New Klingon Ship – Thank You Mr. Sofia

As mentioned before – the myth – the man – the LEGEND – Aridas Sofia had been hard at work updating and expanding the fleet in Franz Joseph’s Star Fleet Technical Manual style – and we have some AMAZING new Klingon designs to play with! There will be more to come in the near future – but we wanted to get a batch of Klinks up for use in “The Four Year’s War” if anyone takes a shine to playing some of those battles. There are a massive number of new Federation designs that follow the classic lines – but the Klingons are sadly lacking. Thanks to SITZKRIEG! jumping on the So’d’k Tagh right out the gate – we had a nice bit of motivation to get these babies created and back stories written! So – without further delay :

D-3 HoH’SuS
D-22 Hidden Dagger
D-37 Kivord
K-9 Hegh’ Ghop
K-37 Mevak

And again – special thanks to SITZKRIEG! for the awesome D-22!

Captain Kirk