Zeus Class III Robot Freighter

«Last Updated January 26, 2016»


Class design from Trader Captains – Merchant Princes – 2nd Editions


The Zeus Class, unlike the Nilron, was designed solely as a robot transport. She has no crew quarters, and only the first three decks (the so-called conning tower) are designed for Human use. Deck 1 is an auxiliary bridge, to be used only when it is either impossible or undesirable for the computer to maneuver the ship, as in complex docking maneuvers. Deck 2 is a small lunge with table and a food synthesizer, designed for the comfort of the cargo-handlers; the synthesizer is not designed for long journeys.

Historians have noted the amazing similarity between the Zeus and the old-style DY100/500 series of the early 21st century. The original designer of the Zeus liked the lines of the old DY series ships so much that he incorporated them in the new design. The major difference is that the Zeus has one warp engine instead of a primitive, space-normal chemical or fusion engine.

1,273 Zeus Class transports were built for both civilian and Star Fleet use. Star Fleet eventually purchased 435, with 416 still in service before the class was retired. Over 750 civilian versions remained in service. The last known Zeus was retired in early 2334, over 100 years after the class was commissioned.

Construction Data:
     Model – Mk I
     Ship Class- III
     Date Entering Service – 2234
     Number Constructed – 1,273
Hull Data:
     Superstructure Points – 8
     Damage Chart – C
          Length – 180 m
          Width – 45 m
          Height – 49 m
          Weight – 16,310 mt
          Total SCU – 585 SCU
          Cargo Capacity 29,250 mt
     Landing Capacity None
Equipment Date:
     Control Computer Type- L-12
          Standard 6-person – 1
          Cargo – 1
Other Data:
     Crew – 0
Engines And Power Data:
     Total Power Units Available – 13
     Movement Point Ratio –
      Unloaded – 2/1
      Loaded – 3/1
     Warp Engine Type – FWH-1
          Number – 1
          Power Units Available – 10
          Stress Chart – P/Q
          Max Safe Cruising Speed –
           Unloaded – Warp 5
           Loaded – Warp 4
          Emergency Speed –
           Unloaded – Warp 6
           Loaded – Warp 5
     Impulse Engine Type – FIA-3
          Power Units Available – 3
Weapons And Firing Data:
Shield Data
     Deflector Shield Type – FSA
          Shield Point Ratio – 1/1
          Maximum Shield Power – 10
Combat Efficiency:
     D – 121.2
      Unloaded – 34.5
      Loaded – 31.5
     WDF – 0