More New Ships

Three new ships for everyone!

The first two are a pair of older Klingon ships. They come from a hand sketch by Gene Tempelton of a super-simple Klingon design – essentially a boom with engines. The second was a slightly modified version of Tempelton’s idea to create a Destroyer variant. The idea was to try and get a lot more ships for things like the Four-Years War and even the Organian Conflict, which the late models of these two would work fairly well for. Jump on over and take a look at the K-7 Observer and the D-67 Scourge classes. I’ve gota nifty little backstory brewing – so look for a “story” line concerning these in the next few days.

Also – a cool addition of the Q-31 Katar Monitor by the amazing and talented ATOLM. DAMN than man knows how to be creative!! Someone on Brad’s Forum had asked for a quick stats creation – and I’ve been wanting to take a stab at a number of Atolm’s designs. Now of course if Atolm doesn’t like it – it’s coming down – but I hope he’ll find it worthy! I normally try and trace his stuff – since its just THAT good – but I wanted to get this up father quickly, and a number of his other designs might be posted in the original drawn version as well. If I can find some serious spare time – I’ll try and trace them, but hell – these drawing are just too good not to get up there. I’m hoping and praying that he (and a number of other amazing digital artists) will continue to produce the 3-view versions of their work so that we can put them up here.

Captain Kirk


  1. Thanks for the new Klingon ships. Also, I didn’t mention previously that I like the clean b&w style you use for the site btw!

  2. Thank you for posting more Klingon ships.
    In a fandom that seems heavily slanted toward Federation designs, they are always appreciated.


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