John Carter is a GOD!

As most of you know – I’m famous for starting something BIG then getting 2/3 of the way through and getting overwhelmed … ok lets be honest – bored … with said project. It can be anywhere from a week to a month to a whole damn YEAR before I get back to it.

A while back I asked for volunteers and several folks piped up…including John Carter. I sent some instructions, the spreadsheets and got tied up with real life. Despite this – John worked out my goofy instructions and PLOWED through the Vulcans, saving me hours of work. And the poor bast….er I mean great guy – want to STILL help out! In fact, he’s offered to do the second biggest groups on the site so far – The Klingons. PHEW!

There’s and old work adage – good, fast or cheep – pick two. Well – John has somehow managed to hit all THREE. He’s cheep (free to be exact), he’s good (I don’t have to fix a thing) and he’s fast (took him less than a week to get it done!) Shame I don’t have my own business – I’d hire the guy on the spot!!

All joking aside – a real special thanks to John for stepping up and stepping in. And to everyone else who volunteered to help. Hopefully I have perfected these spreadsheets and gotten everything ready to go and we can keep updating like mad!!

Captain Kirk


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bryan. I’ll get the Klinks knocked ASAP. There are just a couple more than the Vulcans had. 😀

  2. That is cool would be nice to be able to build better Klingon’s, always have been my favorite race. Alass It has been a few years getting caught up in the cares of life and getting a bachelors degree in the IT field. Thanks to all of you whom have kept this alive. Mac

  3. Thanks Darrel! I am actually in the middle of updating and changing the construction Excel workbook. The older version was originally based on our Jackill’s style SDS we had created. About a year or two after that, I was able to do a moderate approximation of the original Style sheet from the manuals (our retor or classic look). Over the years and with numerous updates, There has been some “drift” from our original.

    HOWEVER – I am hoping to switch to a NEW format. Internally, we use a VERY wide spreadsheet which has ALL the races and variants stacked on top of each other. As a spreadsheet guy, its so much easier to do work that way. I am vacillating on whether to just publish our version “as is” or produce a specially modified version. Stay tuned – that file will be updated in the next few weeks!

  4. just googled and found your web sight last night, and checked though it a little before bed then when i woke up delved more deeply into the sight and the excel sheets, I wish i knew how do to what was done, I have imagined a sheet like that for over 20 years. I digress. Thank you.
    The only flaws (easily fixable by you, lock file) was on the ship constructor sheet, you had three page layouts single, duel, and large. Some of the rows were not on all three layouts. Shuttle craft #’s, Beam weapons #’s, and Torpedo #’s(on none of them.)
    Thank you again for the sheet. As well as your how website thank you.


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