The Cardassians Are Updated

We’ve completed the first in a LONG list of transitions from the old HTML based pages to the new WordPress format with the migration of the existing Cardassian pages. This has included some minor tweaks AND the addition of our version of the GALOR class cruiser! We’re adding in text and back story to these ships, and hopefully next year we’ll get around to re-drawing them! You can access the list of ships by going to the navigation bar at the top of all the pages, or by clicking on “The Fleets”, or by hovering over “The Fleets” and click on the drop down. Any of these will take you to the Cardassian Fleet Page and the list of ships.

Did you know Cardassians had 3-man transporters? Or that their larger transporters were just finely tuned cargo transporters? The new pages reflect that in case you ever printed out the old ones. Stay tuned for more updates by checking our blog. Going forward, we’ll announce all our major updates here. And with any luck, we’ll have everything transfered by January and start in on – low and behold! – NEW SHIPS! OOOoooooo…

Captain Kirk