There’s a few new ships out there

The transition continues in earnest with a large portion of the links now mirrored here at FASASTSTCS. We continue to “link-back” to the original SDS pages, as well as a number of other PDF’s and HTML’s. But low and behold – we have something NEW here at the site!

As members of our original site know – we’re all about old-school publications. Manual, books, printouts and the like. We’re transitioning to a new upgraded look for some of the manuals, including the new look for the old Ship Recognition manuals. Over the years, we’ve tried to keep it retro; but it’s time to pick a single format and move forward! That being said, we’ve published a few manuals that should keep everyone happy for a while! Our first is the Orion Ship Recognition Manual (1st Edition). With great graphics by Kemper, Reinhart Shannon and others, this manual mirrors the ships we’ve have on the web site. This 1st Edition will hopefully be replaced with an updated 2nd edition in 2016.

Also available is the Federation Ship Recognition Manual II (2nd Edition). With a new cover and retro style pages, this replaces the previous version. But for all you long-time followers, the real news is the release of the Federation Ship Recognition Manual IV (1st Edition)! This new book includes 30 unpublished Federation ships from the “Great Awakening” into the early 2270’s. Using graphics from Johnathon Shade and William Burr from DeviantArt, this new book will eventually have all new graphics in the coming month.

So feel free to grab these books and stay tuned for news one. We’ve got a LOT of material that we hope to get out there in the next few months.

Captain Kirk