Romulan Vengeance Fleet


«Last Updated: August 8, 2020»

The Vengeance Fleet was created as a part of the Romulan Star Navy out of pragmatic necessity, but has since taken on a significant aspect of the continually ongoing conflict between the Klingon and Romulan Empires. The Romulans have never been known for wasting resources, and captured Klingon vessels have been used again their home nation for well over 200 years.
Unlike ships purchased from the Klingons in the later 2260’s through the 2280’s, ships of the Vengeance Fleet are more respected by fleet personnel. Ships such as the V-11 and N-8 are seen by most officers and men of the Star Navy as necessary evils in order to further the goals of the Empire. However, captured Klingon ships are thought of by many (including the Klingons) as a significant insult to the honor and warrior spirit of the Klingon Empire. This has made service aboard captured Klingon vessels far less distasteful than service aboard purchased ships.

To further connect the Romulan people to these ships, the Empire encourages an extremely unusual practice of allowing individual cities, colonies and even Senators and government officials to pay for and purchase the needed equipment and supplies to re-field vessels of the Vengeance Fleet. Senators are known to have invested significant parts of their personal fortunes to ensure these ships are refit for Romulan use, a facts they are happy to mention when re-election time comes around! Colonies are known for taking great pride in sacrificing their comforts to ensure that sufficient materials are available to send these captured ships successfully into battle. All of the known senatorial coalitions are known to have financed multiple ships and the Praetor is expected to fund no less than ten of the larger ships in the fleet.

Vessels in the Vengeance Fleet are not cataloged within the standard navy and are identified by their names. Nearly all vessels of the fleet are deployed against the Klingons, with multiple squadrons used for covert operations and subversive missions. A significant number of these ships are used in the Triangle as well to help besmirch the reputation of the Klingons in the region. Ship commanders are specially trained to use Klingon tactics when attacking Klingon allies along the boarder.


Conveyor of Retaliation (T-1) Assault Ship
Invading Revenge (T-1) Assault Ship
Subversive Vengeance (T-1) Assault Ship
Transporter of Retaliation (T-1) Assault Ship
Unbeatable Vengeance (T-1) Assault Ship
Conquering Vengeance (T-5) Troop Transport
Conveyer of Reprisal (T-5) Troop Transport
Bearer of Vengeance (T-8) Troop Transport
Demanding Vengeance (T-8) Troop Transport
Savagery of Reprisal (T-8) Troop Transport
Superior Vengeance (T-8) Troop Transport


Corrupting Vengeance (L-26) Battleship
Avenging Crusader (L-4) Siege Ship
Punishment of Reprisal (L-4) Siege Ship


Cruel Revenge (D-3) Light Cruiser
Crushing Retribution (D-3) Light Cruiser
Adamant Vengeance (D-5) Battlecruiser
Avenger’s Might (D-5) Battlecruiser
Blade of Reprisal (D-5) Battlecruiser
Cunning Revenge (D-5) Battlecruiser
Cunning Vindicator (D-5) Battlecruiser
Decimating Vengeance (D-5) Battlecruiser
Fateful Vindicator (D-5) Battlecruiser
Ferocious Revenge (D-5) Battlecruiser
Master of Retaliation (D-5) Battlecruiser
Spear of Retribution (D-5) Battlecruiser
Deadly Revenge (D-6) Light Cruiser
Lawful Vengeance (D-6) Light Cruiser
Warblade of Retaliation (D-6) Light Cruiser
Warslayer’s Vengeance (D-6) Light Cruiser
Blade of Retaliation (D-7) Battlecruiser
Blade of Retribution (D-7) Battlecruiser
Bold Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Brutal Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Comet of Retribution (D-7) Battlecruiser
Defiant Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Dreadful Vindicator (D-7) Battlecruiser
Harbinger of Retaliation (D-7) Battlecruiser
Immortal Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Lethal Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Malicious Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Oath of Retribution (D-7) Battlecruiser
Perilous Revenge (D-7) Battlecruiser
Relentless Vindicator (D-7) Battlecruiser
Shadow of Reprisal (D-7) Battlecruiser
Specter of Retribution (D-7) Battlecruiser
Unbeatable Revenge (D-7) Battlecruiser
Unbound Revenge (D-7) Battlecruiser
Vindictive Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Waraxe of Retaliation (D-7) Battlecruiser
Warblade of Reprisal (D-7) Battlecruiser
Warrior’s Vengeance (D-7) Battlecruiser
Avenger’s Retribution (D-8) Battlecruiser
Claws of Retribution (D-8) Battlecruiser
Fierce Revenge (D-8) Battlecruiser
Imperial Vindicator (D-8) Battlecruiser
Abhorrent Vengeance (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Absolute Vindicator (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Archer’s Retribution (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Avenger’s Birthright (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Avenger’s Glory (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Dagger of Reprisal (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Exalted Vindicator (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Flame of Reprisal (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Furious Revenge (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Infinite Vengeance (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Inspiring Vengeance (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Mistress of Reprisal (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Righteous Vindicator (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Scepter of Retaliation (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Unconquerable Retribution (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Vendetta of Reprisal (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Wing of Retribution (D-10) Heavy Cruiser
Annihilator’s Revenge (D-12) Battlecruiser
Eternal Vindicator (D-12) Battlecruiser
Prophesy of Retaliation (D-12) Battlecruiser
Storm of Reprisal (D-12) Battlecruiser
Talon of Reprisal (D-12) Battlecruiser
Weilder of Retribution (D-12) Battlecruiser
Winged Vengeance (D-12) Battlecruiser
Enduring Vindicator (D-19) Cruiser
Silent Vindicator (D-19) Cruiser
Warbow of Retribution (D-19) Cruiser
Devastating Revenge (D-20) Cruiser
Spectral Vindicator (D-20) Cruiser
Honorable Vindicator (D-21) Battlecruiser
Resilient Vindicator (D-22) Light Cruiser
Vigilant Retribution (D-22) Light Cruiser
Rending Vengeance (D-23) Command Cruiser
Infernal Vengeance (D-27) Light Cruiser
Invulnerable Vengeance (D-27) Light Cruiser
Majestic Revenge (D-27) Light Cruiser
Powerful Vindicator (D-27) Light Cruiser
Storm of Retribution (D-27) Light Cruiser
Brutal Revenge (D-28) Cruiser
Celestial Vindicator (D-28) Cruiser
Daring Vengeance (D-28) Cruiser
Daunting Vengeance (D-28) Cruiser
Emblazon Vindicator (D-28) Cruiser
Fearless Vindicator (D-28) Cruiser
Intrepid Vengeance (D-28) Cruiser
Legendary Vengeance (D-28) Cruiser
Sentinel of Retribution (D-28) Cruiser
Slayer of Retribution (D-28) Cruiser
Sovereign Vindicator (D-28) Cruiser
Spirit of Reprisal (D-28) Cruiser
Superior Retribution (D-28) Cruiser
Valiant Retribution (D-28) Cruiser
Waraxe of Reprisal (D-28) Cruiser
Battlelord’s Retribution (D-31) Battlecruiser
Bold Vindicator (K-31) Scout Cruiser
Fierce Vengeance (K-31) Scout Cruiser
Warblade of Vengeance (K-31) Scout Cruiser
Weilder of Reprisal (K-31) Scout Cruiser
Challenging Vindicator (D-32) Light Cruiser
Corruptor’s Revenge (D-32) Light Cruiser
Dangerous Vengeance (D-32) Light Cruiser
Invincible Vengeance (D-32) Cruiser
Punishing Vindicator (D-32) Light Cruiser
Talons of Retribution (D-32) Light Cruiser
Bow of Retaliation (D-33) Cruiser
Blazing Vengeance (D-35) Heavy Cruiser
Tenacious Retribution (D-36) Attack Cruiser
Dangerous Revenge (D-45) Command Cruiser
Tempest’s Vengeance (D-46) Light Criuser
Longbow of Retaliation (D-49) Battlecruiser
Broadsword of Retaliation (D-53) Cruiser
Emissary of Retribution (D-53) Cruiser
Stalwart Vindicator (D-53) Cruiser
Sword of Reprisal (D-55) Heavy Battlecruiser
Avenger’s Judgment (D-60) Auxiliary Cruiser
Cunning Vengeance (D-60) Auxiliary Cruiser
Noble Vindicator (D-60) Auxiliary Cruiser
Shadow of Retaliation (D-60) Auxiliary Cruiser
Shadow of Retribution (D-60) Auxiliary Cruiser
Strident Vindicator (D-60) Auxiliary Cruiser
Avenger’s Retaliation (D-63) Exploration Cruiser
Trueblade of Reprisal (D-101) Armored Cruiser
Unbridled Vengeance (D-101) Armored Cruiser
Master of Reprisal (D-125) Troop Cruiser
Redoubtable Vindicator (D-125) Troop Cruiser
Spiteful Revenge (D-125) Troop Cruiser


Corrupting Revenge (D-2) Torpedo Destroyer
Rampage of Retaliation (D-2) Torpedo Destroyer
Victorious Retribution (D-2) Torpedo Destroyer
Blade’s Revenge (D-11) Destroyer
Unbeaten Retribution (D-11) Destroyer Frigate
Warblade of Retribution (D-13) Light Destroyer
Avenger’s Blade (D-14) Destroyer
Avenger’s Destiny (D-14) Destroyer
Ruthless Revenge (D-14) Destroyer
Vindictive Retribution (D-14) Destroyer
Dagger of Retribution (D-17) Destroyer
Abusive Vengeance (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Courageous Vindicator (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Fist of Reprisal (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Majestic Vengeance (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Oath of Retaliation (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Star of Reprisal (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Tenacious Revenge (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Uncaged Retribution (D-18) Heavy Destroyer
Gallant Vindicator (D-26) Destroyer
Marauding Revenge (D-26) Destroyer
Oath of Reprisal (D-26) Destroyer
Path of Retaliation (D-26) Destroyer
Verdict of Reprisal (D-26) Destroyer
Crushing Revenge (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Deadly Vengeance (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Formidable Vindicator (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Judging Vengeance (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Longbow of Reprisal (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Renowned Vindicator (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Slayer of Reprisal (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Storm’s Vengeance (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Sword of Retribution (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Ultimate Vengeance (D-30) Battle Destroyer
Intolerable Vengeance (D-37) Destroyer
Lord of Reprisal (D-37) Destroyer
Blade’s Retribution (D-41) Destroyer
Infamous Vengeance (D-47) Destroyer
Warbow of Retaliation (D-51) Destroyer-Escort
Ageless Vindicator (D-57) Medium Destroyed
Invincible Revenge (D-57) Medium Destroyed
Path of Retribution (D-57) Medium Destroyed
Spear of Reprisal (D-57) Medium Destroyed
Watchful Retribution (D-57) Medium Destroyed
Indomitable Vengeance (D-67) Destroyer
Obligation of Reprisal (D-67) Destroyer
Star of Retribution (D-67) Destroyer
Treacherous Revenge (D-67) Destroyer


Flame of Retribution (K-23) Escort
Furious Vengeance (K-23) Escort
Ravaging Vengeance (K-23) Escort
Talon of Retaliation (K-23) Escort
Wing of Reprisal (K-24) Escort
Songblade of Retaliation (K-26) Escort
Winged Vindicator (K-26) Escort
Enraging Revenge (K-27) Escort
Relentless Retribution (K-27) Escort
Boundless Vindicator (K-29) Heavy Escort
Proclamation of Retribution (K-29) Heavy Escort
Malicious Revenge (K-36) Escort
Sentinel’s Retribution (K-36) Escort


Audacious Vindicator (L-3) Frigate
Avenging Darkness (L-3) Frigate
Avenging Enforcer (L-3) Frigate
Demanding Revenge (L-3) Frigate
Everlasting Vengeance (L-3) Frigate
Rampage of Reprisal (L-3) Frigate
Spiteful Vengeance (L-3) Frigate
Star of Retaliation (L-3) Frigate
Unconquerable Vengeance (L-3) Frigate
Vehement Revenge (L-3) Frigate
Dagger of Retaliation (L-6) Frigate
Devastating Vengeance (L-6) Frigate
Obliterating Retribution (L-6) Frigate
Valiant Revenge (L-6) Frigate
Vengeful Vindicator (L-6) Frigate
Vigilant Revenge (L-6) Attack Frigate
Lawful Retribution (L-9) Frigate
Lethal Revenge (L-9) Frigate
Storm of Retaliation (L-9) Frigate
Victorious Revenge (L-9) Frigate
Crown of Retaliation (L-33) Frigate
Malicious Retribution (L-33) Frigate
Valiant Vengeance (L-33) Frigate
Defiant Vindicator (L-34) Strategic Frigate
Retaliating Vengeance (L-34) Strategic Frigate
Vindictive Revenge (L-42) Attack Frigate
Lawful Vindicator (L-47) Patrol Frigate
Legacy of Retribution (L-47) Patrol Frigate
Sword of Retaliation (L-47) Patrol Frigate
Lawful Revenge (L-50) Attack Frigate



Bringer of Vengeance (K-8) Gunboat
Enforcer of Retaliation (K-8) Gunboat
Inspiring Revenge (K-8) Gunboat
Overlord’s Retribution (K-8) Gunboat
War of Retaliation (K-8) Gunboat
Wrath of Vengeance (K-8) Gunboat
Intolerable Revenge (K-9) Hunter-Killer
Invulnerable Vindicator (K-9) Hunter-Killer
Judgement of Retribution (K-9) Hunter-Killer
Relentless Vengeance (K-9) Hunter-Killer
Tenacious Vindicator (K-9) Hunter-Killer
Exalted Vengeance (K-37) Hunter-Killer
Longbow of Retribution (K-37) Hunter-Killer
Taloned Vindicator (K-37) Hunter-Killer


Avenging Hunter (K-7) Scout
Enraging Vengeance (K-7) Scout
Angered Vindicator (K-11) Scout
Fist of Retaliation (K-11) Scout
Indomitable Revenge (K-11) Scout
Seeker of Reprisal (K-14) Scout
Watchful Vengeance (K-14) Scout
Avenger’s Will (K-15) Scout
Empire’s Retribution (K-15) Scout
Watchful Revenge (K-15) Scout
Wrath of Retaliation (K-15) Scout
Avenging Pathfinder (K-17) Scout
Marauding Vengeance (K-17) Scout
Warbow of Reprisal (K-17) Scout
Lance of Reprisal (K-20) Heavy Scout
Relentless Revenge (K-20) Heavy Scout
Verdict of Retribution (K-20) Heavy Scout
Avenging Phantom (K-22) Scout
Immortal Revenge (K-22) Scout
Immortal Vindicator (K-22) Scout
Spear of Retaliation (K-22) Scout




Avian Vindicator (G-1) Freighter
Furious Retribution (G-1) Freighter
Hammer of Reprisal (G-1) Freighter
Judgement of Retaliation (G-1) Freighter
Seeker of Retaliation (G-1) Freighter
Spiteful Retribution (G-1) Freighter
Stellar Vindicator (G-1) Freighter
Transporter of Reprisal (G-1) Freighter
Vendetta of Retribution (G-1) Freighter
Wielder of Reprisal (G-1) Freighter
Weilder of Retaliation (G-3) Transport
Avenging Heart (G-7) Freighter
Bearer of Reprisal (G-7) Freighter
Carrier of Reprisal (G-7) Freighter
Conveyer of Retribution (G-7) Freighter
Piercing Vengeance (G-7) Freighter
Shield of Reprisal (G-7) Freighter
Steadfast Vindicator (G-7) Freighter


Transporter of Retribution (G-6) Transport
Decisive Vindicator (G-11) Armed Transport
Avenging Gracefulness (G-17) Q-Ship
Benevolent Vindicator (G-17) Q-Ship
Bringer of Reprisal (G-17) Q-Ship
Carrier of Retaliation (G-17) Q-Ship
Forge of Reprisal (G-17) Q-Ship
Piercing Revenge (G-17) Q-Ship
Avenging Gracefulness (G-17) Q-Ship
Benevolent Vindicator (G-17) Q-Ship
Bringer of Reprisal (G-17) Q-Ship
Carrier of Retaliation (G-17) Q-Ship
Forge of Reprisal (G-17) Q-Ship
Piercing Revenge (G-17) Q-Ship


Blazing Vindicator (S-5) Repair Tender
Trueblade of Retaliation (S-5) Repair Tender