01
Orion Colony MapRe-drawn FASA map of the Orion ColoniesPDF2.02018-01-01
Shipyard ListOfficial and semi-official FASA shipyard listPDF1.02020-02-20

Boarding PartiesHouse rule for boarding parties in combatPDF1.02018-01-01
Optional Sensor RulesHouse variants of tactical sensorsPDF1.02018-01-01
Milti-Layer ShieldsHouse rule for strengthening shields in combatPDF1.02018-01-01
Ablative Armor V.1Ablative Armor ConceptPDF1.02018-01-01
Ablative Armor V.2Ablative Armor ConceptPDF1.02018-01-01
Ablative Armor V.3Ablative Armor ConceptPDF1.02018-01-01
Ablative Armor V.4Ablative Armor ConceptPDF1.02018-01-01
Cloacking & ECMCloaking Device expansionPDF2.02018-01-01
Rule Variant V2Full rule variantPDF1.02018-01-01
SensorsExpanding sensor usePDF1.02018-01-01
TNG Ship WeightConcept for explaining TNG ship weightsPDF1.02018-01-01