Gota Post SOMETHING…How About Some Style Sheets?

Well we need to publish SOMETHING – and I noticed that several folks are looking for the classic RETRO styles. SO I’ve gone ahead and created some JPGS of the sheets we use here at the site. They should print and export with better quality than any of our previous one’s.

All you should need to do is simply download the version you want and drop it into the master slide of a PowerPoint or Word document. Then just go back to the regular page and put in your own text boxes!

If anyone wants the Illustrator CC files we used to create these backgrounds or higher DPI versions (they’re 150 dpi now) then just let me know and we can arrange it.

We are still experimenting with some kind of PDF version that is intuitive – i.e. it allows you choose how many weapons or transporters or what ever…but it’s not at successful as we had hoped. We’re also looking at some way to update the old Excel spreadsheet we use and have it choose from these backgrounds …but – um – that’s not being too successful either. (GRR!)

Anyways – just jump over to the Construction Page and scroll down to the bottom – you should see the thumbnails.

Captain Kirk


  1. I’m hoping to add in those as well…the main problem is going to be that the Axanar movie it self won’t jive too well with the FASA universe. (I was also trying to get a ships to use AFTER the Four-Years war during the Organian conflict – short though it was. Take a look at the L-3 blog entry to see a touch more on that.) Now that Axanar is back on – YES!!! – I can’t wait to see what the full range of capabilities is.

  2. I see the D6 but what about the other Return to Axanar ships like the Ares?

  3. I would like to see my States Class,Firebat, K’Ehleyko and Halifax Class on your website . I am a big FASA Fan sent 1984. I am trying to get the States Class on Trekyard on the web online show all about Star Trek Starships.

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